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Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.

Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Arcadia
Address 1 Ashley Way
Phone (608) 323-3377

Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. Reviews

  • Jul 29, 2022

We purchased a sofa in Jan 2020, 3 months later the frame broke in 2 spots. Due to COVID it took them months to come to "repair" it. They also tried to force me to use the warranty that was pushed on us to buy! (We were told it would cover EVERYTHING, We felt pressured and we were assured it would replace or refund any of the sofa if we were not happy with any thing in the 5 years.)

I then had to argue with Ashley's and said it is within the first year so I will not go thru the ins policy. They argued and I finally got them to send someone! It was prob 4-5 months AFTER we called about the frame. So right off the bat we had a sofa we couldn't use for at least 6 months!

The tech came and "repaired" it. However he also left us a bag of the fabric used on the sofa saying we would prob need it (I still have the bag) well within another year the frame broke again and the entire sofa is falling apart at the seams (every part of sofa) and the Ottoman is so broken that there is a hard piece of wood on it (hard to explain but there is no support just wood) it's actually dangerous.

We filed the claims and Montage (which took forever as they kept asking for the same pics and kept saying they would get back to us and never would) we actually called weekly and asked for managers who promised they would call back and never did! Finally they said it's wear and tear and they will not cover any of it!

They only offered a replacement for the ottoman (saying they have no idea when they could get it to us) or less than half of what we paid because I stated it was dangerous! The rest they said is wear and tear and we need to fight with the manufacturer.

First off we were sold that policy stating it covers everything and no way is a two year old couch that already broke 2 times and now is falling apart at the seams everywhere "wear and tear" and in researching the insurance company and Ashley, we now know that is all they do to everyone!

I then went to Ashley's direct and complained and was given a case number. They then sent me right back to the insurance company saying they would help me! They didn't, I knew they wouldn't. All that happens is it goes back and forth and no one helps. Now I have a sofa I can't use it's so broken and I had to purchase a new one from a different store

  • Jul 10, 2022

I’m a Disabled Female in San Diego, CA. On March 8, 2022 I entered into an Agreement with Todd Wanek’s Stoneledge Furniture dba Ashley Homestore at 7770 Miramar Road, San Diego, CA. Todd Wanek is using Fraudulent Business Practices to Operate a Bait and Switch Scam.

It’s now July 2022 (4 months). I secured payment before Ashley’s end of the contract was upheld through their Synchrony Financing Option. I trusted that I would be given New, Good Quality Furniture and that Ashley would honor the Manufacturer’s and Extended Warranties. Instead, I received a Defective Mattress and Incorrect Pillows twice.

When the mattress was delivered defective, I immediately went into Todd Wanek’s Ashley Homestore, explaining the situation. Instead of honoring my Consumer Rights to a Full Refund, I was told I would have to keep the product until such time I was offered a replacement. I have made many requests to cancel my order. I have sent emails and they Ignore my contact.

I visited the store and hand delivered a Formal Cancellation Letter and video recorded giving them the letter and also verbally stating my cancellation on the Video Recording. Ashley Homestore continues to Ignore my requests.

Now, Ashley Homestore keeps calling to get me to schedule a delivery, even though I have provided multiple written and even verbal notices to cancel due to their Breach of Contract. Stoneledge Furniture/Todd Wanek dba as Ashley Homestore is using Fraudulent Business Practices, failing Local, State and Federal Laws in an Attempt to Victimize Me.

I am entitled to a Full Refund under the guidelines of The California Unfair Practices Act +Section 17000 of the California Business & Professions Code and The Magnusom-Moss Warranty Federal Lemon Law. The California Unfair Practices Act Prohibits any unlawful, unfair or fraudulent business act or practice and unfair, deceptive, untrue Practices.

A merchant who violates the Unfair Practices Act can be assessed Civil Penalties per violation, as well as an additional penalty if the victim is a Senior Citizen or Disabled. As per this law, I have let the Todd Wanek’s Stoneledge Furniture dba Ashley Homestore in San Diego failed our Agreement and refused to correct the issue. Due to their Bait and Switch Scam, they Breached of Contract.

