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Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Address P.O. Box 192307
Phone 44-192-929-0057
Website Reviews

  • Apr 20, 2017

I have been waiting this time around for over 5 days for credits to post to my account. This has happened a few times in the past with about $ 125 in Backpages account that I never received my credits for. Customer service is a joke. Where did they find these people? Can I have saved all the return emails stating such things like if I knew how to read etc.

  • Jan 30, 2017

BackPage started a company to take pamyments after American Express and Visa closed their merchant account and their banks closed BackPage accounts down, the compnay is called Quick and it's their payment portal now. After the senaters collected BackPage's records and stated that BackPage is sensoring and allowing pimps and children to post anyway BackPage closed it's escort section down. BackPage should have just closed the account of that uses and turned them in but they were greedy and took their money anyway. Though BackPage would have you think that the courts shut them down that is not the case. Backpage was NOT made to close that section down by a court order but they kept their women seeking men section open and sent out text messages to all it's advertisers (girls) that we should go spend our money there. So I did and didn't recieve a credit to my account. In fact the link to 'pay with credits' is not ever there on my account.

I contacted Mary Peyton at backpage's office in Texas in regards to this with only a response that she was tired. I contated Backpage customer support and nothing at all. I contacted:

Backpagecredits Help Desk

[email protected]

and they said that they couldn't fund my account or refund the 24.00 if I didn't have:

To solve your issue we need ALL of the following:


last 4 digits of card used?

when? Time? Date?

Backpage login email?

have you confirmed your card was charged?

What was the name of the company that charged it?

did you look for an email from us?

Has it been more than 4 hours?

We can not help without these items...

Please reply to this email with ALL of the above requested info and we will work to find out what happened!

I had commentary on the very first e-mail to them and the above was their response. Sounds like they would do the right thing but when they discovered that I had all the requested information they decided to send me an e-mail stating not to send any commentary to 'knock it off'. I was not using any fowel language as they later did, I was epressing my concern about having no response from Backpage and then my money dissapeared. Money is really tight for me, I can't just be giving 24.00 away.

After they realized that I had ALL the information they asked me for and supplied it to them this is what they said:

"I will apply the credits to a customer service bill and block and ban your account".

So they are keeping my money and they are blocking my account, this is Backpage. It was quite the scam. When they first realized that they were on the hot plate they went to bitcoin and started their own bitcoin account that we can pay with called Quick BPC, You only get 12 credits for 24.00 the ad I placed cost 2.00 per day so I am now paying double for that ad because of the charges to process my payments through a company owned by the advertser... and they make money off of the trade no doubt.

The sad thing is that was my last dime until I get a check from my day job but after that I woldn't even consider starting a new account under a different name and GIVING them any more money. I called around to some of the other girls and they aren't making money with backpage anymore anyway. The women seekin men section doens't work! but you stil have to pay. I wil have to dispute the charges now.. but you should know not to trust backpage or their other businesses.

  • Nov 2, 2015

I purchased a state wide post on My ad did not show up because they did not place my ad. I paid $22.00 for an ad, they charged my bitcoin wallet, and my ad was "community removed" immediatly after making my purchase. They will not answer my emails, they will not refund my money. This is not the first time they have done this this has happened on 2 other occasions. My ad was 100% within their Terms of Use. is run by a group of people who do not offer a phone number, and rarely respond to customers emails.


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