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Asurion Insurance Services, Inc.

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Nashville
Address 648 Grassmere Park Ste 300
Phone (615) 837-3000

Asurion Insurance Services, Inc. Reviews

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  • May 23, 2018



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  • Jan 8, 2020

Asurion sucks

I had an Lg big screen. The offered me some crappy hisense sanyao. Umm i hav a major brand tv amd u wanna offer me some shit off brand.

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  • Aug 28, 2017

Asurion needs to be reported to the insurance commission. They're a rip off company and they're cheating customers.

I sent my laptop in for repairs and it took them 4 times to "fix" the unit AFTER I SPECIFICALLY TOLD THEM EXACTLY WHAT REPAIRS NEEDED TO BE DONE and they charged me for the deductible twice, 2 payments of $85. My macbook still doesn't work. I couldn't work/edit for 2 months and I lost wages. I wanted a refund for only 1 of the payments and they refused.

I WILL NEVER EVER RECOMMEND THEM unless someone asks me which tech insurance company should die on the vine, I ABSOLUTELY HATE THEM TO THE CORE. I hope karma circles back around to them sooner than later for litterally scamming customers for monthly payments and deductibles promising that they can, and will, solve technical issues with mobile devices and laptops, as long as it's covered. They did a crappy job and they take customers hard earned money. Save your money!

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  • Jan 8, 2020

Same here

My laptop never got fixed so it was a waste of money. Pos now never use it really. Asurion is a waste

  • Jul 31, 2022

This driver drove through a STOP sign intentionally while beeping his/her horn, and I had to literally come to a halt - turn my steering wheel to the left to avoid him/her hitting me. This is a very Dangerous person. If this company, asurion/ubreakifix, keeps allowing drivers like this person on the road, one of these days they may just strike a person and end up fatal.

Neighbors, people of this state/country, let's not put up with people like them, allowing them to have the privilege to drive our streets in a reckless manner. If I see or encounter this person once again in the streets, I will personally take these companies, asurion/ubreakifix, to court for not obeying the law.

  • May 6, 2022

Bought an Asurion 2-yr warranty for a new laptop in Dec 2019. About 22 months later, I registered a claim on their website for a small hardware problem. Automated response was: ‘We’re mailing you a box with ... a prepaid shipping label. Look for it in the next 5 business days.’ It showed my correct address. No box, no communication = scam.

  • Apr 30, 2022

Bought an Asurion 2-yr warranty for a new laptop in Dec 2019. About 22 months later, I registered a claim on their website for a small hardware problem. Automated response was: ‘We’re mailing you a box with ... a prepaid shipping label. Look for it in the next 5 business days.’ It showed my correct address. No box, no communication = scam.

  • May 16, 2021

Terrible company waste of money the Verizon home protect is a waste of money they charge you a monthly fee and per claim fee. Also deny claims worst business I have ever seen. Terrible customer service. All this company does is take money and deny claim should have never started canceling because they denied claim didn’t do anything even though they charge 25 dollars a month. Don’t waste time skip this company

  • Dec 28, 2020

Headquarters 648 Grassmere Park Ste 300, Nashville, TN 37211-3667 BBB File Opened: 11/17/1998 Years in Business: 29 Business Started: 5/2/1991 Business Incorporated: 5/2/1991 in TN, USA Accredited Since: 3/27/2008 Licensing Information: This business is in an industry that may require professional licensing, bonding or registration. BBB encourages you to check with the appropriate agency to be certain any requirements are currently being met. Type of Entity: Corporation Alternate Business Name Asurion Technology Protection WJS Asurion Insurance Services, Inc. Asurion Protection Services, LLC Asurion Florida Warranty Services, Inc. Asurion Warranty Services Asurion Mobile Applications Asurion Warranty Protection Services Related Businesses N.E.W. Customer Service Companies, LLC Business Management Ms. Jennifer Davie, Director Contact Information Other Contacts Ms. Bettie Columbo, Senior Director Mr. Kevin Taweel, Chairperson Ms. Cindy Christy, President Ms. Anneatrica Hicks, Compliance Manager Mr. Brandon Bryant, Customer Relations Specialist Additional Contact Information Fax Numbers (615) 445-3348 Primary Fax Phone Numbers (866) 760-9079 Other Phone (877) 760-9079 Other Phone

ASURION refused to honor EXTENDED WARRANTY, paid for at time of purchase for NEW LG 55 INCH TELEVISION...Claiming warranty was running concurrently with manufacturer warranty for first year, I was told at Walmart (And every extended warranty I have purchased has been) the EXTENDED warranty starts AFTER manufacturer warranty expires... Manufacturer warranty is 1 year, EXTENDED warranty is for 3 years, which puts expiration on Jan 13th 2021, so still valid...