I’ve demanded my Consumer Right to a Full Refund, but I was told I will never get a refund and I must accept a Redelivery. I am being bullied to accept a Re-delivery. They even showed up to my home, unannounced to my home to Badger and Bully Me to accept a replacement and reminded me that they refuse to refund my order.

I have repeatedly told Ashley I want a Full Refund, due to their Bait and Switch Scam and Breach of Contract. I have made multiple contacts with Ashley Homestore and they continue to ignore my Consumer Right for a Full Refund, due to their Breach of Contract. The Contract is Null and Void. based on Breach of Contract and Fraud/Deceit.

All you need to do is research the BBB, Google, YELP, Consumer Affairs, Attorney General, FTC, DOJ, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and all Governing State and Federal Agencies. There are also many social media sites like Trustpilot, HissyKitty and more, to investigate all complaints just relating to Todd Wanek’s CA Retail Location. He has many more Shell Companies which you can investigate.

  • May 16, 2022

Ordered and paid 30,000.00 for 3 bedroom sets which were promised within the month, after waiting forever while sleeping on the floor 2 beds were delivered the 3rd I canceled because I have had enough of their excuses, problem now is that they still have not issued any credit but keep dinking around trying to see if I remember what they delivered even though the delivery guys take photos every time they come.

Never in my 70 years have I been run around in this fashion by a large chain company as usually they are very good at keeping their word and don't try beating you out of your hard earned money when they were the ones who couldn't get their orders correct, what is the big deal about giving the customer the money they never used back???

Any reputable company would give your money back promptly with an apology for the horrible service they provided and the inconvenience sleeping on the floor for many months on end but nope, they will take their time and try anything in an attempt to try and salvage every penny they don't deserve.

A real bad lesson to learn let me tell you, it should be pleasant buying something new for yourself instead of creating a nightmare for having had the misfortune of walking through their doors. BUYER BEWARE of ASHLEY FURNITURE..

  • Apr 27, 2022

I only want to bring awareness to the public, specially those who purchased in the following markets from an Ashley Furniture Home-Store, regions include CA, NV, AZ, UT, OR and WA. I 've worked for Ashley Home-Store Franchises outside of CA, as well as Ashley Home-Store Corporate in CA.

If you have been in an Ashley Home-Store, and purchased furniture in one of the above markets. And if you were told one of the below, then you need to know that you were decieved in one form or another.

As an employee who worked in both manegerial and Sales levels, I know the ins and outs of the company, I know the purpose and motivation of the MANIPULATION OF NUMBERS CONDUCTED COMPANY WIDE. MANIPULATION OF NUMBERS TO ONLY BENEFIT SALES ASSOCIATES, MANAGERS, AND EXECUTIVES AT THE COST OF THE CONSUMER.

1- "If you buy today, I'll give you the 5-year furniture protection for free"

2- "you are getting a free 5-year furniture protection"

3- "I want to take care of you and gift you the 5-year furniture protection"

4- "I understand your protection is XX. I'll just do the 5-year protection for just an extra x"

5- "I'll give you the protection plan at no additional cost"

6- "I am going to give you free delivery if you purchase right now"

7- "we will refund your delivery fee for the inconvenience"

8- "I'll give you a free mattress protector"

*If you were told that your furniture protection will be free, gifted. getting it at no cost, please check your invoice!

*If you were told that your furniture protection will be x Instead of XX please check your invoice!

*If your were told that your delivery fee will be free please check your invoice!

*If you had a delivery issue or delayed product, and you were told that your delivery fee will be refunded, check your invoice or ask for a detailed purchase history and compare to the original invoice.

*if your furniture protection plan on your invoice is discounted from $1499 or $1999 manually, please double check your invoice!

*If you were told that your Mattress Protector will be free check your invoice!

*Were you provided any 5 year protection plan {terms and condition} or was it just the pamphlet?

*Did you see the price of 5 year furniture protection displayed anywhere?


