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Ben Smith Sac County Iowa Attorney

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  • Sep 3, 2015

MY NAME IS DARREN MEADE, AND I AM A DEAD MAN. Or so I was told when I refused to go along with a so-called "reputation management" company's plan to use weapons-grade hacking technology to help fraudsters, quacks, and other scumbags avoid being exposed online.

Imagine: You're a successful cosmetic surgeon and a patient dies in your care. It's a terrible tragedy, but you've got to move on. Two years later, complaints about you begin to surface on the consumer advocacy websites, charges that you've never been accredited as a plastic surgeon, hold no surgical designation, and have no hospital privileges all of which are true, culminating in the State medical board finding you "incompetent," displaying "disgraceful, dishonorable or unprofessional" conduct in your care of five different patients, including the 32-year-old mother you left dying in your recovery room while you went out to dinner.

What's a quack to do? If you're Behnaz Yazdanfarthe real-life Toronto physician thumb nailed above you contract with Michael Roberts and the "reputation management specialists" at Rexxfield & Think Basis who offer you a way to not just bury bad press on the search engines, but make it disappear completely. As in abracadabra. Presto.

How do I know this? We'll get to that later. The bigger question is, how is it even possible? In geek-speak, it's called a SQL injection hack. This particular variety was created to do a number of things, including the de-indexing (hiding) of specific pages from search engines.

At a price tag of $18,000, the magic show didn't come cheap, but the truth was far more expensive. For consumers, it's an frontal assault on our First Amendment right to speak the truth; for companies like Rexxfield, it's a veritable gold mine. Were all of them crooks with deep pockets Dr. Yazdanfar? Perhaps not, but even the conservative math is staggering.

No matter how you slice it, there is a long line of people who will pay handsomely for their own private kill-switch on Internet free speech. Even so, every good arms dealer knows if the market isn't big enough (and it never is), you have to create new ones. Rexxfield has a plan for that, using automated technology to generate defamatory content about individuals and corporations that value their reputations the bigger the better. We're talking about a whole new strain of WMDs weapons of mass defamation. Think about it: What if allegations of pedophilia were to pop up the next time you Google your name? Or obscene stories about your wife or your daughter? When we're talking about the potential ruin of your career, your marriage, or your child's future, money is no object and these predators know it. When the time is right, you'll get an email and it'll be Rexxfield to the rescue antidote in one hand, anthrax in the other.

Which brings us back to the question, how do I know all of this? It's simple: I was in the room while the plot was being hatched. I now know and can provethat Rexxfield isn't just another reputation management company: It's a bonafide criminal enterprise financed and controlled by a convicted felon by the name of Adam Stuart Zuckerman, a thug currently awaiting sentencing for his role as mastermind-turned-snitch in a $20 million equipment leasing scam..

I was recruited as the CEO of another Zuckerman-controlled entity, Progenex, from which he embezzled the funds to acquire both a controlling interest in Rexxfield and the rights to the SQL injection code. In completely unrelated news, the hacker who wrote it Matthew Cooke was the brain behind That is, until he sold the domain (is that all?) to the well-meaning folks at Draw your own conclusions.

When I told Zuckerman I would not be involved, I was offered a six-figure bribe and an equity stake in the venture. I chose option B, tendering my resignation. Shortly thereafter, I received an audio recording wherein Zuckerman and Rexxfield operatives describe in great detail the effects a .50 caliber bullet will have on my brain should I ever go public with this information. I suppose it's mildly amusing audio if you can ignore the fact that it's coming from someone with a history of criminal violence

Look, I know I can't expect you to take my word for all this, partly because Zuckerman and the Rexxfield gang have already made good on their first threat to destroy my reputation online. Go ahead Google my name. It's mud if you don't already know me. But unfortunately for these guys, their death threats aren't the only thing I have on tape. I have the two-hour Rexxfield strategy session where Zuckerman proposes how they can extort parents over their kids' futures. Here's a taste of that sermon. I also have over 20 additional hours of recordings all consensual that tie the entire operation together. They're now hosted offshore, beyond the reach of Zuckerman's goon attorneys, backed with detailed instructions in the event of my untimely demise.

THIS IS A CALL FOR HELP. I am literally putting my life on the line to expose not just another Internet scam, but a threat against the very fabric of our society: The right to speak the truth and be heard. I only hope someone hears me before it's too late.

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