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AutoNation, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Fort Lauderdale
Address 200 SW 1st Ave, Suite 1600
Phone (954)769-2347

AutoNation, Inc. Reviews

  • May 31, 2017

Purchased a used truck from Auto Nation in May 2017. The guy doing my financing asked if I wanted GAP insurance I said NO. He started handing my about 20 papers to sign starting with the interest rate. Taking my focus off of the GAP insurance and tire and wheel insurance. When I got home an hour later I saw the GAP insurance and the tire and wheel insurance that he never even asked about. At the bottom of the GAP insurance is BIG LETTERS stating this contract has no cool off period and cannot be cancled. I called and e mailed the dealer. They said they would look into this and tell the manager. NO WORD BAVCK. I WILL BE TAKING AUTONATION TO COURT.

  • Mar 11, 2017

This company will hire employees promising a certain % on commission pay. They will then initially pay you the rate but subsequently "charge back" to you bogus repairs and other services that lower the gross profit of the car deal. It's a scam flat out. The managers steal money. They encourage employees to fake income for customers in order to get them loans. It's criminal the activities that occur here.

  • Aug 3, 2016

Please be advised I took my 2004 Chrysler Sebring in to be repaired; whether it was for the transmission or whatever reason; I paid AutoNation to repair whatever was wrong with my vehicle: What was causing the overheating; and resolve my problems with the engine light keep coming on. AutoNation said that the only recourse and to fix my vehicle was to pay the $1,400.08 as AutoNation states "Do a Timing Change" and the cost would be $1,400.08. As of today's date Tuesday, August 2, 2016, my engine light is still on. To sum everything up AutoNation did not repair my vehicle, which I paid them to do; and I want my money back. NOTE: Remember they are supposed be the specialist in auto repair; not me; and therefore if I used the wrong or right or justified terminology as repairing my transmission that is not the question here. Ultimately, I took my vehicle to AutoNation because they are a dealership; and I trusted them to get the job done; and do it right the first time.

I expected to get what I paid for. The proof is evident: I had to take my "2004 Chrysler" in for the same reasons several times after January, 2016; which I initially took into AutoNation in the first place. I paid the $1,400.08; I could have gotten better results and/or the same customer satisfaction and not doing the job; which I paid them to do from a MOM and POP's repair shop. I will continue to fight my case against AutoNation; until I get the resolution I deserve, which is my money back so that I can get my vehicle repaired. Now, my vehicle sits in my driveway; and as I mentioned the engine light is on again; I need my vehicle for my transportation; I did not pay AutoNation $1,400.08 for my vehicle to just sit in my driveway because they did not repair my vehicle as they should have. Again, because of the lack of repairing my vehicle as they should have; I have been stressed out and inconvenienced; and cannot drive my vehicle because I do not have the money to pay someone else to repair my vehicle because I have already paid AutoNation. The ONLY solution to my problem is AutoNation give me my money back $1,400.08; so that I can get another repair shop to get the job done and do it right. I do not trust AutoNation at this point; and I would prefer they do not touch my vehicle anymore; this is among many reasons I do not want their services anymore. Again, I will not stop until I get the resolution I'm asking for "My Money BACK."

  • Mar 31, 2016

I purchased a used vehicle from Auto Nation in Orlando, Florida. Within the week that I purchased the vehicle I began having problems with it. It would completely shut off while driving and without warning. I almost got into an accident because of it. After taking it in for repairs, I found out that a factory recall from 2004 for a torque converter was never performed on the vehicle and Auto Nation knew about it but sold it to me in the unsafe condition just the same.

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