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Country United States
State Alaska

AuZApps Reviews

  • May 10, 2016

AuzApps is run by Anton Baker and has been forced to leave south east asia and australia after a high number of rips offs and scamms came to light.

In essence, he promises to develop apps and websites and deliver in a certain amount of timde and then does not dleiver and drags the jobs out while continually demanding more funds for basic work. He has been aknowledged to have ripped people off in Bangkok, Pattaya, Cambodia , Australia and the UK. He will not deliever source codes and stops replying to requests for source codes for work which has been done and thus, clients cannot even hand the work over to another developer to complete.

In total , Anton Baker , AuzApps is a scam operation and do not send money to this individual or partake in business dealings with him.

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