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Audi Financial Services

Country United States
State Oregon
City Hillsboro
Address P.O. Box 3
Phone (888) 237-2834

Audi Financial Services Reviews

  • Nov 16, 2017

I traded in the car to another dealership. The dealership paid off the car and we both walked in and turned in the leased Audi to the Audi dealer in January of 2017. I kept paying my lease till it closed on my credit. So they sent me a reimbursement check in January of all the excess car payments i made. I ran my credit this month for a mortgage and saw they put a 30, 60, 90 day late on my credit for the months of May, June and July 2017. They just closed my loan in August 2017 and when i call to discuss with the VW Finance they have no explanation or reasoning. So I have to wait to go through a credit dispute in order to fix my credit hopefully that works out. Otherwise I’ll have to pay someone to fix this problem. Be aware of their lease turn ins and make sure every month after your account is closed to verify it is in fact closed and they are not putting fraudulent charges and lates onto the account.

  • Jun 10, 2017

I'm leasing a Audi A4 for 36 months. I paid for a portion of the entire lease amount up front in November 2015 when I leased the car.

In April 2017, I contacted Audi Financial and asked them for a letter stating the remaining balance of the lease payments. They sent a letter on April 18 listing the amount at about $3400. I made payments totalling $2400 after April 18 and common sense would dictate that the remaing amount should be about $1000.

When I called to follow up in May 2017 (one month later), a rep told me that I owed $1300 instead of $1000 but couldn't explain why that was the case. I've tried following up multiple times and the reps initially were just as confused as I am and then hang up the phone because they couldn't provide an answer.

I've spoken to two different representatives in the last month and nobody has provided an answer as to why the balance increased. I don't understand how my balance can increase instead of decreasing when I am making payments.

When I signed the lease, I was told that I would be paying $290/month for 36 months. There is nothing in the lease agreement that states that the amount will increase at any point during the lease. Nobody at Audi Financial has accepted responsibility or attempted to rectify this solution.

Be extremely cautious when dealing with Audi.

  • Feb 8, 2017

After having my car totaled I called Audit Financial Services on 01/13/2017 about my payment and the payoff on the car. I ask the Customer Service Rep. if I need to make my car payment and he said “NO” your insurance have contacted us and you do not need to make January payment and we have given your insurance the payoff balance”.

2 weeks later I received an email that I own $1000.00 for my deductible plus a car payment. My insurance waved the deductible. Called AFS customer service Rep. about the balance, she informed me that my insurance has a $1000 deductible and that it was not waved and to get in contacted with the insurance company after going back-and-forth and her quoting the training manual to me.

I asked for a copy of the insurance statement and she could not bring it up in the system. I asked about “My so called late car payment” and again quoting from a training manual of what was in the notes from the conversation when I called about making the payment which was NOT what was said. I called my insurance for a statement of the payoff and waved deductible.

Call back to AFS and the person said that they are going to waved the deductible (like they are doing me a favor) and said that he will look up the recording to see what was said in the conversation about the car payment. 3 or 4 days later no call back about the recorded conversation so I call and now they say the recording is not a document it’s for quality prepossess. Audit Financial Services are CROOKS

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