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Ben Fitzgerald

Country United States
State Virginia
City Portsmouth
Address 603 Virginia Avenue
Phone 757-503-0455

Ben Fitzgerald Reviews

  • Sep 29, 2016

This person claims to be a "Pastor", which causes the unsuspecting home owner to relax somewhat. He is an unlicensed contractor in Virginia, with DPOR, and claims to be a custom ironworks and masony contractor. He shows up, writes a proposal on official looking letterhead, and delivers very substandard work.

When I questioned one of his workers about how long he had been working with this individual, he claims that he responded to a Craigslist ad just yesterday... as did the other worker. So, Ben Fitzgerald has no knowledge of the workers experience or quality.

I ordered a custom gate, brick pillars, and brick walls in a commercial structure. The iron gate looked like a child had built it, it has black spray painted hinges on it, like you buy at Lowes, and is POORLY done. His workers were even surprised at how poor of a job this was.

Then there was drywall that was supposed to be done. Same ad on Craigslist, and the guy who did that job has NEVER done drywall, had huge cuts, gaps, and holes. Very poorly done work again. The brick work was all wrong as well, using waste pieces for end caps and trying to cover them with mortar.

The doors had large gaps on top of them because he did not use the proper supports on top. Again, buying the materials at Lowes.

This guy is an absolute joke. I am filing complaints with DPOR for unregulated contractors work performed and hope they prosecute. I wil also be pursuing civil action with my attorney, after this work is finished. I have ANOTHER contractor here tryting to undo and fix the crappy work that Mr. Fitzgerald did.

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