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Baikal Miner

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 209-880-2845

Baikal Miner Reviews

  • May 15, 2017 is a CROOK and a SCAM (s or no s, they are all BULLSH*)

I have been ripped off from for $4676 and want you share my HORROR story so hopefully you don’t end up getting ripped off. STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM BAIKALMINER.COM!! After weeks of research on Google and Youtube, I thought the Baikal Miner would be a good investment mining Dash coins at 300 MH/s using only 75 Watt of power. Boy was I in for the biggest SCAM and RIPOFF and RIDE of my life!! After one month of Baikal Miner hustling and scamming me, he stole $4676 and I am now stuck with a defective Baikal Miner Cube. I am now still SHOCK and SO DISGUSTED of these people! This is why they don’t accept credit card or paypal. Just bitcoin, dash or ethereum. I don’t think there is any recourse or any way you can get the coins back from these people!

On April 11, 2017, I pulled the trigger and sent baikalminer 0.

7216068 BTC which equals to $876.02 USD. These people are very difficult to deal with and very slow to respond on email. Worst, they only take bitcoin and they are located halfway around the world in China. So this made me very concern. 8 days later on April 19, the unit arrived at my home. I emailed Baikal on what power supply to use and they won’t recommend which power supply to buy or send me an ebay or Amazon link, they just said 12V 10A. I searched on Google, Amazon and ebay and end up buying 3 power supply from Amazon and ebay. The first P/S came home the end plug was too big and did not fit. Then a couple days later the two P/S I ordered on ebay arrived and this one fit. You would think spending $876 on a little box with a fan, heatsink and circuit board they would include a P/S. The box did not come with any manuals so I had to google to find the CUBE.pdf manual and figured everything out myself. When first powered up and log in with the default password baikal, the miner show down. It looks like they still have their dash wallet address on there. I setup an account on and and added my account and dash wallet address to the Baikal Pool page. Doesn’t matter what I do, the miner still show down.

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