  • Sep 20, 2020

He kept making excuses for why I was told that the 200.00 deductible was token out of a 438:00 $ refund check they sent me to buy a new iPad with, and they ended up still making me pay the deductible after I was clearly told it was token out of check, I just wanted them to send me a replacement iPad for the one that was broken, that is what they are suppose to do instead they sent me a check for 438.00 witch for a iPad is almost insane to buy one for that amount I looked everywhere, I ended up buying a iPad and it’s 900$ so not even close to what they gave me,

also still charged me a 200.00 deductible, so after all said and done I really got 238$ to replace a iPad Air with that cost me 850$ in the first place,, I am just so done with that company not only do they shift u around on phone hoping you will hang up but customer service guy was brutal in his attempt to explain everything away, as if I can’t add. I asked him if I could send back the 438$ to the company so they can take the deductible off my phone bill and he refused to let me do that , he said it has been 3 weeks it’s to late, but 3 weeks went by because every time I called they put me on hold for a hour or sent me over to att and att sent me over to them, it literally took me 3 weeks for anyone to get on phone with me after about 45 min of waiting,

I believe they do that on purpose, I made every attempt to make this rite, and he wasn’t concerned about anything I said to him, he wouldn’t even give me the number and address to anyone from that company that I could talk to before it came to this, he told m to call the head quarters, so I got online and tried to call them and 3 times after a recording the phone just turned off, so i decided I needed to make a complaint until someone wants to actually solve this problem, cause just ignoring me isn’t a good business model, I added up over the last 10 years I paid them over 8,500 in insurance fees and the one time I need them to step up and do what they say there gonna do, they totally ripped me off, they completely took advantage of me being a good customer and decided I wasn’t worth it, I got so fooled by that company I have and will not ever do business with any of there products again, I got Apple care I should have just dealt with Apple in first place,

if anyone thinks they will help after you pay them you mite want to read these reviews I see a pattern. They charged me for a deductible that I was told they already took out of check they sent me, then went and charged me a 200 deductible so basically gave me 238.00 to replace a iPad Air 2 with

  • May 4, 2020

I purchased an iPad Pro from Verizon and added the Total Mobile Protection policy in case the device was ever damaged. The very first sentence of the information clearly and emphatically states that it would provide unlimited cracked screen repair for $29 each occurrence. I am very careful with my mobile devices and they all immediately go into protective cases straight out of the box.

The other day the iPad Pro was sitting on my desk and was accidentally knocked to the floor. Despite being in a case, the screen still cracked. I called Verizon who then transferred me to Asurion to file a claim. I was then informed that, despite all of their advertising saying that I would be getting unlimited cracked screen repair for $29, I would need to pay $199 and have the iPad completely replaced because they do not cover the iPad Pro.

The company seems to intentionally conduct itself in this extremely dishonest manner, advertising and selling an insurance product for a device that they know they will not cover, in an effort to bait people with the advertised $29 price and then switching it for a more expensive service when a claim is filed.

They cowardly hide behind their fine-print terms of service to engage in dishonorable and deceptive practices.

  • Jan 4, 2020

I purchased a printer protection from Asurion on 10.12.19.

The printer failed on 01.02.20 & I have filed the claim with Asurion four times. They refuse to respond.

  • Jul 22, 2019

Asurion/Walmart Care Plan had A&M TV Repair Sevice pick my tv up to be fixed, after my tv was returned I immeditly checked it, I dicovered that my componets didn't no longer work and that debris was sticking out the top.

It was sent out a second time to AVR TV Repair but denied fixing, because of a damage DISCONTINUED panel, that I complined about from A&M, Now they are in fruad covering up mode.

  • Jun 26, 2019

I was directed to asurion when my phone screen cracked. I set up an online appointment and at the appointment time I received an email stating I have been rescheduled to 5 days later with no explanation. From this point on it was a disaster. Multiple phone calls (and getting hung up on) and reschedules later, it turns out they don't know when they will ever have the "part" and I can get a replacement for $200.

When I said I didn't want a refurbished phone I was told it may or may not be refurbished. When I said I shouldn't have to pay $200 for a phone since that is not my choice I was told I could wait (for forever, I guess) until the part is available or pay for a new phone. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was promptly hung up on when they "transferred" me. This was the 3rd time I was hung up on. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE company!

