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Atrius Health

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Newton
Address 275 Grove Street
Phone 781-292-7700

Atrius Health Reviews

  • Sep 14, 2022

Atrius Health, Somerville has 1450 square feet of lawn and mulch beds with shrubs. That's the floor space of a three bedroom apartment. It has over two dozen rat burrows. Despite more than six months of complaints to the city, Atrius has done absolutely nothing.

They have bait stations which have not been replaced in that long. They have not trapped, applied poison in burrows , dry ice, or used any other method to eliminate the rats The number of burrows has tripled in the last month. There are more than a dozen rodents present at night.

People walking dogs in the nearby park have to deal with their pets chasing them. There is a daycare center which is a tenant. The main door the children use for supervised play in the nearby park has rats present, coming and going from multiple burrows, less than 15 feet away. This place is the worst epicenter of brown rat infestation in the city.

About 80% of the burrows are at Atrius Health and the rest are on the theatre lawn. However the theatre uses traps and dry ice and has employees present about twice a week dealing with it. The park adjacent to both businesses is about half an acre, or 15 times larger than Atrius lawn areas but has at most two burrows.

At Atrius Health I lost count at 25. There isn't the slightest activity from Atrius Health management. This has been an ongoing nightmare for more than five years, but there is presently an obvious population explosion with entire families of rats running about at night. They've begun to be present during the day. I will update this and ad photos if R. O. R. will allow photos.

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