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Avas Flowers

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Mahwah
Address 300 Corporate Drive
Phone 877-638-3303

Avas Flowers Reviews

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  • Dec 9, 2018

I ordered a beautiful lavender roses spray for a funeral. The company called and said there were no lavender roses available and would substitute red and pink roses instead of that was ok. I agreed to this "color substitution" only!

The flowers were delivered and it was nothing like the arrangement i purchased. Original arrangement had 24 roses and was full of white carnations. The arrangement delivered had 6 pink roses, 4 lilies and a few carnations.

I immediately messaged the company and told them i was more than upset over this skimpy arrangement and it was nothing like what i had ordered. They replied that i had agreed to a substitution and it was an acceptable substitution.

I messaged back bullsh*t!!!! and told them it was nothing like the item i had ordered and i wanted this fixed immediately!!!! they replied back with the same comments as if it's a computer generated response.

They advertise beautiful arrangements then tell you they are out of a certain color and scam you to agree to a color substitution. Once you agree then they just send out a cheap, crappy arrangement and refuse to replace it.

This company is a scam! do not do business with them!!!! i have photos but was not able to get them to load here. I messaged scamion guys to ask them to add it for me. Either way pics are available if anyone wants to see!

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  • Mar 6, 2019


My Funeral Flowers never arrived and I have been going back and forth with them for 5 days. I called ABC news. They contacted me back and mabe they will expose these con artist.

  • Jun 15, 2022

Flowers were not delivered to the funeral house. Received the text message the day of delivery that unfortunately, they can not deliver on time for the service. Arrangements were made the day prior to delivery. I was guaranteed that flowers will be delivered on time and charged $50 for the next day service.

  • Jan 10, 2022

DO NOT ORDER FROM AVAS FLOWERS! Order from your LOCAL florist. Avas is a 3rd party who take your money (literally overcharging you) and then call the local florist closest to your recipient and order it from them!!!

They never give the florist who takes your order the full amount you spend! I ordered at arrangment for $69.99 and was charges over $100 with fees and delivery. The florist whom Avas contacted was only given $50.00 which included delivery! My aunt called the florist to complain and was told the amount they were given, as i showed her the bouquet I had ordered. It was NOTHING like the one i had ordered! They basically took my money and had the local florist send something cheaper and tries to make the local florist look bad in return! They are scam artists! AVAS is a RIPOFF!

  • Dec 30, 2020

Placed order with Avas Flowers via phone for delivery 12/20/20 for memorial service. Delivery and paid for sympathy card delivery never made as reported by deceased person's family.

I called for refund a week later, was persuaded to have order delivered directly to the family home. Order never arrived.

Called Avas 3 days later and demanded a refund again. Agent acted like he couldn't hear me so I "raised" my voice. Told him he either refunded full amount or I disputed charge on my credit card. He mumbled some nonsense about the floral shop canceling the order, order being lost etc. I again demanded a refund, it took about five minutes but he came back with a transaction number.

I will give it a couple of days and follow up with the credit card company whom I expect I will be having to dispute the charge with at that time. Also filing a report with the better business bureau in Newark, Delaware where they are located.

  • Dec 20, 2020

I went on line and found them . Not a bad price for flowers seemed ok. Went thru the process of ordering the flowers for my moms casket for her funeral. Paid for them, got a confirmation of receipt..

I called to see a delivery time a few days later and nothing

I got the constant runaround, the delivery guys phone doesnt work, he is not answering, the truck was in an accident, the florist did not reply.

Needless to say the flowers for my MOTHERS funeral for her casket were never delivered

yet I paid $245 for them and I am a single parent with a dead beat ex and cannot afford $245 worth of flowers but after calling and calling and calling... Still no flowers, still no refund just lir after lie



  • Nov 20, 2020

I purchased flowers for a funeral . The flowers were supposed to be delivered to our home by 3:00 PM on Friday 11/20/20. When they didn't come by the promised time my wife called them and explained to them that they were for a funeral. They told my wife that the van that was delivering the flowers broked down and that they would deliver the flowers to the church between 8:00- 9:00 AM on Saturday morning 11/21/20. The flowers were not delivered by 9:00 AM and I called the florist and the phone was answered by some foreigner who told me the flowers had been delivered on Friday.

I explainer to the person that they were not delivered and were suppose to be delivered by 9:00 AM. She said she found the order and that it did say they would be delivered to the church for a funeral that was being held at 11:00 AM. I told her I did not want the flowers since they could not deliver by the time they were supposed to. I asked her to refund my money. She said she could not refund my money that the flowers were already delivered. I cursed her out and told her I was filing this report on them and that I would take them to small claims court and ask the court for them to pay my money back, attoreney fees and they would pay court cost. she said they were not refunding my money.

Please do not do business with this company, they afre liars, scam artist and ripoff specialist. nothing but foreigners answer the phone, no American representative and they are very rude and dont want to listen.they so fast that you can't understand them, they cop an attitude when you ask them to slow down.

  • Oct 8, 2020

Ava's is a total fraud! They lied about the prices of their arrangements online, and the order that was advertised at $44 miraculously went up to $74 when they were confirming my order. I reminded them I wanted the arrangement for $44, but they charged me $64! They also said they would guarantee delivery the same day and, of course, that did NOT happen! This business is a sham and I will never, ever use them again! Beware of the hidden fees, lying customer service representatives, and never rely on them to deliver your flowers on the same day because they did not do that! A total sham and rip-off! When I tried to resolve the matter on the phone, I was placed on hold for 20 minutes (!!!) and then the phone just cut off. They really need to be investigated.

