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report scam


Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 1-647-722-4887


  • Jul 20, 2017

Ms. Ava Barrett who you can find by searching in Google with "Ava Barrett Psychic"; "Ava Barrett Psychic Kijiji" has scammed me for over 30000 US. I was at a low point in my life and simply could not process anything. She used fear and manipulationm to slowly and steadily take money from me because there was negativity in me and I was cursed somehow. She promised that the money was to borrow materials that were very expensive but she would use the materials and keep them in pristine condition and then return them and I would get my money back. She said my childre and I would never be happy unless she helped me.

When I asked for the return of funds, she stalled and stalled. I indicated I would go to police and that did not seem to entice her to return what was mine.

I am in a better frame of mind. I will be filing a report with all levels of police. I allowed her to take away my dignity. I have no shame left. I suffered at the hands of this woman to the point of almost being suicidal because I was so sick and desperate that I trusted a complete stranger.

You should be aware the Michelle Evans is mentioned in rip off report many times and was arrested for this type of fraud in 2008.

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