  • May 4, 2019

I have tried 5 times now to contact both Walmart and Asurion to get their trashy product repaired or replaced. They at first were processing my claim untill they got the pictures of the rips that started to happen. They said that the damage is our fault and they will not honor the claim.

How are they able to just make s**t up just to get out of honoring their contract, this is complete fraud and a waste of money to even invest in a warranty if this is the kind of sh*t they can get away with.

If you value your hard earned money, i'd strongly suggest you steer clear of any warranty or any product from Walmart that you want to last. Can't even stand by it their own warranties and lie to rip you off. Trash company/business.

If you are interested in starting a class action law suit or will work with me to nail these piece of sh*ts. Feel free to message me.

As you can see in the floor liner rip, there is no way this is man made. Because if i cut it, It wouldn't be jagged like it is. Knifes cut a clean straight line.

  • Jan 6, 2019

Brought my cat to Jaffe Animal Hosiptal at 7100 Fairway Drive in Palm Beach Gardens. After spending over $500 to have my cat diagnosed, they could not figure out what was wrong after having numerous tests done and saying he is fine.

My cat literally leaks from his backside and to this day i am cleaning sheets and i have called them to have this correctled and then call a script in for over $350 when they dont even know whats wrong with him.

Avoid this place if you can they dont care about your animal,they do care about ripping you off!!!

  • Dec 16, 2018

Well, Where do I start?! I contacted this company back on 12/7 after filing a claim for an apple 6plus iphone. Was sent one the next day, BUT the screen was not working and malfunctioning so i could not even get into the phone. I called them, they apologized and sent a replacement which i received two days after that. Again same problem. I could not believe it. This one was even worse and included a flickering screen and no touch working so again, could not use this refurbished phone. I immediately called, the rep I talked with promised to send me a NEW Iphone the next day. I never received. I call yet again and at this point 4 hours and 22 minutes in, explained the entire situation again to 4 different people and after finally talking to what I was told the highest up Jane, she was telling me she could not help me.

I asked for HER supervisor and after waiting about 15 minutes, talked to Precious, badge number 1160129 who told me the exact same thing as I was told 2 days before and she personally would send me a NEW phone this time. and express at no cost. I asked her how she could guarantee this as I was already told this 2 days ago and no phone. She said I will followup with you on Monday (TODAY) to ensure you received and if I had any questions. I then told her that is EXACTLY what the other lady told me 2 phones ago.

I asked for tracking which she would not provide. Guess what still no phone. It's now 10 days later and they have my original damaged phone and I have their malfunctioning refurbished phone and am out $149. I will be filing with the attorney general and disputing every penny paid to Asurion for the past 24 months. I urge you to switch insurance companies IF you have your current insurance with Asurion

  • Sep 30, 2018

I purchased a new expensive light from WalMart and added the Product Care Plan thinking I was purchasing an extended warranty for it. I was told that the warranty covers the product beyond the manufacturer warranty so I buy the 2 year warranty thinking this covers and in fact was told this covers over and above the Manufacturers warranty for 2 extra years.

When the light died at 2 years, and with a One Year Manufactures warranty I thought I was covered and my light was still under the extra 2 years that I purchased from WalMart/Asurion. Called Asurion and they said the coverage begins the day I bought it. I informed them that the first year was a manufacturer warranty and I bought a two year warranty on top of that.

The Price is even different between a one year and two year Care Plan, why would I buy a one year plan if the Manufacturer had a one year warranty, and that was an option at checkout when I bought it. Assurion said they were sorry but it begins on the day I bought it and 2 years has passed so they couldn't repair or replace it. BUYER BEWARE, WALMART EXTENDED PROTECTION PLANS ARE NOT A DEAL, I will never buy another one, they're in the business to make excuses and money according to what I have read on Rip Off Report. They got me once, they won't again.

  • Jul 24, 2018

Failure to repair phone and offer acceptable resolution. Made appointment online to have phone screen repaired. The company called 10 minutes prior to appt time to advise the part was not in. I called and was advised that I will need to take it to an authorized repair location and they DID have the part. At the time I arrived at the repair location, the part was not in. I called Asurian to discuss options and was hung up on. I called back, was transferred to Jenette and she advised my options were to call back every day to see if the screen was in or pay additional money for another phone. I asked the ETA on the screen and she advised "indefinitely". She was rude, condescending and offered no customer service at any level of the conversation.