  • May 21, 2020

I ordered the "My Sun, Moon and Stars" bouquet, the "As Shown" option (with blue vase) for $52.99. I also ordered one Mylar balloon at $6.99, and 5 latex balloons at $2 each for a total of $10.

I placed the order on May 18, 2020. After delivery fees etc., I was charged $95.93, which seemed exorbitant, but I went along with it at the time.

I did not receive an email confirmation of my order.

My order did arrive on time, so that one aspect was good, at least.

They emailed me a confirmation of delivery, although the email did not include my order number, a list of the items ordered, or a list of the items delivered.

Ava's Flowers apparently chose to substitute red roses in place of the purple and yellow bouquet that I actually ordered and paid for. This was done without my approval and without notifying me. I only found out about it because the recipient happened to send me a photo of the bouquet. I see now from their Yelp reviews (which average 1 star out of 5, over hundreds of reviews!) that Ava's Flowers often makes this sort of substitution, and often for red roses no matter what the customer actually ordered.

They did not include the Mylar balloon I ordered and paid for. Again, this omission was not cleared by me or even mentioned to me. When I was able to report this specific omission on their website, I got a (very badly formatted and nearly impossible to read) notice saying that a $6.99 refund for the Mylar balloon specifically (and not for anything else) would be issued. The $6.99 refund has not yet, in fact, arrived.

They also did not include the five latex balloons that I ordered and paid for - again, without clearing this with me or even notifying me of the omission.

In the end, 0 of the items I ordered were delivered.

I have requested a refund, but based on their history as I have now read it online, I do not anticipate that they will actually provide one.

I do not recommend buying from this vendor at any time under any circumstances.

  • Mar 30, 2020

Don't make the terrible mistake of ordering flowers from Ava's Flowers!! I ordered a beautiful floral arrangement in a nice vase for ~$68 to be delivered 3/20 to my friend's wife who was getting home that day from heart surgery. SEVEN DAYS LATER, after numerous calls & emails, rec'd a cardboard box from UPS with wilted multi-colored roses inside! I am so upset!

  • Nov 30, 2019

I cancelled on 11.13.2019 10 minutes after placing the order. I called to confirm that they would deliver same day and discovered that despite there being no indication of this during the order process that they were not going to deliver same day.

I told them to cancel the order and all evidence suggests that they did not cancel it. Additionally they did not deliver the order on 11.13.2019, nor did they deliver it on 11.14.2019 and still have not delivered it on 11.15.2019. On 11.16.19 they issued a patial refund, they kept over $18 for no reason.

Stay away from these people. Total Scam!

  • Oct 27, 2019

Florist needs to be closed

Ordered flowers told they would do same day delivery! Called for a day n a half saying they were out for delivery. I told them if they did not deliver same day to cancel! Next day 24 hours later after I told them can cel if not delivered Tuesday! Wednesday they magically appeared after 8 calls and when I told them to send cancel they didn’t! Charged me for bow and processing fee which I was never told about ! 30 emails to them and numerous calls they want to give me ten percent off for an order I cancelled and there up charges were more then ten percent. No one returns my calls but one scared clerk who kept putting me on hold! They said they were in Brooklyn but they are in New Jersey Horrible scamming company

  • Sep 6, 2019

This flower shop is a total scam! I was promised a specific color of roses and the bouquet that was sent was not even close. When you call this place, a call center answers the phone and you don't even get to speak with the designers.

They delivered the wrong order over 3 hours late and completely ruined the surprise. DON'T EVER DO BUSINESS WITH AVAS FLOWERS out of Lancaster, CA. I'm probably going to sue them in small claims court.

  • Aug 24, 2019

My Boss's Daddy passed a couple weeks ago. He's not a sit behind the desk pencil pusher that you don't see...he's a very hands on boss. We all respect him highly and hold him in very high regards. So when his Father passed our group wanted to send a nice arrangement showing our sentiment of the occasion. I was picked to order the flowers.

I wanted a local florist, so I put in "local florist in Selma Al" in my search engine and AVAS Flowers popped up as Selma's #1 local delivery, fresh flowers from local florists! I found an arrangement and ordered a stand up basket along with a bow and card, total came to $141.75. An hour and a half later I received an email from them telling me to call them about my order.

They said they didn't have all the flowers to fulfill my order and could they use some silk filler flowers. I told them "No! It's a funeral and that's just tacky!" Told them to cancel my order and they said they would reimburse my card $127.00. I told them they charged me $141...they said the difference was a "service charge" A service charge....just for placing an order they couldn't fulfill. (this is how they make their money) This made me mad, I was no longer home and the time was getting late so I reluctantly told them to go ahead and use the silk filler flowers.

One of our crew went to the funeral and told me he would take a picture of what we sent to ease my mind. (I was stressed over the fact that there would be silk in our arrangement.) The next day when I saw what they had sent, I was both embarrassed and Livid!!! We sent, a cheap plastic basket that sat on the floor with cheap, bargain basement all silk flowers, white and navy blue.

I called them, sat on the phone forever just to be told I had to make an appointment with customer service. I made the appointment just to be told I had 24 hours to file a complaint and the time had passed BUT they would give me 10% off on my next order. Yeah like I would ever use them again! I ordered the flowers on 8-10, the funeral was 8-11, I saw the picture on 8-12.

