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Athletes USA, LLC.

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State Alabama
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  • Jan 19, 2019

I recently signed up my son to Athletes USA. We spoke to Ross Pringle who promised to find our son a golf scholarship. They said Ernie Els was a partner in the business and promised to help us with turning professional. They were very friendly initially and guaranteed us a sport scholarship. All sounded good and looked great.

However!!! After signing up it then became chaotic. Weeks went by and nothing happened. When I confronted Athletes USA Ross would become unreachable and kept coming up with excuses why coaches where not interested in my son. I then was told to email [email protected] and dealt with Herbert Biste and David Rueda who kept sending me to each other. It was one lie after another. I then did some research and found out Ernie was no longer with Athletes USA and joined another agency.

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  • Sep 4, 2019

Athletes USA LLC- response


We are very sorry to hear you had a bad experience. 


Please direct us to your son’s profile so we can review and help out! Please also allow us the question why you are located in the USA but you signed up for our program in EUR (as you have stated on a different review site)?

You can check our golf athletes (available and committed) in our database here:


Also, you can find all athletes here and filter them by “committed” and “available”:


You can also find stories about our athletes on our instagram channel here:


However, we want to clarify a few things.

It is correct that Ernie Els was a partner of Athletes USA LLC but the partnership was ended mutually. It has no effect on our programs.


Our Scout Team (which includes Ross, Herbert, David, and many more) has done tremendous work for our athletes in the past years.

You can find our international team here:

If you have dealt with anyone else please make sure to confirm that the Scout has an affiliation and is certified by Athletes USA LLC. With our long history of successful placed athletes other individuals try to take advantage of that. Please do not sign up if you have a bad feeling or anyone is not listed BEFORE you have all your questions answered.


Also, we can not guarantee that coaches will be interested in an athlete’s profile. We try our very best to make sure every athlete who is admitted to our roster will get the best possible exposure. The rules are the same for every athlete, otherwise it would not be fair. It may take a few days, weeks, or sometimes up to 9 months before a profile gets concrete interest by a college coach. This is MOST LIKELY based on the information provided by each athlete (includes video, test scores, pictures, interview, etc) as we do not provide the scholarships.


We take feedback from our athletes very seriously, and we understand that the hoped for coaches may not be interested.

You can find our latest and unfiltered reviews here:


Thank you and again, we are sorry that you had a bad experience.

Team Athletes USA LLC

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