*Were you advised that your tangible product {furniture product} is being devaluated?

The DEVALUATION OF PRODUCT happened and happens everytime one of the above scenarios take place. Sales people, Managers, and Executives are measured and compensated based on METRICS. amongst the metrics are 5 year furniture protection Percentages. As well as Delivery Income percentages. The strenght of managements is manifested upon satifying the metrics and unfortunately, these metrics have been MANIPULATED.


Take this as a scenario {example}: Mrs Jones is buying a sofa for $999. Salesperson pitches the 5 year protection plan for $149. delivery for $99 plus sales tax. Mrs. Jones declines the 5 year protection for whatever reason. She agrees to the $149 delivery plus tax. sofa $999 + delivery $99 + tax 10% $99 = $1197. Manager comes in to (over-ride) the sale and re-pitches the 5 year protection to Mrs Jones and she declines again.

Manager says that he wants to make sure she is covered and offers it for free. FREE MEANS FREE WHICH TRANSLATES $0. HOWEVER, on the invoice it will show Sofa $855 + Protection $149 + Delivery $99 + Tax $94 = $1197. LOOK LIKE THE SAME TOTAL TO ME!! But Mrs. Jones product DEVALUATED INSTANTLY BEFORE WALKING OUT OF THE SHOWROOM $149. Which means THE COMPANY SAVED A POTENTIAL $149 AGAINST ANY FUTURE CREDITS SIMPLY BECAUSE CREDITS ARE MEASURED BASED ON THE ITEM RENDERED AMOUNT.

In some cased and because the protection costs are never displayed. a manager or a Salesperson can tell the customer that the cost of protection is XX while it is supposed to be x. Which results in a double and triple DIP OF THE WALLET OF THE CONSUMER.

This is a systematic way of conducting business. I have in my posession an email sent from an executive to his managers outlining those who need to generate more delivery income, explicitly giving them directions to take the money of the merchandise rather than discounting the delivery fee.

  • Apr 9, 2022

My name is Roslyn Alterescu. I’m a Senior Citizen over 70+. My daughter, Felicia and I, ordered on May 3, 2019. Our Order Number is 130168040. You delivered about Sept 2019. We purchased a lot of Bedroom Furniture and all the Extended Warranties.

I’m going to keep this short and simple, since all parties are fully aware of the issues that have led us to seek advice of our State and Federal Government and filing Consumer/Antitrust Complaints against Ashley Homestore and Risk Assurance Partners.

October 2021 my furniture was falling apart, but the biggest problem was the Loveseat. The Arm on the Loveseat was Broken and almost falling off and the USB Port wasn’t working properly. Here is the scam. First Risk Assurance Partners says file with Ashley Homestore and Ashley Homestore says file with Risk Assurance Partners. I filed with Risk Assurance Partners, LLC dba Platinum Warranty. I’m going to make this short…

-Douglas Wright sends Tech 1 out. Tech 1 says Arm on Loveseat is broken and needs to be replaced. I waited and then call Risk Assurance Partners, was told that “Tech fixed.” No he didn’t.

-Douglas Wright sends Tech 2 out. Tech 2 says Arm on Loveseat is Broken and needs to be replaced. I waited and then I call Risk Assurance Partners, again told that, Tech fixed. No he didn’t.

-Douglas Wright sends Tech 3 out. Tech 3 says Arm on Loveseat is Broken and needs to be replaced. I waited and then I call Risk Assurance Partners, again told that, Tech fixed. No he didn’t.

-Douglas Wright sends Tech 4 out. Tech 4 says Arm on Loveseat is Broken and needs to be replaced. I waited and then I call Risk Assurance Partners, again told that, Tech fixed. No he didn’t. Really, each time the Tech tells me that he will ask that it gets replaced but when I wait and call Risk Assurance Partners, they tell me that the Tech fixed it. I was like, no he didn’t!

