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Battiata Real Estate Group

Country United States
State California
City Del Mar
Address 445 Marine View Ave #390
Phone 760-930-9898

Battiata Real Estate Group Reviews

  • Jun 7, 2021

This company is a huge OFFENDER to unsuspecting homeowners that are trying to keep their home as well in southern California. Matt Battiata ( advertises his "mortgage helpline" ( as a free service to consumers that want loan modification help and "free" advice. Homeowners call their hotline and Battiata basically sells them on doing a loan modification to help the homeowner save their home.

HOWEVER - Battiata's plan is to take money upfront from the buyer, leading them on that they are doing a loan modification for the homeowner. They actually don't even try to do a loan modification and 2, 3, 4 months go by and they actually tell the homeowner they couldn't do anything and that they will now short sale the property for the homeowner. As you may know, there's ALOT more profit for them in a short sale transaction than a loan modification. They have the best scam in town and nobody's doing anything about it to protect the consumers.

Battiata also rarely accepts a buyers offer for one of his listed properties if the submitting broker isn't one of his- he does this to ensure the full commission (usually 6%) every time. They literally throw away offers on properties from other brokers! They have a very bad reputation.

Battiata also has his very own escrow company (how convenient) He uses his own escrow for the short sale transactions and on properties that the seller (REO) will not pay the full 6% commission, Battiata makes the borrower come into escrow and pay the difference of the reduced commission out of their pocket!! (so Battiata gets paid the full commission) The borrowers sign and addendum and it never gets recorded on the escrow instructions! They are as crooked as a snake! How do I know all this info? From actual ex-employees that have worked there and knew the inside scoop of how their operation worked.

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