By the time the funeral started my 24 hours was already up! A lot of us send sympathy flowers that do not attend the funeral. (or flowers to our loved one's we never see...Get Well, Birthday's, Mother's Day) I would have never known what AVAS sent if one of us hadn't attended. It's not like the family is going to write you and tell you how bad your flowers looked.

We rely on our florists to fulfill our orders from the pictures they put on their sites, and we expect the flowers to represent our sentiment. AVAS's add is very deceiving.... I honestly thought I was dealing with a local florist. I wanted a local florist not some fly by night middle man....I mean what's the point in that? By wording their add the way they do, and by paying "Google" money to put them on the top of the list, I imagine they fool a lot of people who, like me are not savvy to the way's of internet search's.

(I am now though!) When you use a middle man there is no one to be held accountable for the service you paid good money for! I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I want AVAS to be honest about what they are. I don't want anyone else to go through the embarrassment with no amends to be had. Here are the pictures of what we ordered and what was sent. I think they speak for themselves.

  • Jul 29, 2019

Was under assumption they were local florists. Turned out they are a national scam that takes your money and delivers nothng but excuses...and poor ones at that. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

  • May 11, 2019

After not being able to go see my mom in North Carolina for Mother's Day (due to illness) I decided to surprise her with a flower delivery. I chose Avas Flowers because they advertised that they were in the same city as my mom.

I clicked on Same Day Delivery, chose a small bouquet and card, paid almost twenty dollars in "processing" fees and charged over seventy eight dollars on my credit card. Two days later my mom still did not receive the flowers! I emailed Avas and they gave me a song and dance, basically how same day isn't same day! And how I could not cancel or receive a refund.

Well my bank did not agree with that! They stopped the charge and are refunding it back to me. This is what I get for not checking reviews on Avas first! I found horrible reviews and found that there's even an Avas Flowers - Scam Facebook page! I do NOT recommend dealing with these people at all!!!

  • Apr 19, 2019

When you call this company to ask where your delivery is they will tell you it's on the way. Hours and days later and depending on which agent you get (all of which were answering from homes with screaming kids, loud television sets blaring in the back ground, and representatives who used grammer that could be compared to unintelligent street slang) will give you excuses like these; it's been delivered, we coudn't find your address, we couldn't get into your gated community (I live in an ungated high rise), we couldn't deliver because your guard gate wanted to charge the driver $10 dollars (again, I live in a high rise), we just spoke to the designer and we are on the way, and it's your fault because we didn't have a working number. All of which were untrue.

I was hung up on numerous times trying to get a refund for my elderly father who had given these liars his credit card. On the last call I was told I could not have the owner's name, I could not know who their Las Vegas affiliate was that would be delivering, and I was not allowed to know who I was speaking with lol, so all in all its a big mystery as to where my flowers are, who I am speaking with and who is supposed to be bringing my flowers.

On the last call I was hung up on after asking for a supervisor and a recording came on asking if I would 1. buy from them again or 2. never buy from them again...... so by the sound of the recording, they are deflecting to a recording so that they don't have to deal with all of the mad calls.

After looking them up on consumer affairs they have 1 star ratings and almost 1500 complaints from people who have been scammed by them. On the last call I was told that I could not cancel the order because there is a no cancellation policy.

  • Mar 6, 2019





  • Oct 21, 2018

What a scam!!!

They promised same day delivery and then texted me that they couldn't deliver and that it would be the next day. When I called about it they seemed confused and kept putting me on hold. When I asked about delivery charges they said there were none just $27.oo shipping and handling. But they don't ship and they don't deliver - they farm out to various local florists.

They advertise that they are local but they are in NJ and I was ordering to have delivery in MN. When I asked the customer service rep where she was located she put me on hold and then came back and said she "couldn't tell me her local location but her home office is in NJ". She wasn't "allowed to tell me" the MN location.

It took 3 phone calls to get them to cancel my order! And I was on hold foreeever!

Customer service rep said she cancelled it and emailed me a confirmation of it but I still haven't received an email saying the order was cancelled. I guess I'll call the credit card company.

This place is a fraud! Don't order flowers here! Just don't!!

  • Jul 22, 2018

Arrangement delivered wasnt even close to the picture of the one on line. On their website it saya they will send out a new arrangement or refund if customer is not satisfied. Called then numerous of times and was hung up on, lied to, etc. They refused to honor what they have posted on line. I even sent side by side pics showing them side by side. 1st lady i spoke to there agreed it was not even close so she said she was contracting the florist and would call me back within the hour. Well she never did i then spoke with 2 other ladies there and they said it met the requirements so all they would give me was a 20% discount. I explained i did not want that i wanted the correct arrangement delivered per their company policy. The wouldn't transfer me to a manager nor give me his name. Then hung up on me

  • Jun 15, 2018

AVAS FLOWERS Matt Neuenhaus HORRIBLE. - Mahwah New Jersey

  • May 3, 2018

False advertisement! Do not order from Avas Flowers! The flower arrangement that was on line that I ordered did not look anything like the arrangement that was sent to my friend. I understand it might not be exact but the arrangement I order on line had blues and purples in it and the one that was sent was pretty much all white and in a bigger bulky white vase.

I was so embarrassed when my friend sent me a picture of the arrangement. The arrangement was delivered late Friday night so I didn't see picture until late Saturday. I decided to wait until Monday to send email about my concerns. I must have sent to wrong person at AVAS because the email I got to take the survey must not respond back to customers....even when the email did not say "do not reply back to this email ".

