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Aux Abris

Country United States
State New York
City Bronxville
Address 57 Park Avenue

Aux Abris Reviews

  • Jan 4, 2016

This is a horrible company! Warning: do not use them. They gave us a number that didn't work, it already belonged to someone else. We had printed this number up on all of our brochures and business cards. They kept saying they would fix it, and get the number back for us, but nobody ever got back to us. Every time we called we started with a level one technician, then it took ages to get up to a level three technician who promised they would call us back and try to help, but they never did. Then when we called , the same thing would start over again. After many hours of trying to get through to someone who was in the USA (this never happened, this is all based in the Phillipines) we were finally told that we would be unable to get the number back. They offered us a new number which we declined... then months later I realize they are still billing us for their phone system! Another phone call and they have promised the billing will stop.. we will see. I have huge doubts. Horrible service.

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