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AutoTeam, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City North Fort Myers
Address 14290 N. Cleveland Ave
Phone 239-997-8326

AutoTeam, Inc. Reviews

  • Feb 9, 2017

In Dec 2016 I purchased a 2000 Lincoln LS from Payton (a Female) cash price was $3,500 only had 86,000 miles on it. Looked like new. Rides like its on a cloud so I asked why it was so cheap, what's wrong with it? They said nothing. I said yeah right. They said it had been sitting on the lot for a long time and they reduced the price. I financed it so purhase price was $5,000. 2 days later it broke down. It over heated and shut itself down. It had plenty of Antifreeze. I called them from the side of the road and they said they would fix it. Told me the mechanic said that the themostadt is probably stuck. Turn the heat all the way up and the fan. I did that for about a week. Roasting every time I drove it.

My husband bought a thermostadt and brought it to them. He waited 2.5 hrs with our 3 grandchildren while they were "repairing the car. Well after the 2.5 hours Rick said they needed the plastic sleeve and that they had to order it. So we brought it back the following Saturday and left it all day. Then Rick said they didnt have the drill they needed. Rick apologized and told me he would have Payton pick up my car from my job on Monday and bring it back. No one showed up. I call and they apologized said the mechanic was out sick. After that Payton who had been contacting me by text message stopped answering my texts and phone calls. I finally got hold of Rick and he aplogized said they were looking for a new mechanic. Waited a few more days. Called again.

Rick told me the owners said they weren't going to fix the car because it didn't come with a warranty. Said he would pay out of his own pocket but to be patient with him. Well here it is Feb 2017 car still not fixed. It also took me 6 weeks to get the tag for my car!! Yesterday the window came fell down and didn't come back up. Cost me $225 to fix it and I still don't even know if it's the thermostadt that is broken or the head gasket, maybe it's the fan!! The smile and are so friendly but don't let it fool you. Also when they gave me my tag it had the wrong sticker on it. I pointed it out and they blamed the DMV doesn't put the sticker on the tag. Never again!! Lesson learned the hard way.

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