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Badger Wholesale

Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Green Bay
Address 1111 Cedar St
Phone 920-437-7132

Badger Wholesale Reviews

  • Mar 27, 2017

Last week 3/15/2017, Nick came in to Jim Dandy's Bar and represented himself as Badger wholesale LLC. Sol us two wireless security cameras , to Acer tablets with the promise of one-year Netflix service, two smartphone watches. He was also supposed to come in the following week to install the cameras but never showed. The tablets do not come with one year Netflix service

  • Jul 9, 2016

He showed up at my business , he told me he knew and was sent to me by a business down the street.

Then Nick gave me his pitch. Prices were desent so I bought some security cameras and a IPad.

He said they would be installed next week. He also suggested where I install them. He had me call him

so he could enter my number in his phone (I believe now it's so he can avoid me) He is a crook and should be arrested.

He also gave me an excuse to pay him in cash. Wish I would have looked him and Badger Wholesale up before

  • May 12, 2016

Nick offers himself as a old / familiar family / business friend when he contacts you, then offers his wares telling you the features of the items and what they do and how you can use them, the hook comes when with the price he quotes, he schedules an installation for the following week, asking specific questions about where to install and offering helpful ideas. He then uses his phone to call you to confirm the number so "in case of a schedule change" you can be contacted. his prices for the item he is selling seem in line with what he is offering until you take them out of the packages and find they have none of the features or quality he has promised. When it's time to pay him he askes to be paid in cash as he wants to keep his business " under the radar " from any gov. agency, offering a large discount when you balk. After writing a personal ck to him and he leaves I get a chance to look over the items and discover the quality / services are no where close to what was promised..... so I called the number he gave me and got a no service tone.... I knew I had been taken, I called my bank to stop the check from being paid out but he beat the call by 5 minutes.

Looking online I see he has done this to other people but it does not help the sting....

Not paying in cash, buying from someone YOU just met without checking him out with the people he say's he knows, paying part down with the balance at install, actually looking at the items while he was explaining them and asking more specific questions.... Just scanning the items with your cell phone for the price offered on amazon ..... all of them would have saved me from this.... I'm hoping that you read this and realize that this kind of scam is happening and it's costly

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