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Audio Concepts US

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 888-258-4167

Audio Concepts US Reviews

  • Jan 4, 2016

I ordered a audio mixer which cost me $1850 in June of 2015 that was never sent. There was constant communication so throughout the processes it kept me optimistic that and I had me beleaving that they were going to make things right. After about 5 months I was over the ordeal and asked for my money back. Communication then stopped and now my credit card company says it's too late to do anything and I'm out $1850.

I then some reserch and found out that the compank that charged me is EGI Electronics of Deer Park,New York and the name Randy Smith was on the receipt. Now they say they are a corprate company and I've got the 6 different names from accounting that supposed to call me back about my refund which never happened. What do I do? I'm not rich and that's a lot money to recover from.

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