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Country United States
State California
City Benicia
Address 4401 Park Rd
Phone 707-747-7400

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  • Jan 22, 2016

Autorepairmenow garage 2000 hatillo pr

garage 2000 juan ib hatillo pr is a place to get ripped off. Does not give you evidence of supposingly purchased parts. Call daco at 311 and find out about all the complaints about garage 2000 in toys r us marginal in hatillo pr.

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  • Jan 22, 2016

Garage 2000 Hatillo Nightmare

I took my car to Garage 2000 Juan Hatillo PR for a transmision repair, worst decision of my life. Juan Roman Arvelo convinced me to sign a number of papers to take my care, afterwords gave excuses he could not give me the parts he replaced. The car had problemes and then he kept it for a month. My experience with juan Roman arvelo in the marginal of tous r us hatillo was terrible.

Avoid further car problems avoid JUAN ROMAN ARVELO of GARAGE 2000.

CALL DACO AT 311 and find out for yourself of juans problems with the aurhorities.

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  • Aug 8, 2015

After showing up to pick up the car, I noticed it was already sitting in place idling. I should have taken this more seriously, the engine had looked like it had been clean, however no smoke no rattles just a point a to point b car.

My second warning I should not have bougfht the car was, all the beer Ken Furlong and his "friend" were dreinking.

As I gave payment, Mr. Ken Furlong had left by this time but his friend I had given the money to quickly, beer in hand sped off leaving me with a petty bill of sale, with a fake signature on it, the car was only $700.00 USD, but as I wazs looking things over he was gone.

Ok so I pull around the corner, and billows of white smoke smothered the street blinding all who were behind me. Blown Head Gasket, I will be posting this everywhere as I do not want this sort of person stealing any one elses money.

Ken Furlong, you sir are a thoroughly unscruplous coniving thief. THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET, You WILL see yourself on sites everywhere quite soon.

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