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Autoplex 2000

Country United States
State Louisiana
City Sulphur
Address 2910 East Napoleon St
Phone 337-625-8714

Autoplex 2000 Reviews

  • Aug 22, 2016

I was having doubts about buying a car so the sales man Craig turtle told me I had 7 day grace period that if I change my mind about the car I can bring it back within 7 days we'll 2 or 3 days later I tried to bring it back realized it was a mistake and not only did the finace woman say I don't have a grace period but Craig denied saying he even told me that he lied in my face just to make a sale my bf asked him to just to make sure he said what he said but he lied and they ripped me off-putting my 1100 dollars

  • Apr 5, 2016

I purchased a 2014 Ford Focus on Feb. 29, 2016 and I noticed that it was jumpy and had a quick takeoff. I took the car to Autoplex four times telling them about my issue. The mechanic named Fred say he drove the car and nothing was wrong with it. After doing that two times they sent me to the Ford dealership. I was then told the car has a bad clutch in it and needs to be replaced. They also told me the part has been on back order for two years and it could be months before I receive one. Autoplex 2000 do not want to do anything about selling me a car with a bad clutch. Since I have purchased the car it has caused me an accident that I am responsible for because the car jerked out into the street and hit an oncoming car. I have almost lost my life several times in this unsafe car. I spoke with the Sales Manager Corey and he stated there is nothing they can do about me driving in this car with the clutch out and to contact Ford.

  • Aug 14, 2015

Been bring my suv xl7. for them to fix it but there words where he didn't hear nothing.nothing was wrong with it.brought it back and still not fix sunroof leaks seal on the back door still broke.and told me run it until it brakes.went tell them manager about it he told me to go fuss with me. Now they want me to pay for a truck that don't run.and I am 17miles over my warrent please help me

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