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Bahuguna Bulbul MD

Country United States
State Illinois
City Highland Park
Address 332 Skokie Valley Rd # 225
Phone 847-831-0158

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  • May 12, 2017

I spoke with this Doctor twice leading up to our appointment today 5/11 which was scheduled @1:15pm and took me about 20 minutes late. My mom wasn't quite sure even though the small sliding sign on her door said in session, she just wanted to check and make sure she knew we were there by just knocking gently because she was running pretty late. She showed no sign of any care or concern with taking us 20 minutes later then the appointment was set for. She just pointed out that the small sign on the door means she's in session and not to bother knocking on her door at all for future reference. Afterwards she mentioned very briefly and casually that she had a couple emergencies with two other patients. When I talked to her twice over the phone having to do with the appointment she didn't bother mentioning how long our innital appointment would even be and didn't say anything about it when I had met with her either. She did tell me that our future sessions would be anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes depending on each individual session. Then when I called her after our appointment to ask how long our innitial session was supposed to be she said 40 to 45 minutes long. She told me that she needs at least 48 hours for any appointment cancellations. Part of the paper work she had me sign said if I were to miss three appoinments then thats cause for termination of me as a client.

When I talked to her after our appointment over the phone she said that I should let her know Monday if I were to cancel our appoinment that was set for Thursday which is three days before then what it was scheduled for. She already told me that 48 hours notice of cancellations was expected after she pointed that out where it was highlighted on one of the sheets she had me sign. Then she told me I should let her know three days beforehand if I were to cancel our appoinment. During our session I had told her that I receive 90 day refills on my medications. I mentioned I was currently experiencing a delay on refilling one of my meds and she wrote me a 30 day refill for it to hand into my pharmacy so that they'll have it on hand for future reference. Even though I receive 90 day refills and have been for good while she still wrote out a script to have on hand to be filled only for a 30 day supply. Whats even more interesting is after I had talked to her later by phone after our appoinment she went out of her way to call my pharmacy after she already wrote a script for it, she changed and reduced it to only a 15 day supply which is highly irregular. Particularly for the type of medication it is and also I had been always receiving 90 day scripts before. She was not only not forthcoming about the length our innitial appointment was supposed to be and when asked said about 40 or 45 minutes. She said she had explained that to my mom when she talked to her prior to our appointment which isn't true because my mom never talked before we saw her for our appointment. I called her answering service again to get in contact with her to inquire about her calling my pharmacy up and telling them to only fill my medicine for a 15 day supply which she wrote to be filled earlier during our session.

She said it was becuase she wasn't sure if I was going to see her again. She could tell by my reaction to her less then professional conduct prior to our appoinment by phone where there was no mention of any of the outlining information about our scheduled appointment. Like how long she intended to see me or during our session. She went out of her way to talk about her supposed credentials and qualifications and how she's rated highly by her clients on a medical website that she didn't bother mentioning the name of that website. If she acts in any such way toward any of her other clients I don't know why they would bother to go out of their way to actually give her a high rating like she claimed. A lot of patients unfortunately have become somewhat accutomed to less than satisfatory care from nurses and doctors. There are quite a bit of them who are careless and even wreckless as well. You definitely have to be your own advocate when it comes to choosing and continuing who you use as a doctor. It would be nice if they all had your best interest in mind but that's certainly not always the case.

Some of them mistreat their patients intentionally where they provide careless and even wreckless healthcare to you. Another way patients are mistreated is through not either providing the mandatory medical services they're required to or are not good about getting back to you with any lab results from any tests like blood work or refilling scripts on a timely and correct manner when doing so also. I kind of feel like I was spoiled early on as a kid because my old doctor who was my pediatrician was a great doctor. He was actually thourough in his exams and offered good healthy advice as well like eating healthy and exercising. You could really tell that he cared about his patients and went out of his way to provide great healthcare to his patients. My last psychiatrist was great too who I saw for almost two and a half years and the only reason why I'm looking to obtain a new doctor is because she's relocating out of state very soon. Well even though it's not always easy to find good doctors like people in other fields they're out there you just have find the right one that's all like I said. You have know who's a good fit and who's not. Anyways thanks for listening if you were able to manage to stay awake throughout this. Take care, Peace

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