  • Jun 28, 2018

I purchased a samsung j7 sky pro smart phone from my local walmart and bought a 2 year product replacement plan also.i broke the screen and it wouldn't turn I filed a claim to get my replacement.wich I only had for 4 months.the only phones they would offer me were 40.00 to 60.00 dollars cheaper.and refurbished.then I was told they didn't have any of the phones I was offered ,in stock.would not replace the same phone model I purchased.and on top of that trying to give me a way cheaper phone,that they dont even have in stock.i mean isn't insurance replacement supposed to be just that?I feel lied to and ripped off.its just not right.!

  • May 20, 2018

For the past five years, my big screen televisions were covered under Walmart Product Care Plan and within the first year of having my 45’ it went out, they attempted to service it, and within days of having it, decided that it couldn’t be repaired and sent me a Walmart eGift Card, totaling my purchase price. I purchased another television with the gift card and the same thing happens within again. They solved the problem by taking the same actions as before. I was happy with the solution and that’s why I repeated the process for a 3rd time. However, this is the point where the rip off starts. This last television, went to the same repair shop 2 times. And went out within a week, both times. I was inconvenienced by the repair by not having a television the whole time. The first repair took about a week, the second one was 2-3 days. After the second repair, and numerous phone calls to Asurion, for approximately a week, they finally sent me an email, stating the have replacement options. The ripoff comes into play because the replacement isnt covered inder the plan. Whereas, had they sent me another egift card, I would have been able to purchase another television for the same price as my last one and been able to purchase the care plan that way. Also, the order was places by a "Nestor LeBron” and would take 2-3 days to be avatfor pick up. I was also told by a representative for Asurion, from an email titled FLC service solutions, that they weren’t able to send a gift card and that don’t choose replacements by price. The proce of the replacement television is listed as, appropriately 579.99, my previous television was 699, plus I was able to purchase the coverage again. This replacement process is something new and a way to commit fraud and get people out of money, and to stop the cycle of replacing faulty electronics, in an effort to increase revenue to keep up with Amazon and their strong hold on e-commerce.

  • May 10, 2018

We purchased a new TV at Walmart in 2015. Of course the cashier wants to sell the extra warranty and tells us this covers the product beyond the manufacturer warranty. We buy the 3 year warranty thinking this covers over and above the warranty for 3 extra years. When the TV quits 3 years and 2 months later we were under the impression the first year was the manufacturer warranty and then we have 3 more years that we purchased. Called Asurion and they said the coverage begins the day we bought it. We said yes ok but that first year is the company's warranty and we bought 3 years beyond that. They said sorry but it begins on the day we bought it and 3 years has passed. We said but we can't buy a 3 year warrant later and had to buy it when we bought the TV so the first year was covered by the company and we have 3 more years afterward. No they said it starts the first day and goes only 3 years. We told them so this is only a 2 year warranty then--why does it say 3 years as this runs at the same time as the company's warranty? They will not fix the TV under their "3 Year Warranty". We have bought insurance at Harbor Freight and it goes beyond the manufacturer warranty by the stated amount and they do cover their warranty as stated. Asurion will not. So beware this is not an "EXTENDED" warranty for the time period after the regular warranty expires.

  • Apr 28, 2018

Today 4/26/2018 I found that a 4/22/2018 charge of $199.00 mysteriously appeared on my credit card purporting to be from Asurionwireless Insur for "Insurance". I had never heard of this company before. I have contacted my credit card company which will credit the charge to my account.

A Google search found a similar story and 26 more complaints at:

Your Desired Resolution:

Judging from other complaints, Asurion, or whoever is making these fraudulent charges and purporting to be Asurion, should be barred from any further charges to any credit card. Criminal fraud charges also seem appropriate.

  • Jan 31, 2018

Bought assurcion warranty who cant seem to find anyone to fix it all they do is jack me around

  • Jan 2, 2018

I have a walmart care plan on my samsung galaxy tab a and i have yet to receive my giftcard via email. I submitted a claim for my samsung galaxy tab a and was initially informed that i could choose a replacement. When i went online to get a replacement the tablets offered were 1/3 to 1/2 the price i paid for my tablet. I then chose to receive a refund. I called on december 26th and they stated i would get a giftcard. The item was received by the warehouse. I called again as i had not received my giftcard and had to speak with a manager on december 29th. They said a check was going to be cut but the supervisor changed it back to the giftcard. I was told i would receive the giftcard via email within 24-48 hrs. I called again on december 31st and they said i had to wait up to 72 hours. I called today January 1st) and they advised me that they sent the giftcard via email on the 29th. I checked my spam, deleted folder, and inbox and did not receive it. Now January 1, 2018) i have to wait up to another 24 hours to receive my giftcard of $149.00. That's if i get the gift card.

