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Atlantis Global Logistics, LLC.

Country United States
State New York
City Rock Hill
Phone 845-807-1118

Atlantis Global Logistics, LLC. Reviews

  • Feb 25, 2018

I purchased a Semi from the New Jersey Arrow truck Sales division for $63,150.00. I put 13,000.00 down and financed the rest. I felt confident making a purchase from a national company. I recall during my years of driving OTR and Arrow truck sales were advertized everywhere. At first I thought that it was a little odd when they asked me fill out a form of everything I noticed and requested to have repaired and looked over, but I thought this was in addition to the complete / thorough check they do. Come to find out when the truck started breaking down constantly, that they pretty much passed it on to me just the way they got it.

Just to name a few of the issues, paying several thousand dollars in tow bills and repairs, the fuel tanks needed to be flushed out because papertowels were found in the fuel tank. Unfortunatley that wasn't the only fuel issue because there were also screws found in fuel lines to prevent one of the tanks from being used. The truck would break down on average, once every two weeks. At some point the turbos needed replacement and the warranty didnt cover them. That was 4000.00 alone in addition to the break downs. I was also having problems with the company I was leased on with because of this. I've made several attemps to receive some sort of help with the manager of Arrow truck sales in NJ. The warranty that I paid for never seemed to cover anything and Arrow was not willing to help.

This happened all within the first few months of owning the truck and I felt like I was just completely disregarded. The managers name was Dan. After explaining to him everything that was going on he asked me to send him repair invoices so he can see for himself. I purchased this truck on 4/19/14 and by 9/15/2014 I sent him 20 repair invoices from legitament dealerships from all over the country for his review. He had promissed to help or compensate in some way but he stopped returning my calls and never reached out since then to even ask how everything was going. A true cold hearted cut throat. I would advise anyone persuing a semi purchase from Arrow to stay away from them. Even if your thinking about purchasing from another Arrow in another state, the fact that Arrow corporate still has this Dan Manager working for them, means that these are the types of people they hire to be their managers and the customer service they fell is acceptable.

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