I finally sent to customer service and they told me sorry that you are unhappy about the arrangement that was sent but nothing can be done because it was just outside the 24 hour period.

are you kidding me?? So I replied again and said that it was unacceptable. I got a phone message saying sorry about the flowers we are giving you a 10% refund. Mind you I could bearly understand her and she couldn't have read the script any more clearer.

I got another email from another "manager" (so they say) and they said they would give me a 10% refund.... that is $6.49!! What an insult when I spent $80 for premium flowers that looked like someone threw in a vase and had no color. I sent another email saying I wanted to talk to supervisor. Josie (if that is even her real name because she wouldn't give me her last name) did call me and told me the same thing that they can only offer 10 % ($6.49) I swear they read it from a script. I don't mind spending money on premium products or in this case what was shown on line, but it wasn't even close. I should have googled them before I ordered from them. How can they still be in business with all those complaints and be proud of what they do??

  • Mar 23, 2018

Yesterday, I initially called 855-391-1203. After many holds and over 20 minutes, I was told that they were unable to find any information regarding our business credit and to call another number that would be able to help.

So, I called the number given to me by the first associate I spoke with, which was 855-536-8156.

I spoke with someone named Alex. After over 20 minutes on the phone with him, I asked to speak with a supervisor, as he seemed as unable to assist me as the first associate I spoke to. He told me that he was a supervisor.

I asked to speak with a supervisor above him, but I was informed that he was busy and that that was not possible, so I continued to speak with Alex.

After over almost another 20 minutes, and again, numerous holds, I asked if that supervisor was still busy. I was told he was.

This conversation was finally ended almost an additional 20 minutes later when I inquired as to whether or not his supervisor was still busy, Alex told me that he was, and that he was hanging up on me because he was unable to help me.

All I was trying to do was use our business’s credit to send flowers to one of our customers, which our credit should have more than covered.

How is this customer service?

  • Mar 14, 2018

I placed an order for flowers on the morning of 01/29/2018 and cancelled the order on 01/29/2018 at 9:53 PM within 24 hours as their cancellation policy states. I contacted them multiple times to cancel and did not receive a response. My order number was 4933418 and I am requesting to be refunded $66.93 which is what I paid for the item.

  • Mar 4, 2018

I ordered an arrangement, with teddy bear and balloons for my granddaughters birthday. I paid extra for the delivery to be made prior to 1:00 pm on a Saturday, 03/03/2018, her actual birthday. She never received the arrangement or anything at all for that matter. I have called them multiple times, trying to get to the bottom of this. I have been lied to multiple times. They have told me that it was delivered, then changing the story to they could not reach the contact number they had. They left a message with the cotnact number. The order was delivered twice. They will try to help out. None of the comments were true! The delivery as of 03/05/2018 at 2:00 pm has not happened. The last lady hung up on me!

  • Mar 1, 2018

Ordered flowers for my wife for our anniversy a week in adavance they were delivered on the wrong day and the roses were all bruised, i contacted them and they said they would send more out the following week on Tueday again they came on the wrong day and the rose were worse than the first ones, halp the peddles had been picked off an the leaves had fallen off which is the sign of old roses (paid $108.00). they said this was out of their cotrol. i got ripped off and they will not refund

  • Feb 22, 2018

On February 22, 2018 I decided to place an order for February 23, 2018 to help my mom get through a bad day. After viewing the website I began to place an order. I decided to call because I needed them to be there by a specific time because she works 7a-2p. The customer service rep told me for $9.99 I could guarantee shipping between 8am and 10 am. I said great if they can be there before noon I can go ahead and place the order. "Yes mam, they will definitely be there no later than 10 am". Well I thought it odd I never recieved a message thanking me for the flowers. It was because after my mom got home from work at 3pm she got a call from the school her flowers just arrived. So the flowers that were supposed to cheer her up, she got to drive in Friday afternoon traffic 30 mins there and 30 mins back to pick up. I called Ava's Flowers and they offered to refund my shipping but that was it.

I didn't think that was good enough. I paid $80 to do nothing but cause my mother more of a headache. After to speaking to a manager I was told they can't do refunds or partial refunds, but they are very sorry about that. It wasn't until she returned home I realized they are not even close to what I ordered or paid for. They are awful. My 13 year old could do better. I have left several messages for a supervisor named Marcel at extension 3246 with no response. After one simple google search I have seen thousands of complaints. Even a Fb and Instagram pages dedicated to Ava's Flowers Is a Scam!

  • Dec 8, 2017

We spent an hour online researching florists in Riverton, WY. Ava's had several 5 star reviews & found an arrangement we liked. We called & ordered a 200.00 arrangement. No flowers were delivered at all. We recieved a call from a 800 # in the middle of funeral, advising us no florist in the area was able to complete the order. This was very unsatisfactory service, to put it mildly. Not something that grieving family members need to go thru.

  • Sep 25, 2017

This is a florist. I could not find the category for this. I ordered flowers responding to the add that promised same day delivery. I called at about 12:40. I was told then that only orders before noon were guaranteed, but the agent would check. He put me on hold and came back and said that the order would be delivered same day. If he had said not, I would have called a local florist to guarantee. This occurred on a Saturday. The order amount was $68

Several hours later I received an email that said the order would be delivered on Monday. It was now too late to call another company. There was no way to cancel online. I finally reached customer service and was offered the Monday delivery with a 10% discount. Really! $6.80? Then she went up to $10.00 I had been deprived of the chance for a timely delivery and this was the compensation offered.