  • Dec 14, 2017

Hey they is a rip off to get u buy insurance I got 2 princess carriage car. And they messed up and they keep giving me the run around they have no good customers satisfaction skills what so ever they lie all the time. I been calling them sense like the beginning of this year about it and I haven’t got nothing fix yet at all. I JUST WANT MY MONEY BACK OR 2 MORE CARS FROM THEM.

  • Dec 2, 2017

Today I was charge $149.00 on my credit card from Asurionwireless Insurance. I notified the bank immediately (this evening) when the charge was discovered. The bank immediately cancelled the credit card.

In Googling Asurion Wireless Insurance, I found that there have been MULTIPLE fraud charges against this company, and many, many instances of unauthorized charges. I believe MetroPC needs to get to the bottom of this scam! I hope you will take this complaint very seriously. I discovered customers from other wireless providers such as Verizon have also experianced the fraudalent charge.

I would like to know HOW they got my credit card number???

I called Asurion Wireless Insurance right away and just got the run around. They seem to have many differenc contact numbers. Some nobody answers.

Below is sthe number that did work.

866-862-3397 - calling this number seguro telephono appears on my screen.

888-881-2622 - calling this number bouncer appears on my screen.

  • Sep 9, 2017

Sent Android tablet to Asurion, totally $149.99, was to sent a tablet in return for the same worth, but found out it would be only worth $43.32-$49.99. Next book Aries 8 tablet, way less more than mine as well as less quality. Talk to many Customers Service Represenatives & Management. First lie they never received my tablet, second lie mines on it way but no record of being sent. Third lies never a manager to talk to but all of a sudden when your on their behinds you get a floor manager after waiting 15 minutes, forth lie never a corporate manager you can talk to, but after getting on to the floor manager case about the issues your having & tell them you will be looking for an attorney then all of a sudden your transphered to a corporate manager. Next I'm promised my money back and some one will call me in 3 days, no call back now another manager says I'll call back in 3 hours no call back.

Newest manager states all gone home for the day it will be Monday. Sent tablet on 8/21/2017 arrived there at store on 8/22/2017 as of today 9/9/2017 no tablet no refund although refund in gift card will be in 24 hours after merchandise is received. I did research & this company as done so much wrong to consumers. I have been dealing with these fold on a daily base and I am totally upset & I want more than my refund. Every affiliations store that use this company should stop using this company. I as a consumer have been inconvenience. I do have the majority of Name & dates whom I've spoke with & I want a resolution like as of yesterday.

  • Jul 24, 2017

I had a similar experience with an unauthorized charge. I went online to make a credit card payment and saw a charge for $199 by Asurion Wireless Insurance that I did not make. I called my credit card company and reported the fraud. My card is cancelled and I will be issued a new one.

  • May 2, 2017

On Jan 20 aprox i dropped my laptop off to have it shipped to Asurion as it wasnt working anymore. Under the walmart care plan. I called jan 31 to see how the laptop was coming along i was told that ups never shipped my package by the tracking number .long story short package is lost or damaged tracking numbers non existent and no reimbursement from either company. Im still looking for my daughter s laptop which was a brand new gift oct 2016. Today is march 29 2017.

  • Mar 21, 2017

My wife use to teach computers at middle school. A severe auto accident caused her to be disabled and unable to teach.

Bought an extended warranty on a HP laptop. Countless hours on the phone with Asurion. Having them take over control of her laptop many time to no avail. Sending the computer in 4 times. Each time they say they fixed the computer and it still never worked. More time on the phone with tech support more time sending the computer in. So far 4 times and the HP laptop has NEVER WORKED. We will be sending it in a 5th time in today.

My wife is very sick with chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, bleeding ulcers, adhesions, Afib, and neurological problems. She has had 3 operations caused by the accident. One a fusion in the neck, lower back and a heart oblation for Afib. We've been to more doctors, specialists than I can remember.

Why can't companies do what is right? Of course this is a rehtorical quesion. It all comes down to money. Customer be damed.

