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Bahia Property Management

Country United States
State Florida
City Tampa
Address 2002 N Lois Ave #670
Phone 813-966-9324

Bahia Property Management Reviews

  • May 31, 2018

I rented from this company in Tampa for 24 months. Upon month 23, after repeatedlly ignoring our requests for repairs (electric, slippery tiles--in fact my daughter fell down the stairs and required medical treatment--and black mold due to old AC) I put in a notice to vacate upon month 23. I did pay that final rent and we left even before June 1, apartment cleaned (though in need of repairs). A few months later, I was notified that I owed $2400, despite having already lost our deposit. They claimed it was for two months' notice, regardless that it was at the end of the contract, and for a re-listing fee. It should be noted that during the last visit that they made to not fix the wiring, they shouted at my son, used foul language, and basically intimidated him so that we would not file more requests for repairs. That was the final straw. I wanted my kids out of there and safe. I am seeking legal help on this matter, as they recently filed against my otherwise pristine credit report. I have never deal with a company so shady. They make me very nervous and I certainly don't recommend that anyone--particular those with children--rent from these people.

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