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Aura Youth

Country United States
State Alabama

Aura Youth Reviews

  • Jul 4, 2017

I ordered a $4.95 sample of one skin product, Aura Youth cream. I was not informed of any obligation to pay any additional charges ,or any future shipments or charges.

Subsequently, I found various charges under different company names on my credit card bill for the next 3 months, totalling approximately $500.00.

Two additional item that I did not order were mailed to me with no invoice, return address or paperwork.

Also no email was ever sent telling me of any agreement or future shipment.

I am in the process of disputing these charges through my credit card company. I am also returning the unused items that I did not order.

When I called the phone number listed on my credit card bill, listed under a different name, they said they would refund only the last 2 charges.

  • Jun 5, 2017

Aura Youth Ageless Moisturizer was advertised at for a payment of $4.95 shipping only and lead to a 2nd product (the eye cream) for another $4.95 shipping, though they both came in one small box. Upon review of my April Credit crad statement I received five charges from initiating payment forshipping these 2 products.

One was called Perfect Skin Wash for $1.99. I did not receive this product and the company included a phone number of 800-817-3570CA. The customer service rep I spoke to my credit card statement about claimed they did not have this product.

The second charge was from Vita Skin Glo for $4.95. This was either for the skin cream or eye cream (not specified) and had a cust. svc. no. of 800-840-4968CA . Later on the same statement I was charged $97.21 for a product I only knew that I was trying out for just a shipping charge.

The third charge was from Dynamic Skin Solution for $4.95. I don't know if this was for the skin or the eye cream. It had a customer Svc. No. of 800-8689-5179. Later on the same statement I had a charge for $92.30 for thia product, and for which I had only expected the $4.95 shipping charge.

Every one of the phone nos. came on with the exact same recording, including Perfect Skin Wash the product they claimed was not theirs.

When I called cust. sbvc. in the belief the 2nd $90+ charges were for additional auto ship products to tell them I did not receive any more products, I was told that this was for the products I originally received; that at time of purchase I had agreed that if I did not call back within 2 weeks of the March 29th purchases I would be charged the full pricefor the products.

All I have from when I made the original purchases is my hand written note on which I would have written that information if I had been aware of it. Instead I have 2 more phone numbers, 800-986-4157 and 800-836-0752 which got me to the same recordings as the phone numbers on my credit card statement...5 different 800 numbers. I also wrote down a web address of [email protected] When I try to go to this address it just gives me a page of other links and not a website.

There is NO WAY I would have not called to cancel within 14 days if I had been aware of this.

This company, in their many forms is a total ripoff. I paid a total of $201.40 for products I believed would cost me a total of $9.90 at the most.

I will gladly pass on my story if someone goes to the trouble of suing these people.

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