  • Mar 9, 2017

I had a cell phone that was not in sync with the internet and the battery life was dead. AT&T said that I would have to get a replacement phone through Asurion because the LG G-G3 was not made any more, but I was not informed that I would later be charged when it was due to faulty equipment. On February 11, 2017, I received a new phone, LG V20, from Asurion and it gave me some difficulty, but I was able to work with it. And less than 2 weeks later on February 22, 2017, I had a seizure at the bus stop where my phone was stolen. Then I had additional seizures at SIUE's Disability Support Services where I woke up surrounded by the Rescue, police and ambulance service to escort me to Alton Memorial Hospital. After I left the hospital and got my mind together, I called AT&T and Asurion to report my phone was stolen and see if I can get another. I was told by Asurion that I had to file an affidavit and send a picture ID and when the affidavit was approved I would get a new phone immediately and the last phone fee of $112.50 would be expunged. Then after the approval and the phone was shipped out I was informed of a non-refundable fee of $225. This should have been asked prior to sending. And when I got the present bill from AT&T, the first few was still on the bill. When I called AT&T and Asurion they both have no sympathy for the disabled or emergency situations, Asurion stated in regards to this matter, "It's only business!". So who would want to deal with a corporation that deals with them. I really need a cell phone for my safety, health and security, but I would never get another if Asurion is the insurance industry

  • Nov 24, 2016

I purchased three new Iphone 7 phones from Sprint on the 3rd of November. I stopped on my way home and my bag with all three phones in it were stolen. I called sprint right away and tried to have the devices tracked via Apple ICloud with no luck. I went thru the claim process, filed a police report, have spent hours upon hours on the phone and as of today November 23rd) I still do not have replacement phones.

I called right away to Sprint to tell them what happened, so I assume all devices were turned off.

I have been denied approval of my claims do to "too much risk". I'm not sure what that means but I was told that one phone had "no use" and that is why it was denied!! I just purchased the phone for my son, didn't even make it home to give it to him!! How was it to be used?? But wait, it gets better. Another phone was denied because IT HAD USE after I filed the claim. So, if you dont use the phone its denied, if you use the phone its denied.... I called and told them the phones were stolen and they said there is no way they can be used now, they are worthless, and yet somehow there was a call to some Arab Nation on the phone that was turned off.? In which I was told in so many words that I was a liar and I am involved in this fraudulent activity.

Its been three weeks. Three weeks of different people at this company telling me that they will handle this and we will call you back within 24 hours. I have spoken to their top level people, the Advanced Adjusters and I was told two different times that they will handle it. Still no phones.

I have told Sprint and they tell me that there is nothing they can do!! Nothing they can do!!

I spent around $600 to get these three phones and they tell me I have to pay $200 PER PHONE on the deductables. That coms to $1200 for these phones. The funny part is after I calmed down about the deductable and decided to pay it, I CANT, because they decided that there is "Too much risk"

I have never been so frusterated in my life, I'm exhausted. But I will not let this go, I will get satisfaction.

I will go out of my way to make sure that everyone I come in contact will not do business with Sprint. They might not feel the few people that I can get to choose another carrier, but I will feel a little better. I hate to be this way, especially with Sprint, as they were very nice and seemed sincere. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure if they gave me three phones it wouldn't hurt their bottom line much.

  • Nov 22, 2016

Sprint offers a Protection Plan for your phone. It's called Asurion. I paid the premiums and the deductable to replace my sons phone. Sprint says next day delivery. Asurance is an automated system and it stated 3 to 5 business days. No phone has shipped yet after 7 days waiting. Finally talked to a live person from Asurion. They say 7 to 10 days. It's on back-order. Very frustrating. Asurion not worth the trouble or money. Do not get this insurance. Save the premiums, Save the $200 deductable. If your phone breaks, get it repaired or just by another one.

  • Nov 1, 2016

I purchased a phone from Walmart and the extended warranty for phone protection.

I had an issue with the phone and filed a claim and they sent me to the Asurion;s website because they are the one handling the replacement phone. This has been going on for a month from at lest the 7th of October and still not cleared up. I have been on the online chat with them several times and they refuse to answer me at all now and I have been on for over an hour on live chat. I asked them to email the transcript and they refused. Anyway the replacement phone they sent me was damaged and they will not acknowledge it. So i got fed up and went to activate this phone and it is not even Straighttalk compatable. I have wasted countless hours trying to get a replacement phone. I have spent 45 dollars on the service plan for the phone and was not able to use it and also 7 dollars for sim cards to find out this phone is not comapatable with straighttalk and the original phone I had did not need a sim card. They have acknowledged that it is UPS fault but it was not damaged by UPS it was in the box straight from their factory this way. I have spoken to people on thier Online chat and have spent countless hours on this situation and this is redicilious. I have tried several times to get ahold of them and now they refuse to even answer the chat line. Several times they have shut down their online chat line within the hours of posted operation. This has been a costly and aggravating adventure and just would like some clarification.

