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Baddog Guns, Gold And Pawn Inc

Country United States
State Florida
City Orange City
Address 1249 South Volusia Avenue
Phone (386) 216-5014

Baddog Guns, Gold And Pawn Inc Reviews

  • May 18, 2020

Never before have I ever been in a position where I had to pawn possessions, but due to an employee stealing a substantial amount of money from my company left me no choice. I had to fire arms that were family heirlooms along of a precious coin, knife, my mothers and Gold bracelet which I indicated the importance of getting everything back Strongly, as in the past 13 months buried my mother father and sister. These firearms were valued at over $1500 as they made me feel they were doing me a favor by lending $175.

In the position I was in and knowing I was coming back for my items I agreed. Five weeks later I did return to pick up my Property and met the owner James Futch who immediately said “Is one of your firearms a Beretta style with gold accents and a pearl handle?” I said “yes. He then expressed how unhappy he was that I came back to pick it up and that he hoped I wouldn’t because he wanted to keep that one for himself." I then expressed what they mean to me and are irreplaceable and would never let them go. I was then told that I owe $350.

I thought to myself this is literally just over Mafia interest, but having no previous experience in this I agreed to pay and gave the owner James $50 on my credit card and $300 in cash.He then had a hard time finding the precious coin as I began to worry. He called one of his employees to ask where it was and told him it was with all the other items they just posted for sale on Ebay. I said "WHAT? Why would my property that is not close to my deadline to pickup be listed for sale?" of which he changed the subject and said he had to do a quick background check which shouldn’t take long before I can take the firearms.

After waiting a lengthy time as they were getting ready to close I said I’ll just check back tomorrow is fine. I asked for a receipt for the charge on my card for proof of payment and for the $300 back which I would bring tomorrow since I wasn’t getting them that day as he then made it very uncomfortable resisting to give me the money back as if I was asking him for another loan. He then said do you want to take everything else (considering I already paid for the other items on my card in full) and I said "I will just pick everything up tomorrow is fine."

Finally getting $300 back that was in cash as tomorrow then turned into almost 5 weeks of waiting as I checked every single day practically with him as he told me my background check was still pending as I was treated like some kind of criminal by him. The more I messaged or called him the more I was bothering him so I asked for the number myself to look into it as he then said "once it is clear he will notify me immediately to come and pick everything up." After not hearing from him for weeks and then the coronavirus pandemic outbreak happening that forced me to have to do work in Atlanta Georgia so I called the number myself to check on the background report only to be advised on March 16th it was already sent over to him and was cleared for pick up.

I then messaged repeatedly and left a voicemail for the owner James with no response. I let him know that I had to go to Atlanta for work and would like to get these before I left, still no response.I tried just stopping by the shop only to find no one there and closed due to COVID19 I imagined. Now on March 20th after I already had left I called from a different number and finally he answered the phone to tell me “your background report JUST came back and was just about to call you” I advised him I was in Atlanta as I messaged about and if there was anyway that my wife could come down to pick everything up? he said "NO."

I explained the circumstance with everything going on I would let him know the moment I get back and bring by the $300, of which he said "that’s fine." For almost a month I was in Atlanta a 10 Hours drive away, working 12 hour days and all of the time there kept in communication with him every three or four days letting him know what was going on. I asked him again if there was anyway my wife could come down and he said there was no way at all that it would have to be me. On April 27 I finally returned home but prior to leaving I let him know that I was going to be back in later that evening and can swing by first thing in the morning. He then said "you now owe interest on everything and I don't even have to give you back anything. as I was nothing less then shocked! Especially when he told me That the things that I already paid for in full and left there and could’ve taken with me I no longer actually paid for it and he said that money was applied to interest.

I asked him why I’m being advised of his now considering that the five weeks it took for a background check with no fault of my own and a worldwide pandemic wasn’t either. As he knew the importance of these items I simply asked him how much so I can pick up my belongings and he said "I am not in front of my computer or have it in front of me I’ll call you back here in just a bit and give you the total." He never called and the next day I reached out to him again letting him know that I’m slammed with business and trying to step out if he could please let me know the total and I’ll swing by. Again he said "he doesn’t have it in front of him but will get it in just a little bit and he’ll call me back and let me know.

Then 4-5 hours later I messaged him with no response which then turned into the next day calling and messaging with no response and then finally texting him simply asking "please, can you PLEASE just tell how much I owe so I can pick up everything. He then responded $850!!!!! I thought it was a misunderstanding as $175 was what I borrowed as he then send me another message that he doesn’t have to give me back anything and that it is now past 45 days and as shocking as that was I then find out it is actually the 46th day and clearly the reason he would not call me back and was dodging me from picking up my belongings ways to get to this point! Had he done his job, responsability, and did what he said he would do and let me know the moment they were cleared and ready for pickup before I left for Atlanta I wouldnt even be in this position as he takes NO responsability for ANYTHING as his failure to keep his word and do his job, or even check his own voicemails concidering he has more then 30 in his phone and his mailbox is full.

I have 16 text messages and 17 recorded phone calls with him NEVER once ever saying there would be more due as if a worldwide virus and a back round check policy was in ANYWAY my fault or doing, as I dont blame him either. I do however blame him for ALL of this as it coukld have ALL been avoided by simply keeping his word and telling the truth being upfront. This man is the epitome of dishonest and everything that is wrong in this world. Talking with him on the phone he can’t even refrain from using profanity in racism for what is happening with COVID19 as he literally goes out of his way to price gouge and profit during a worldwide pandemic for something that he wanted that belonged to me KNOWING all items are irreplaceable to me. I lost my entire family and now again I have to let go of even more of them for this man’s selfish greedy manipulating character.

In my 42 years I’ve been disgusted by thieves, liars and pure evil, even most recently with someone I trusted in Business which led me to this shop in the first place, BUT even more then that thief the lowest most Disgusting scam arrest lying thief I’ve literally EVER encountered in my life is JAMES C. FUTCH.

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