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Bail Bond Software Solutions

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Franklin
Address 1116 Parkview Drive
Phone 1.866.201.5079

Bail Bond Software Solutions Reviews

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  • Jan 30, 2018

Daniel Dugger - Bail Bond Software Solutions

This guy is a scam artist. I went through the same thing the previous poster went through several years ago. Pisses me off that he's still out there ripping people off. The program is useless unless you have his updates. He offered me a refund and to this date he has yet to refund any money. Do not purchase!


West Texas

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  • Mar 15, 2018

Reply To Hector's Affordable Bail Bonds Of El Paso, Tx


When you first called me to purchase the software, it had just been recently created. Based upon what some of my other clients told me at the time, I believed that I had created a software program that was of good quality.

Learning of the frustration of others like you, I ceased actively marketing software and attempted to band-aid the original design of the software.

When the band-aid did not function, I set about working on other projects, attempting to gain the additional programming knowledge that would be required in order for me to put together a product that I could be proud of.

I rewrote the entire software program from the ground up.

The clients that I have pay the lowest rates for text messages and check-ins, paying only .007 cents per text message.

There is no comparison between an individual who attempted to start a business and a "scam artist." I am the former.

I left a message with your secretary. Please give me the refund amount you are requesting from over a decade ago. I will send it to you and if you want, will provide you with a complimentary copy of my software.

  • Oct 17, 2017

We went to Daniel not knowing he is a one man operation. He works with you and returns your calls until you have your program running. We have paid for upgrades and now he will not return our calls. Every week I am not able to get into my bail system, which is important for a company that keeps track of defendants who may miss their court dates. Right now, I am not able to get into my program and have grown increasingly annoyed with his lack of care for upgrades we paid for.

We are now looking into other programs. Do not deal with Daniel or one man operations. I wish we had our old program that we had been using since 1983. We nver had problems getting in and out of that program. It was built to last forever. Obviously this was built to last for a year and then he wants more money out of it. Daniel Dugger owes us a refund for the work he has not completed. Not a trustworthy person.

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