  • Jun 23, 2016

Do NOT purchase the Product Care Plans at Walmart stores which Asurion supposedly provides insurance for. The Walmart sales rep who sold us the plan, told us the plan covers all accidental damages including dropping and cracked screen on our plasma TV. We purchased the plan. A year later, the screen cracked. We attempted to file a cliam for the cracked plasma TV,

and guess what the Asurion now says? That TVs are not covered in the Product Care Plan. I still have the pamphlet that as an orange check mark beside the feature "Drops, spills, and cracked screens (on portable electronics)....." NO WHERE on there does it say "portable electronics ONLY." Asurion states they only cover mechanical and electronical failures and surge protections on TVs.

  • Jun 10, 2016

Asurion handles the warranties for Amazon watches and put me through TWO years of ****. The Bulova watch fogs in air conditioning. I kept sending it in for service and it came back unrepaired three frigging times. Supervisor "Peter" said he didn't know why service center kept returning watch unfixed, but it passed their pressure tests. To get it to fog all they needed to do was put it in the office fridge or stand in front of an air conditioner! Asurion interns should take over testing.They promised a refund after three returns, then said no, you have to do it a fourth time. Months ago they claimed refund was confirmed and days away from account, then it did not show. Months of calls and still no refund. I believe Asurion has a corporate strategy of wearing people out.

  • May 5, 2016

Purchased a cello from Musician Friend in July 2015, ordered a hard case to protect it since it was going to a high school. Case did not get here until Jan 2016. In December the bridge on the cello broke due to being bumped. I had purcahsed the 3 year extended warranty from Musician's Friend. They told me to contact Asurion. Shipped cello to their repair shop on Jan 29, got signed tracking confirmation from UPS. I called twice to check on cello and they had not done the repairs, asked for manager to call me back, they said it would be 24 hours, two weeks later a person called back on April 15 stating the cello would be repaired on April 16 and shipped priority to me and I would have it no later than the end of next week, which would have been April 22. Today is May 4th and they don't have a clue where cello is or if it is even repaired, said someone would call me back in 2-3 days. I told her not acceptable asked for manager. Manager said all she could do is send this to the resolution department and they would call me back in 2-3 days. This company is a freaking joke!!! Do Not Purchase an Extended Warranty from them. My daughter has had to borrow a school cello this entire semester and is fixing to leave for Orchestra camp with no cello. Wondering if I will ever get my cello back and if I do what kind of condition is it going to be in?!?!?!?!?!

  • Apr 5, 2016

I contacted Asurion to get a replacement for my cell phone due to overheating and battery not holding a charge on the phone. I contacted Asurion to get a replacement for a defect Samsung note 4 that is under 1 year warranty, the phone itself keeps burning up an draining the battery and I found out that Verizon states they (Asurion) gave me a downgraded device and now I can't utilize this phone for my Edgeup program. Verizon said I have to go through Asurion. I got Laura with Asurion the 4th person I had to talk with today about the replacement, she states that when I contacted Brittany on Friday April 1st that the manager at the corporate office that approved the replacement phone processed it wrong and they canceled my replacement and now I must buy a phone retail and then mail them a receipt to get a refund for the phone. That they are not honoring the warranty of the phone. This is illegal. I asked for another manager I got Shawanka and she is sticking with the same story. Said that this is a new policy and they require this now or they won't give you your money back, so you basically can't get another phone at unless you want to pay the $699 out of pocket and then pray they pay you back which most likely is a scam and they won't honor it.

  • Jan 6, 2016

Mobile device, Apple I phone 6, glass shattered. We have AT$T along with their insurance. We contacted their mobile insurance provider, Asurian. Kept us waiting 45 minutes and told us to go on line, print out there form, scan it back to them. Told them i have no printer, no scanner, no fax, and I'm 80 and not a techie. They said sorry but there is nothing they could do. Asked for supervised and they put me on hold again and never came back. Had to go to an AT&T store for a form. Go to a bank to scan it back, a day later. Asurian sent e mail that they received it but there was a document number they needed and would send it. It never came. Called next day, waited over an hour. They apologized and said they have everything and new phone would arrive next day. It is now day later and still no phone. Why would AT&T hire this company as irs agent. Prepared to file complaint with regulatory agency as well as small claims court.

  • Dec 18, 2015

I recently discovered a charge on my credit card transactions by visiting my account online, which fortunately I do frequently. It was for $199 and charged to "Asurion Wireless Insurance." As I had no idea what this company even was, I immediately reported it to the card issuer, noting that I had not made this charge and had no idea how they had gotten my card number, as the card was not lost or stolen.