I asked for a supervisor and was put on hold for almost 15 minutes. I called back and got another agent. She had to get authorization but now says my order is cancelled. We will see if the refund comes through. Bad company, bad business, not trained to offer satisfaction. Do not use them.

  • Jul 28, 2017

To whom it may concern I am writing this report against Avas flowers I believe it was on 26 June in the evening I ordered some flowers for delivery the next day to eat ternal Valley mortuary for my mothers funeral on the 27th to get there by 9 AM I followed the order up with an email on their website with my order regarding cancellation if this order could not be for Phil to please cancel they never canceled they called me to talk about this in the middle of the services three different people called me that day so in total I talk to for advising them to just At that time I understood it was late I didn't know if it was possible that's why I followed it up with the cancellation they are to just refund my money and there were good they insisted on still trying to deliver to someone in the family at the mortuary where ever they could when it was ready I kept telling them now this went on for three days email phone calls then it suddenly stopped I heard nothing from them I looked and they never reimbursed my money either to my bank which was $249.00 . I'm going to call them tomorrow again and inquire but can someone please help me in this matter I got no refund no services and I'm out $249 that they kept . Thank you for taking the time regarding this matter

AVAS FLOWERS I found this company online when searching for a florist on the Internet for delivery to external Valley mortuary in Santa Clarita . It was in the evening after hours when I placed my order through this company it said same-day delivery on the website and had to give 24 hours for cancellation well is what I have done as I ordered and then I also followed it up with an email stating that if it could not be delivered by 9 AM please cancel the order while they did not cancel it they called me in the middle of my moms funeral I talk with four different workers that day regarding this ask them to refund my money as stated on my email they called me the next day I returned the call have had no contact with them since it's been a month they have yet to refund my money and it was $248 for flowers I never received and have gotten nothing in return either as reimbursement no services but kept my money can you please help me

  • Jun 14, 2017

I oreered a vase of flowers from website while speaking with a representative. Flowers cost $127.09. Expected a beautiful bouquet would be delivered to Aunt's Wake. When I arrived, I looked for flowers. Asked Funeral Director if they had been delivered. She lead me to a small bouquet of half dead filler flowers with shriveled lilys and brown edged roses. We wanted the vase to be left at the Church. Was told because the flowers were dropping leaves, petals, buds, all of the floor that could not happen. When I complained I was offered a $20.00 refund. Told them "no". A few weeks later was offered a $40.00 refund. Told them "no" again. The bouquet was a disgrace. I am livid! Found that this florist has been cheating people constantly. Wish I wasn't "suckered" by their flashy website and I had researched them before I made my purchase. Do not use this florist!

  • May 16, 2017


I ordered flowers for my mother in Nov for her bday. I thought with the 45% off and free delivery service that spending $50 would be a nice arrangement of flowers. I expressed my upset feelings when he told me my total for this order would be over $70. He did not listen when I told him what I wanted to spend. After complaining and sending numerous emails, I received a $20 store credit. Interesting when they really aren't a "store".

However, I thought I would use this again someday for my mother again. For Mother's Day I thought it would be a good time to use the credit they gave me. I emailed to confirm I still had it. I was told to call over the phone to place my order to use it.

I called and first thing I said was I have a $20 store credit I would like to use for this order. I don't know if it is a language barrier or what, but at that point, I felt like I had reached the India Call Center. He totally ingonored the credit info.

I thought since I did have some credit I would even go up to the deluxe version of the arrangment I picked. Their price was $69.99- with my credit this would make it 49.99. Affordable. He took my payment info and I asked to confirm the total and he said it was $93. Way more than I had guesses with any typ of fees. Again, they advertised free delivery and a 45% discount. I asked what happened to my store credit. He said it was too late to use it. I said I want to cancel it. He also said to late. I complained and he had a manager get on the phone. She also didn't do anything for me. She didn't say sorry. She just said she could give me a 10% discount. HOW CAN SHE DO THAT BUT NOT MY $20 CREDIT????

I came back to my original email and replied. My response was, that I needed to order online to get my credit.


I hope my lesson will stop someone else from being ripped off.

BOTTOM LINE- FLOWERS WERE LATE and from the local Albertson's. I recommend calling the local grocery store from now on.

  • Feb 18, 2017

My husband ordered a large arrangement of flowers Half wilted and dead and a large box of candy for valentines day. what they delivered looked nothing like the website and the candy was a tiny box of something you could buy for $3.00 at a drug store. I notified them by email the same day so I would have the complaint in writing. 3 days later and I cannot get it through to them that I don't want a replacement of more of their awful flowers and cheap candy I want a refund. RIP OFF. Save yourself the headache and buy from a local florist this company is a joke.

  • Dec 20, 2016

I'be been ordering premium floral arrangements for my aging mother (80's) from this website but I never

saw what she received. This year, my sister was there and sent me a picture of what my 85 year old

mother received for her Garden Club Christmas luncheon that she hosted. I was appalled. I sent an email

to the company immediatey: no response. I called the company and they wanted to give me a $20 dollar

credit on my account, and 10% off my next order. I refused, and requested to speak to a manager. I was

transfered to the "Manager's Number" for a call back that day between a certain time: no call back. I called the

next day: same senario, only this time I was offer $10 off and 10% with the same results. I contacted my

credit card company to have the charges disputed, who at first declined, until they heard the whole story. You

see exactly what I ordered on their website, had 3 arrangement left, with immediate delivery to my mother's home

town. The credit representative immediately disputed the charges for me, when I pointed out the company's

lie, AND she brought up their customer satisfaction full refund policy within 7 days that SHE found on their website.

