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Audrey King

Country United States
State Delaware
City Hockessin
Phone 765-276-6582

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  • Oct 19, 2016

I was contacted by this person audrey king, [email protected] She said she found my information on Her husband is in the computer field and they weere being transferred from the u.K. To delaware. She went into great detail about her husband and her love for him and their 9 month old baby. It struck me as odd that the structure of her sentences and her grammar was odd. Her use of words was strange. She said that they were moving here and were arriving november 21st to take possession of the house that they bought. She sent me a very detailed list of what her husband had purchased and asked if i would set up the house.

I had my suspicions about this but sent her an email anyway. Low and behold it came with the exact same email that i received from lori arnold. Imagine someone who was more trusting than me. They might have gone ahead with this and be stuck and out money. This seems to be a big scam. They send a certified check and ask you to pay the other people with a check of yours. The money you think you have from them is no money and then they get you to use yours to pay the other people. Please be aware. If it sounds too good to be true...It is.

So i will not be speaking or wmailing this person again. They keep changing the phone number that they text from. This last one was indiana. 765-276-6582.

Designers and stagers beware!

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