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Avalon New Canaan

Country United States
State Connecticut
City New Canaan
Address 100 Lakeview Ave
Phone 203-652-1520

Avalon New Canaan Reviews

  • Apr 13, 2018

MOLD ALERT IN AVALON COMMUNITY!!!! I have lived at Avalon New Canaan for a year and 4 months. The whole time we have lived here my son has been very sick. I took him to many dr.s who diagnosed him and treated him for parasites, Lyme, Bartonella, Babesia, PANS/PANDAS. Nothing has improved his health. All of those diagnoses were clinical diagnoses, based on the symptoms my son is experiencing. None of the blood tests came back positive. I am very sensitive to mold. When I started to get the dry cough I get when exposed to mold, I had maintenance come check the HV/AC system and the apartment. They said everything was fine. There was black mold in the bathroom, where the tile meets the top of the tub. Maintenance came to clean it and caulk. However, they did not clean the mold. They caulked over it. My cough continued until we moved to another apt. in the community. That was July of 2017. My symptoms went away once we got to the new apt. but my sons symptoms persisted. When it got cold and we needed heat, I started waking up with stuffy nose, every morning. I bought 2 IQ Air purifiers. That did not help. It wasn't until we finally got out of Avalon to FL, after 11 months of not being able to travel because my son was so sick, that the pieces of the puzzle came together.

After 10 days of being out of Avalon in a mold free environment, some of my sons symptoms went away and some improved. My stuffy nose also cleared up. It was not until we returned to Avalon, that it was obvious that the environment was making him sick.All of his symptoms came back and were worse than when we left. My stuffy nose returned as well but now I was getting bloody noses and vertigo. I called maintenance to come check the apartment and the HV/AC. They said it was fine. I did not believe them so I had my son tested for Mycotoxins(toxic mold) and it came back 100% positive. Then I had an environmental specialist come test my apt. Test results showed "HEAVY" levels of mold in the air handler coils.

I took all the information to management and they are refusing to follow the recommendation to clean out the whole HV/AC system. What do you want us to do about it, was the response. The manager of Avalon New Canaan, said that if they cleaned my unit they would have to clean everyones. I asked to be let out of my lease. I move in 2 weeks with no where to go yet. It turns out though that other people are sick here in Avalon and had no idea that it could be from mold. This is a terrible company!!! They do not care about the health and safety of their tenants. Do NOT rent here!!

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