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Backstreet Surveillance

Country United States
State Utah
City Salt Lake City
Address 390 West Ironwood Drive
Phone 1-800-431-3056

Backstreet Surveillance Reviews

  • Dec 12, 2017

I simply asked them to provide the names of the installers so I could get an idea of cost of installation. They said they could not do this until I purchased. Anytime a business is reluctant to provide useful information its a huge red flag.

  • Feb 7, 2017

Backstreet Survaillance offered lifetime 3-day cloud storage at the time I purchased video cameras from them. I know have to pay $3.99 per camera for the service. Backstreet offered me $100 for the inconvenience and the cloud storage provider, Angelcam, offered a 20 percent discount for their services.

I would not have purchased the equipment if I knew I would somehow lose a service that was advertized as a free lifetime service. They do not want to refund me for the purchase, which I think is a resonable settlement in this case. I will continue to pursue them until this is resolved. Utah Comsumer Protection Agency and small claims court will hopefully do the trick since they seem so reluctant in addressing the issue.

  • Nov 29, 2016

Purchased a two camera system from backstreet-surveillance in May 2016 for a store environment.

Documentation is a joke! They send it to you on a thumb drive that I did not receive until I requested one. None of the documentation relates "directly" to the equipment I purchased. It's generic documentation and there a multiple files listed under documents. This makes it very difficult to set YOUR equipment up.

Right out of the box, one antenna fell apart before I was able to completely connect it to the camera.

I installed the two cameras and powered everything up. The camera furthest away would constantly black out and then come back. So, I contacted Rick @ backstreet and he said that there was probably interference. I went back to the store and now, the one camera that was blacking in/out was working but the closer one was not. Doesn't work at all. Video clarity from the one that IS working is terrible. I can see an individual but their face is blurred when they move. I guess I have to ask any intruders to stand still when/if they break in.

I had a difficult time getting this one camera to record but finally got it working. It recorded for about 2 hrs and then stopped. I wrote back to [email protected] and asking for my money back. His response was not to provide any additional assistance but to tell me that my 30 days return policy is expired, that they test ALL equipment before sending it out and he is sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused - that's just the nature of a wireless system. To his credit, he DID state that if I returned the unit, he could give me store credit for a wired system.

My complaint is that I do not believe backstreetsurveillance tests their equipment before shipping. IF they did, why does my equipment not have proper documentation? Why does it not work as advertised? Both cameras used are less than 100 feet from the control unit and only one wall stands between them - in an office building. There is nothing in this building to cause interference.

I read one of backstreetsurveillance's rebuttals here where they state they are an Amazon certified supplier AND, they provided a link to Amazon to support this claim. That link is no longer valid and I found NOTHING on Amazon that indicated "provided by.... " to support this claim.

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