  • Dec 20, 2016

Ava's Flowers advertised same day delivery if called in by noon on a Sunday. Thats was done at 11:00am. the flowers never came after checking several times o Ava's so called tracking system. I wrote an email to Ava's (following protocol) telling them to cancel the order. I received an email the next day from Carmen R the Manager asking for authorization to delivery a day later . I responded immediately and explained it was for a special event and its over, telling them to credit my Credit Card. That email communication was done at 9:00am At 3:30 the flowers were deliverd unauthorized and the flowers were wilted and dead.

I called customers service where they put me on hold as I wanted a supervisior, got a supervisior (doubt it) they faked that as well. and proceeded to keep me on hold for over an hour and then disconnected me.

  • Nov 28, 2016

Dont use this floral service. Twice now i have been ripped off.

They dont deliver what you order!! They deliver much less!!

A total rip off so called "family owned " business !!

When you try to call them back regarding how they didnt deliver what you ordered, they out you on extended holds and make up 100 excuses.

This floral service is the worst! DONT GIVE THEN YOU ORDER!

  • Oct 20, 2016

13th wedding anniversary ruined by an attempt to send flowers to me at my jobsite. My husband ordered what appeared to be a beautiful boutique of flowers for me as a surprise, and unfortunately for him that was all he planned for the day! The flowers never came. When my husband found out he had to spend over 1 hour on the phone, constantly being placed on hold. Then when someone finally agreed to speak to him he was explained that I refused the order of flowers so they were not delivered. LIE! I never got a call or had anyone here to refuse anything, I was never spoken to period. The next day I get a message from a Sarah telling me how sorry they are and that they still wanted to deliver the flowers...instead of refunding the money...and that they wanted to make sure I received them so she asked I call back to confirm my exact location. So I called back, to end up speaking with a different person whom appeared rude. Once I explained I was calling back to give my address to fix an order I was then told 'No, we are just sending them to your home!" Well I was not home and wouldn't be for hours. After I hung up in shock over the service I was receiving for their screw up, I decided to call them right back and tell them that I didn't want the flowers and that this ruined my anniversary. The now man I was speaking to decides to spew relationship advise and tell me that its not my husbands fault and I have no right to take it out on him...I told him to keep his flowers and hung up. Now they showed up 5 mins ago at my job. AAAAHHHHH! NEVER AGAIN will anyone in my household order from these people for anything! BEWARE!

  • Oct 17, 2016

I was delivered dead flowers from Ava's flowers on 10-12. They left in the front porch right in the sun. I have contacted the company via email, phone and texts. They just keep turfing me to the next person. Keisha N. is the worst person I have ever dealt with in my life. My sister is very poor and spent 56 dollars on a hideous small so called flower arrangement. This company is a scam and needs to be put out of business for false advertising. Daniel who took the order said it was 45 percent off and free delivery. Keisha said there was no way we were getting our money back, her exact quote "that ain't going to happen"! My God ! I have sent pictures and videos, they don't care. Ripping off poor people who try to do a nice thing for their family is so sad.

  • Aug 31, 2016

I was unable to attend a friend / colleague's father's funeral due to a Baby Shower I threw for a family member. I wanted to show my condolence's in my absence & wanted to send a truly substantial bouquet. I viewed Avas Flowers website & thought to use them. I purchased the large white flower bouquet with a printed card that I was also charged for & a separately purchased "In Loving Memory" banner to add to the sentiment. Not only did they NOT deliver the bouquet to the contact person they requested in the order, Avas Flowers didn't send the "large" bouquet out of the "small" , "medium" or "large" bouquet selection I chose & paid for. They also did not include the banner that I purchased as well. I was unable to confirm quality of the product (bouquet) until about a week later when my friend returned to work from her bereavement leave.

I thought it was too tacky to ask my friend to confirm the bouquet quality I purchased immediately after the funeral.

When my friend returned to work she sent me a picture of a small bouquet. Quite paltry looking. An embarrassment to my eyes & was not what I ordered nor did it convey my heart's intention. Rather quite the opposite. I felt shame over the image the unimpressive bouquet must have made as a representation of my affection.

So I called to complain & requested NO MONEY back but instead I asked Avas Flowers to please send a nice bouquet to my friend'd mother, the widow, in another another attempt to show of my sincere feelings. Nope. They initially declined to do anything to correct their error , stating there's a 24 hour time frame policy to log a complaint. Really? It's not that there was a small discrepancy with the color or type of flower, in other words it wasn't a minor detail. Avas Flowers failure was/is egregious! They have taken my money & failed to provide the product I paid for & chose to represent me & have in fact misrepresented me! To add insult to injury they cannot provide me with anything but their 24 hour time frame policy. All because I was not crass enough to call my grieving friend within 24 hours & have no class by asking "did you get the product I paid for?"

I didn't & I still don't want money! I want Avas Flowers to correct the image THEY misrepresented me by in failing to provide a quality bouquet that I paid for.

Well folks if you choose to patronize this business AFTER reading my complaint don't you dare complain. You have been forewarned that Avas Flowers cares nothing about customer satisfaction, Avas Flowers reputation, consumer relations or common decency, nor does Avas Flowers care that sometimes policy should be waived due to circumstances. Especially when it comes to a tragic circumstance as sensitive such as a death! Beware your of your reputation which can be misrepresented if you put faith in Avas Flowers to deliver a quality product sight unseen as in my case. I caution you not to trust in a business you have never dealt with before as they stand strickly by their 24 hour timeframe which is not how customer service should be dealt with. Each case is a situation.