I also closed that card number and had the company reissue my card.

Apparently this company is associated in some way with Verizon. I do not have service with Verizon. If this association is true, and I were Verizon, I would sever it immediately. I've been told that fraudulent charges often are for $199, as this seems to fly under the radar, at least at first.

If many people are being scammed in this way, there is likely grounds for a class action lawsuit.

  • Oct 17, 2015

Lili 1268958 is the rude and awful representative at Asurion Insurance Services, Inc., the company who provides cell phone insurance for Verizon. She is extremely rude and disrespectful. So, I've taken the trouble to list all the contact information for this company and the officers of the company. I noticed they don't place this information on their website. So, I am listing it all here for all of you to see who the perpetrators are behind the company. And if you work for Asurion, thank Lili #1268958 for giving me the motivation to post this message online in the middle of the night.

  • Oct 6, 2015

I purchased a bedroom product from a major American retailer. During the purchase it was strongly recommended that I purchase a 2 year extended warranty covered by Asurion. When the product failed after the manufacturers warranty period was over, Asurion flatly refused to cover any part of the product, even stating that the warranty did not apply to the product I purchased (when I registered the new product with Asurion they were delighted to take my primium payment).

The fact that I had proof of warranty specifying coverage made no difference whatever. Asurion offered one excuse after another and refused to cooperate in any way. Take note that the retailer I purchased from has stopped using Asurion and they are in litigation over Asurion's failure to perform in accordance with contract specifications. Asurion is a scam of unbelievable proportions.

  • Aug 20, 2015

This has been a horrible experience. I am with Verizon wireless I have been for many many years. I unfortuniatley broke my Iphone6 plus in a freak accident. Good thing I had insurance. Yeah not so good. I called verizon to get my phone replaced and they forwarded my call to Asurion to file a claim, pay my $199 deductable and wait for my phone to be sent over night seeing as though I need my phone for work I waited patiently. Not really.

So 8/19/15 finally came and I tracked the phone all day they finallyu attempeted delivery and I missed it because I work M-F 8-5 like most people and I didnt mind missing the phone becasue I was sure I could pick it up from UPS when I get off of work.

I UPS and I was told that the package had a restriction on it. I could not pick it up until the second failed delivery. Which is insane but they assured me I could call Asurion and request that I be able to pick it up today 8/19/2015.

I called Asurion and I was lied to and hung up on by 3 different individuals. The fisrt one was a guy and sound and acted like a female. He laughed in the reciever put me on hold 3 times while I was still speaking and then hung up on me. I wish I would have gotten his name.

I called again and spoke to Crystal who lied and said this was not their problem they didnt put any restrictions on the package it was actually UPS who is holding my package hostage right after she "called" UPS and spoke to someone.

I called UPS and they assured me that was not true. Infact the nice guy at UPS stayed on the line while I called Asurion again so he could hear it his self and we could work something out so that I could pick up my phone. Well we called! Josani picked up at Asurion and asked my phone number and we had a brief nice conversation and the day and then she proceed to ask my name and number so she could look up my claim and all of a sudden she mysteriously could not hear me at all qand hung up the phone all while the UPS guy was on the line listening.

So I asked to be transfered to a manager at UPS so see if they cold over ride it and they couldnt they asked me to call Asurion and while he was on the line with me and I did and we once again got the run around and the lady lied and said she was could UPS for me and tell them to lift the restriction so I could pick it up than I informed her I have UPS on the line and the guy spoke than all of a sudden the Asurion lady (which was actually a MANAGER) her story changed and there was nothing she could do.


Im really afraid to see what kind of shape my phone is in when I finally am able to pick it up.

Asurion is horriblly untrained uneduated bunch of rude people. I hope they are put out of busniess real soon.

  • Jul 31, 2015

My family has several IPhones with Verizon and insured thru Asurion which costs $10 per month per phone. My son was out one evening and lost or had his phone stolen. I filed a claim with Asurion (lost stolen phones are covered), They said the phone would be overnighted to my son and charged me the deductible of $169 (wow!!) Bottom line is the phone was never received.

When I contacted Asurion-- and was on the phone with them for almost 2 hours being routed thru every blasted customer service agent and different dept levels only to be told in the end: "There is a problem with your claim"

Well Gee, what kind of problem? When I asked for further clarification... did I file something wrong?, was the address incorrect?, did the credit card not go thru?? I was told there was "Suspicious Activity" and the claim would not be honored. When I asked what the "Suspicious Activity" was they said it was confidential. Period. No more info can be provided. It Is CONFIDENTIAL

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