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Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 1-800-660-7719
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  • May 13, 2020

Last year, I tried their free service for real estate advertising and then was conned into their paid advertising. It was terrible so I canceled it as soon as possible. One year later, they charged my credit card saying I authorized it. I DID NOT. I emailed them and they tried making some BS excuse but I definitely would not have authorized it because their "service" and ads are horrible.

A third grade kid could do better. I gave them the opportunity to refund me but they decided not to. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO. They are like the other scammers out there that once they have it, they will try to sneak charges on there hoping you don't catch it or won't fight it. This is his contact info....Bladymir Lombardo

Back At You P. 800-660-7719 W.

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