By the way, they limit your PAID sympathy card to certain amount of letters making you think it is a nicely printed card for you when it is someone's ridiculous handwritten "chicken scratch". Avas Flowers, you are a joke! I will make sure to complain about you to anyone & everyone who will listen for a very long time! To date I was refunded $10.00 for the banner they failed to provide. I did not authorize this credit nor ask for it. If they refused to send my flowers to correct their wrong I should be fully refunded for an unsatisfied resolution. This was never about the money. If it were I would have purchased the small bouquet! Here's an idea people. Go to a florist & purchase a bouquet you have seen with your eyes & give it to someone who will be going & ask them to give it to the respective party.

  • Aug 24, 2016

On Aug. 20th (approx. 1PM), I ordered two dozen long stemmed roses for $38.98 online from Ava’s Flowers. Shortly thereafter, I received an automated email including a pdf statement. They billed me $53.92 instead.

I called (within 10 minutes of placing the order) their customer service and spoke with a representative and he told me that they add a florist decorating fee of $9.99 + $4 service fee. I asked him to delete the additional charges and that hiding those fees is not reputable.

He told me that there was nothing that he could do. So, I told him to cancel. He told me that all sales are final. I told him that I couldn’t accept that answer. He put me on hold for about 5-10 minutes and a supervisor picked up. She told me that all sales are final and that “I signed a legal binding contract and I can not cancel the order”. She promised me that she would include a box of chocolate and a $20 credit on the next order. I told her that there will never be a next order and please cancel my order. She told me that she couldn’t; their policy is all sales final and (again) I signed a legal contract. I told her that I will call my credit card company and dispute the sale.

She put me on hold for additional 10 minutes and came back saying that she will credit my account $13.99. I told her that I didn't want the flowers just cancel the order. To date, I haven’t received my credit to my credit card.

  • Aug 17, 2016

Ava's Flowers was among the first florists listed when I did an Internet search for flower delivery in a particular area. Finding the site difficult to use, I called the company and was "helped" by someone who appeared to be knowledgeable. I was told the flowers would be delivered that day. It has now been 6 days and said flowers have never arrived. I have tried contacting the company on numerous occasions, but when I do get a human being on the line - which the only way to do is to punch number "1" to order new flowers. Once you have a person on the line (and their English is extremely poor) you are transferred to "customer service."

At this point, no one answers and if you hold long enough, you'll eventually be told (via automation) that you'll receive a call back at such and such a time. They never call back! I finally "raised so much Cain" yesterday that was finally connected to Keisha in the NJ office. She promised to get to the bottom of this sue and call me the next day. She never did so, nor have I received an email from her. I'm seriously considering filing a report with the FTC and the BBB, and would welcome inclusion in a lawsuit filed against them. Next time, I'll definitely do my due diligence and thoroughly vet a company before doing business with them. These people are nothing but scam artists, and they need to be stopped! They've messed with the wrong person now.

  • Jun 28, 2016

I understand that you will now be disputing our issue with the bank. However, I wanted an accurate written statement of this weekends events. I originally placed an order for a Red, White and Blue collection vase arrangement on my credit card, and a Ficus Tree on my mother, Linda Hyers credit card on Thursday June 23rd to be delivered on Saturday June 25th by noon to 828 Bellefontaine Ave., Chiles-Lamen Funeral Home for my grandfathers funeral. As requested, we recieved a beautiful Red, White and Blue arrangement on time, but my mothers order that I placed for her showed up as a Peace Lily plant instead of our original order of my grandfathers favorite, the Ficus Tree. When I originally placed the order, I called Avas Flowers and asked to be called on Friday June 24th if you were unable to deliver what I had requested so that I could have ample time to change the order. We paid the rush charge and fees for both orders #3290056 for the Red, White and Blue Collection Vase, and #3290138 for the Ficus Tree. I did not receive any call on Friday June 24th, so I was certain that there was no miscommunication or issues. Upon arrival to the funeral home, there were two deliveries, my credit card order of Red, White and Blue was correct, however, my grandpas favorite Ficus Tree was no where to be found. I finally figured out that the Peace Lily was dropped off in replace of the Ficus Tree. I immediately called and spoke with a lovely lady named Ana. She was very sweet, sympathetic and tried very hard to rectify the situation stating she promised it would be either delivered on Sunday or Monday at the latest by noon as Monday was the final burial and departure date for our return to Chicago. I was concerned and called again on Sunday speaking with a very nice gentleman named Sam who assured me that although the floral designer was not working on Sunday, that we would definitely receive the Ficus Tree by Monday at noon. At 11:30am on Monday, the tree still was not there and so I called again and spoke with Ana who was very kind and told me that the plant was in route and would be there by noon. The whole family waited around until 12:15pm as we were then all late for burial. The Ficus tree finally showed up at 12:50pm. I called again after we left to let Ana know I wanted a refund of some kind because we not only had to no tree for the service, burial or to take home, but all of the broken promises and hassle was unacceptable. She apologized, was sympathetic and put me on a long hold stating she had to call the flower designer for approval for the refund. Once she finally came back, she said that the floral designer approved a $13.95 service fee to be taken off of my moms credit card. Increasingly growing impatient, as I felt this was not sufficient for all of our hassle and no product, I called Haehn Florist and Greenhouse in Wapakoneta, the floral designer, to get their side of the story. They not only assured me that they were not called to get the approval of the refund, but also told me that Avas flowers paid them only $116.99 for the service when we were to be originally charged $152.91. After calling Heahn Florist who was very kind, I called back to Avas and spoke to a VERY RUDE sales associate name Keisha Neptune who was curt, non sympathetic, called me disrespectful, interrupted me time and time again, and got in a heated debate about rectifying a very sensitive issue. I explained that I felt like since I chose your services, paid for your services, and trusted your services as a family owned company who claims to be one of the best, that surely it would be no problem to refund or partially refund a situation that was completely not a miscommunication on me or my mothers end as we paid in full and were very detailed of what we wanted, time, date and address of delivery. We even gave you an option for an early back up plan for Friday in case things fell through. I am so disappointed in your service and Keisha's extremely RUDE behavior as you can't take back your sympathy offering at a funeral or burial. We now won't see the plant for a month nor did it even get seen at the funeral or burial as intended. A neighbor had to go pick it up and care for it for the next month until the family reunites at our family reunion on July 24th. I hope for the future, not only will you ensure proper delivery, but make certain Keisha Neptune isn't necessary the proper person for customer service issues as her rude behavior has left me disgusted with your company. My mother, Linda Hyers, will be calling the Better Business Bureau and disputing charges with Discover as I gave you several opportunities to rectify and make this situation right without getting rude or impatient until I spoke with Keisha Neptune. I will NEVER use you again and will make certain to post this wherever I can. Amy Polston Miller 312.810.6008 [email protected]

