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B2 Digital MMA Events

Country United States
State Florida
City Sumterville
Address 846, Northeast 54th Terrace
Phone 310 663 6615

B2 Digital MMA Events Reviews

  • Sep 15, 2022

B2 Fighting Series / B2 Digital lead by Greg Bell, Elliot Bell, Paul Pottle, Brandon Higdon are a public traded media and mixed martial arts company that lies to stockholders, fans, employees, etc.

They have canceled their last several live MMA events on a days notice to the public without issuing refunds to ticket buyers, but some B2 staff have already made it public that Greg Bell, CEO, knew about the cancelation weeks prior to each event but did not want to announce anything until the night before in order to continue to sell tickets and then skip town.

Furthermore, as posted on social media, B2 has been firing employees left and right for raising concern about the money that Greg Bell owes them for their work, along with physical threats that Greg has issued.

Brandon Higdon matchmaker along with Paul Pottle have stood by Greg's spiteful actions clearly showing that they care more about Greg than the fans and fighters. How can B2 advisor Elliot Bell, a supposed religious figure and pastor, allow blatant theft to occur?

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