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Autumn Maple Goldens

Country United States
State Texas
City Borger
Address KDXR-FM, Farm-To-Market Road 1342
Phone 1-806-274-1913

Autumn Maple Goldens Reviews

  • Jul 29, 2020

How would it feel to you if you put down a deposit for a golden retriver puppy and a week or two before getting your puppy you find out the breeeder danielle cole sold your puppy for double the price to another person? Hurt, angry, scammed? There are not enought words in the dictionary to describe your feelings.

I have spoken to some of these victims and heard their stories of feeling scammed by this person.

I have also read posts some of these people have also posted on this website!

Autumn maple golden retrievers review: beware of autumn maple breeders based in tx, they do not take care of their puppies, and they are scammers!!! myself and a friend tried to get a puppy from them and they ended up bailing out, taking our deposit and mocking us! very unprofessional behavior. They’ve blocked all of our numbers. They promised to do “video chats” with our puppy, but when it came down to it said their “computer was broken”. They also insulted us after saying they won’t give us a puppy anymore. We have been nothing more than kind to them saying “ looking forward to meeting our pup” and sending confirmation texts weekly. And then all of a sudden they send a text saying they’re not giving us a puppy. We went through the whole application process and gave them a deposit, and worked with them for months. This breeder is a scammer!!!beware!

Because of covid-19 danielle cole aka autumn maple goldens found out she could sell her puppies for more than double the price she had agreed to with clients that had put down a deposit on.

Even one of the clients did not even get her deposit back she told me last week.

We checked her web site last week which is also been taken down as i checked today she was asking people to pay her a deposit to hold a puppy not even born yet at a price of $2,500.00.

I urge you not to do business with this person because she might scam yoiu too.

I am in the process of filing a lawsuit up to $100,000.00 against danielle cole and her companieS). I'm hoping if i get a judgment against her that i can help out the people she has scammed.

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