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Autovest L.L.C.

Country United States
State Michigan
City Southfield
Address 26261 Evergreen Rd, Suite 390
Phone 800-221-8160

Autovest L.L.C. Reviews

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  • Nov 16, 2015

I gave up my car for volentary repo with Wells Fargo in 2009 due to me being laid off. They sold the car to another lender for $4244.00 who took me to court (which I was not aware of) and has now attached my wages for $10000.00. When I called back in November 2014 I spoke with a Tamika who said they need $1200.00 from me to detach my wages and make payment arrangements with them I specifically asked her when the monies they were receiving from the wage garnishment was at $1200.00 I could call and make payment arrangements and she said yes and my payments would be very low. Yesterday I called to make payment arrangements and they now say I need to pay $2000.00 to be able to do that (which they have) and the monies received from the garnishment do not count to remove the garnishment.

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All I want is to have the garnishment removed and I will ay them monthly as I stated to them several times. They are talking alomst $400.00 per paycheck which is hard to survive off of being a single mother.

They agreed to payment arragements which I could not afford and called several times and left messages to the person who was handling my account to see if we can arrange something suitable for me and be able to survive. No calls back nothing. Now again I am being garnished. I need to get this resloved. I am paying $10000.00 for a car I no longer have.

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  • Dec 15, 2017

It say that autovest has filed a lawsuit against me I don’t even know who these people are it same to me that they are a scam

  • May 12, 2017

I did my research and discovered that it was an auto loan collection company they sent a foreign judgment to the Cab County Georgia which is where I reside now the original summons was completed in Marion County Indiana for Indiana Finance Company on a car that was financed in 2004 in the car did not belong to me however someone got the car in my name apparently. This records of the original summons shows that it was signed my name however the signature does not even match my signature the original file does not have a driver's license with it or any other original application information to prove the validity of this debt. I've tried going through Legal Shield attorneys who tell me there's nothing I can do but file bankruptcy to stop the garnishment of my money even after I filed for identity theft. I need to stop them from taking my money and recover all my money back and need to know what to do.

This company is garnishing my checks for a debt that doesn't belong to me. Apparently someone bought a car in Marion County, Indiana in 2005 in my name and a foreign judgement was sent to me here in Dekalb County, Georgia. I just learned of this debt, thats not even on my credit report when the Marshals delivered a garnshment suit to my training center. I am a 1099 Insurance Agent and they are garnishing my commissions. Legal shield attorneys say because it so old the statutes of limitations can't do anything to stop. Please help.

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