  • May 11, 2016

I placed an order for mothers day on the 7th. of May 2016 to make sure my mother would get her flowers on Mothers Day on time. On the 7th., I got an e-mail stating that and attempt was made to deliver the flowers. My mother was there and I had given AVAS her two phone numbers to call her just in case. They never called nor left any indication that an attempt was made to deliver the flowers. So, on sunday afternoon my mother called at six p.m. to let me know that the flowers had not arrived nor that she has been called to inform her of any problems or delays.

I e-mail AVAS to get the refund due and their reply was, they will give half of the refund. They did not follow my instructions ( which was, to deliver the flowers on saturday morning between 9-11 a.m) nor did they follow the contract of the order as stated in their web page. To make matters worst ,I call them again and I was left pushing numbers here and there until an agent answer the phone and did not help at all. I was given the music treatment and the push button treatment, and finally no help at all. I had no choice except appeal to the BBB.

Mothers Day has come and gone, no flowers, no money refunded , and no help from them.

Unfortunately, I used a debit card to pay for the purchase

  • Mar 10, 2016

I called and ordered flowers on 3/8/2016.

They texted me the next day to call them. They asked for more money for the florist to have enough flowers. Then the excuse was because it was a military base. I wanted my daughter to have the flowers ASAP due to miscarriage. So I agreed to 5 more dollars (not the 10 he wanted) THEN they texted me again to call them and said no same day delivery. I googled them and found this website and promptly called to cancel my order. The local florists in HI agreed they are a scam.

  • Mar 5, 2016

Ava advertises as a local florist and displays lovely flora arrangements on the web site, what you get is very low quality at a very high price. Complain and you will learn they really dont care about customer service. I have wastes over an hour trying to resolve issue only to get a store credit for overpriced.

  • Jan 23, 2016

Ordered a premium bouquet of flowers online from Avas flowers. requested all lavander bouquet with some white flowers and orchids. Did not receive any lavander flowers, orchids or anything that resembled what I requested. I spoke to Alice and she reassured me that this arrangement would arrive exactly as described to my mothers wake at funeral home. When I arrived I saw a beautiful very large bouquet resembling what I thought would be my bouquet which was not. It was one my brother had purchased at another local florist for the same price which was 3 to 4 times the size of my flower piece. Mine was a small bouquet with orange red and white flowers all the colors I said I did not want for any type of bouquet as my mother would not have wanted those colors, only the lavander and white. This was my final tribute to my mother and I was devistated. I called immediately and the circus began. This was Jan 18th and has continued ever since. I would like a full refund as I did not want these and I had no way of returning these. The card just said ftd and no name or address.

  • Dec 5, 2015

Ava's Flowers review: DO NOT ORDER FLOWERS FROM AVAS. Be warned, Avas Flowers shows some very nice bouquets online and you think your special someone will receive something nice. Then Ava's Flowers sends them something that is horrible. I spent $75.00 with Ava's Flowers and they sent my friend 2 roses and 2 carnations. I wonder what a $35.00 arrangement from Ava's Flowers would like like. Ava's Flowers was pretty ridiculous. I was so embarrassed. I called Ava's Flowers customer service representative and he said that is "what I ordered." I was never told by the initial Ava's Flowers customer service representative that my order was 2 roses and 2 carnations. Do you really think I would have purchased 4 flowers for $75.00? My Ava's flowers review is BEWARE. Avas get's you with a $25.00 Bow and an $18.00 card and an "expensive vase." Beware all buyers. It's sad. I actually thought I was ordering from a local company because Ava's Flowers posture themselves as being "in the town" you are ordering from but they aren't. They are a huge company that contracts out to smaller flower shops. This HURTS flower shops in the local area. I didn't know until I had this horrible experience with Ava's Flower's horrible customer service representative. Ava's flowers is horrible. Please do not order from them you have so many other options. This is my Ava's Flowers review.

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