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Autos Only, Inc.

Country United States
State Washington
City South Burien
Address 14600 1st Avenue
Phone 888-778-9040

Autos Only, Inc. Reviews

  • May 25, 2016

Sorry for the long story but its the only way to understand the truth!

Sunday 2-28-16 - Purchased GMC Acadia

Went looking for a GMC/Chevrolet Travers or Acadia and found one with the bucket seats at Autos Only in Lynwood, we were told that this was new to them and hadn’t gone through the inspection process yet.

Looked and test drove car on 2-28-16. Looked to be in great shape, during the test drive we noticed that the check engine light was on and there was a grumble coming from the driver’s front. One other item was the radio system didn’t operate correctly. The salesman told me that they would take care of the check engine light and replace the radio and would do a complete inspection due to the fact that this vehicle was new to them and came from their Burien lot. That Sunday the 28th we agreed on the price based on the Kelly Blue Book print out we had been given from the salesman (Sales Manager) and was told we needed to complete the transaction before the end of the month to get that special price. We (wife and I) agreed to purchase the car and came back on Monday to complete the paperwork and give our 1000.00 down payment, knowing we wouldn’t be able to pick the vehicle until later on that week giving them time to fix the problems and perform the inspection and also do a transmission service which was negotiated in the deal.

Thursday 3-3-16

Picked up the car, the check engine light was off but the radio had not been replaced, I was told they had it on order and would call me to bring it back in when the parts arrived. I assumed the transmission service was complete. Was also told that if the check engine light returned that they would replace the other O2 Sensor because it’s hard to diagnose that type of problem.

Friday 3-4-16

Car died completely (no electricity) in the Walmart parking lot in Federal Way – wife calls me, rushed to her from South Seattle to jumpstart the car in the pouring rain. Cleaned the battery connections and jumpstarted the car, waited to the next day to check my work and noticed some sort of a water line in the battery compartment (located behind the passenger’s seat) it looked like it had been filled with water at one time, due to a water line visible. Called the Sales Manager at Autos Only and told him about what happened he denied any knowledge of the vehicle being involved in a flood and told me they would replace the battery if necessary. The Carfax did not reveal anything abnormal.

Thursday 3-10-16

Received a call from the Sale Manager in Lynwood telling me the radio was in and made arrangements to bring the car to the Burien Lot because the car had originally came from there and it was closer to my residence. During the time we had the vehicle at home, I added a can of Freon because the AC was not blowing cold (not something you test when it’s cold and rainy) the check engine light came back, I reset it once with an OBD2 scanner tool just to have it come back on in 30 miles but didn’t think much of it since they warned me about that possibility and knew I had to bring it back so they could install the new (used) radio.

There was a burning oil smell when you parked and walked away from the car and gas odors when you walked past the car, looked underneath the vehicle to witness a fuel leak coming from the middle front just behind the engine.

Monday 3-14-16

Brought the vehicle back to the Autos Only Burien location and told the mechanic what I saw, check engine light, AC Freon, Fuel leak and Battery issue. Also discussed the rumbling noise that I heard during the original test drive.

Tuesday 3-15-16

Received a call from the Autos Only mechanic telling me that they are installing the radio and it had to be sent to the Chevrolet dealership to be reprogramed and while it was there the Chevy Dealership took care of a few recall items. He also informed me that the front struts (shocks) were causing the rumble and offered to replace them (Labor) if I purchased the parts, I just wanted it fixed so I agreed 240.00 worth. They did not address the AC or battery issues, I forgot to say anything, just too many things breaking.

Thursday 3-17-16

Picked up the car, check engine light off, radio working, no fuel leak and struts replaced. Everything ran great. They installed the used radio, struts and fixed the fuel leak supposedly.

Sunday 3-20-16

Dropped the vehicle back off to Autos Only, check engine light back on and this time they replaced the catalytic converter (one of three) in the car. Informed the mechanic that the rear music/climate controls did not work and thought it would be fixed when the radio was replaced but it didn’t. He then told me that the “head” unit was blown and AGAIN if I purchased one then he would install it for free. I said thanks and I’ll think about it.

Friday 3-25-16

Picked up vehicle – home for 5 days then:

Wednesday 3-30-16

Major fuel leak while parked in my driveway, called the Autos Only mechanic and he sent a TOW truck to pick up the vehicle. Upon inspection the mechanic said he needed to replace the tank and had a used fuel tank on order. While Autos only had the car, I elected to take the mechanic up on his offer to replace the rear music/climate controller so I purchased one and dropped it off. Reminded him about the AC didn’t blow cold and the can of Freon I put in.

Friday 4-8-16

Picked up the vehicle, the mechanic told me the music/climate control unit still didn’t work

and would have to be sent to the Chevrolet dealership for diagnosis after he had already told me that the actual head unit was bad (wrong diagnosis that cost me 100.00)

he fuel tank was replaced and didn’t appear to be leaking.

As you can clearly see a pattern forming here, I called the Sales Manager and asked him if I could bring it to the dealership and he agreed and said they would pay for the diagnosis and depending on what it was, they would go from there. I was just getting tired of bring it back in and tired of being inconvenienced and without a car.

Took the car for a short trip Friday 4-8 into Saturday. Noticed a heavy oil smell when we returned home and coolant leaking from the same area the fuel leak had been earlier.

Sunday 4-10-16

Added coolant, got into the vehicle to go to Costco and got 50 feet out of the driveway to hear a dinging noise and a message on the dashboard telling me to shut the engine off, “low or no oil pressure”

Monday 4-11-16

Monday I called the mechanic and told him of the issue and once again he sent a tow truck to get the car. While on or trip we noticed the AC had stopped blowing cold so I purchased another can of Freon and put it in the car, since I did this a few weeks ago I then checked the hoses for leaks and found the high pressure hose was bad and needed replacement, when I informed the mechanic he stated he might not be able to take care of that and proceeded to tell me that the engine problem was with the oil pressure sending unit and that is on order.

Thursday 4-14-16

No communication until (13 Days later)

Wednesday 4-27-16

Finally got a call from Jeff the Mechanic he and said that the rear climate control problem was due to water leaking from the sunroof into the fuse box and that the fuse box needed replacing because of water damage and proceeded to tell me and I quote “that’s why the car didn’t have any door panels on it when it came in” that was news to me and first I’ve heard of any water damage other that what I saw when I jump started the car back on 3-4. Jeff the mechanic told me that Autos Only would not approve the repair and to call Ryan at the Autos Only in Lynwood. I immediately called the Lynwood location and asked to speak with Ryan, the salesman told me he was on the phone and would return my call after he got off the phone (this was about 11am) at approximately 3:30pm I was still waiting on a call back so I called them. Ryan proceeded to tell me that the owner would not allow him to fix the Acadia and I told him that was not acceptable. They sold me a vehicle that they said was in excellent condition 14,000.00. Did not disclose the fact that it had water damage. I would not have purchased the car if I knew that.

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