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Country United States
State Missouri
City Kansas City
Address 1100 Main St #1500
Phone 1 855-925-2252

BacklotCars Reviews

  • Nov 30, 2020

We were contacted in February 2020 by Ryan Snyder, a representative of Backlot Cars INC, to try out their app to purchase vehicles wholesale from other dealers. We were given a trial of the app and software but never signed or notarized any paperwork or agreement obligating our company to be liable for any purchases done during this trail period. While testing the app, BackLot Cars INC claims we purchased a vehicle in the amount of $10000.00. We immediately disputed this transaction because the trial sale process was never finalized, therefore resulting in the sale being invalid.

Since then, Backlot cars INC has been harassing us demanding payment plus late and attorney fees for a purchase that was never finalized. We have been sued in court and litigation is pending a court hearing. We have requested on numerous occasions a copy of any signed agreements or documents relative to their claim. As of this day we still have not received any response to our request.

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