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  • Feb 27, 2024 is a fake website using the Best Buy name and Logo as a front face but have taken Black Friday Ad photos from Home Depot and put it at the top. Within the "About Us" section it specifies Alexander Steele Clearance Shop and then has the Home Depot Name all over it and no mention of Best Buy. This website was addressed by Home Depot Directly in 2023 since they were fraudulently using the Home Depot name and Logo, since then they simply changed the Logo to Best Buy and changed the bottom to say that it is a Best Buy website. This has been reported to Best Buy so they can take legal action on their end.

Please do not purchase from this website, your products from this website are not protected by their warranties, return policies, or protection plans since they are simply up pricing items from other retailers, charging you, then ordering from Home Depot and having Home Depot Drop ship it to you.

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