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AUL Corp.

Country United States
State California
City Napa
Address 1250 Main Street, Suite 300
Phone 800.826.3207

AUL Corp. Reviews

  • May 8, 2017

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how a business named AUL Extended Warranty Company, does business by ripping consumers off. I am hoping you can help me, or at least point me in the right direction. I am writing to EVERY major portal I can find and will let them know of my experience with this shady company. In February 8th 2017 I purchased a car from RON MOTORS Paterson , NJ 07503 (our court date with them is MAY 11th, 2017), for my wife who saved Manley and got help by DSS( department of social services ) to buy a car she bought the car for $4500.00. At the time of purchase we also bought an extended warranty with AUL that Spankys talked us into. It supposedly covered 3 months, or 3000 miles.

By February 8th of 2017, my wife car needed a new motor. Ron Motors told us not to panic, that we are covered. After two mechanics looked at the car, AUL was contacted and was told that the motor would need to be replaced. Aul in turn told the mechanic that they are not going to pay for new motors instead of replacing it try fixing it up and send us the claim. After wasting whole 2 months by making excuses that you workshop never contacted us etc etc then we made sure the mechanic sending them the claim because of their lies We got into an urge with our mechanic as well because AUL were kept denying that no one contacted them. On May 2nd , 2017my mechanic called and stated they have the claim because . Out of no where. Ow they are saying there are some papers missing from your dealer that's why we cannot approve your claim. This is so much not true they have all my car information and each and every the regarding warranty contract then they suggested us to get refund from the Dealer because they know the warranty will be expire at May 8th 2017. They are just delaying for no reason. Well I have all the conversations recorded in my phone as a proof that I have with the AUL help desk , My mechanic is willing to testify in court. We have also taken many pictures.

AUL Warranty took our money and when we needed them they lied. This is NOT the way an insurance company is supposed to work, nor is it legal for them to deny a claim when two mechanics (from two different shops) have all looked at this car and stated the same thing.

  • Oct 18, 2016

We were deceptively sold a warranty when we purchased the warranty. Was told we could not get a loan unless we purchased it.

Engine blew, by no fault of ours, get sent to a dealership, they send a new engine out, that one blows. The dealership could not get AUL to send a second engine. (the first engine replacement was from them) told the dealership it was their fault. they actually refused any help.

This is the second time we have attempted to use this "warranty". Basically, they collect your money and do nothing for you. If you are pressured into buying an AUL warrantly, don't do it.

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