-I was able to get Douglas Wright to send out a 5th Tech. This time I Video Recorded the entire Tech visit. I video recorded the conversation and how the tech stated that this is definitely damaged and needs replacement, etc. When I call Risk Assurance Partners again. Guess what they tell me, The Tech said it was repaired. I was like really??? You are Lying and Scamming Me. They were using Fraudulent Business Practices to Victimize Me and Breach our Contract. Breach the warranties that I purchased when I bought the furniture.

Risk Assurance Partners LLC asked for a copy of the Video Recording, so I provided it. All of a sudden, I was offered a Replacement. Only after, I Video Record to Catch them scamming Me. I’m a Senior Citizen, over 70 years old. This isn’t just a crime, it a Special Victims Crime Against the Elderly.

It’s sad that I had to use my legal right to video record Risk Assurance Partners LLC. I had to catch them scamming me. I will provide the Video to each of your Respective Agency, for your review. Now, Eugene Chrinian Factory Direct dba Ashley Homestore and Douglas Wright Risk Assurance Pratners LLC dba Platinum Warranty, partner up and agreed to replace the Loveseat.

Now the next scam!!! Ashley Homestore Sold Me This Scam!!! They knew this Extended Warranty is a Scam. You can join the Attorney General Offices of Connecticut and Missouri who are now investigating Ashley Homestore/Ashley Furniture for Fraud of this exact issue with selling Warranties that are scams, which they never planned to honor.

Not only are those complaints filed with the States of Connecticut and Missouri, but you can seek out the Better Business Bureau, Google, YELP, Reddit, TrustPilot, ComplaintsBoard, FTC, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, DOJ, District Attorney, Consumer Affairs, and so many other Agencies and Social Media Reporting Pages.

After these two scammers got caught, they offered up a replacement Loveseat. Now they are trying to scam me again!!! Now they refuse to deliver my Replacement! They are Badgering Me and Continue to try and Scam Me. They refuse to Deliver my Replacement unless I Pay Hundreds of Dollars. They are Abusing me and Scamming me. I already paid for the Extended Warranty that was to cover anything that happened.

When Eugene Chrinian Factory Direct dba Ashley Homestore sold me the Warranty, they told me it will cover everything, if something happens to my furniture. There was nothing, in our Sales Contract, that states I have to pay anything extra. They also threaten that they will not pick up their damaged item.

If they refuse to pickup their damaged furniture or any furniture, I per the laws of the Federal Trade Commission has the legal right to ship it back to Ashley Homestore and they will need to reimburse that expense back to me. Ashley Homestore and Risk Assurance Partners, can verify that information with the FTC.

I am now asking the State of New York and Florida, along with our Federal Government to do a Full Investigation of both Ashley Homestore and Risk Assurance Partners LLC for Fraud, Antitrust, Actively scamming Senior Citizens over 70. Bring in your Forensic Accountants and investigate all Business Dealings, Files and All Complaints. Subpoena all complaints from each Social Media Site, Contact all consumers, join the States of Connecticut and Missouri and join their fraud investigations.

Due to Ashley Homestore’s Breach of Contract, selling Warranties that are operated as a scam to Victimize the Elderly, Using Fraudulent Business Practices, Bait and Switch Scams, and Antitrust Violations, I am demanding a Full Refund! Every penny.

Ashley Homestore and Risk Assurance will contact me via Email Only!!! I will not accept a phone calls. If they call, we will not recognize any Verbal Communication. The only acceptable communication is Email.

Cancel my Full Order for a Full Refund. Since this is a Breach of Contract, Fraudulent Business Practices and a Crime against the Elderly, you cannot charge me any fees. You will pick up your furniture within 20 days. Failure to pickup your furniture in that 20 day timeframe, I have to the right to ship it back to you and per the FTC you must reimburse me.

You will contact me via email, acknowledge the cancellation of a Full Refund and provide me at least 3 dates/days for you to pick up your furniture (from both delivery schedules).

Once you pickup your furniture, you will issue a Check Payable for a Full Refund inline with State and Federal guidelines, and ensure that my Full Refund is sent to the Address of Record, to be received within 10 days of your pickup.

You will email me a Tracking # for the check that you mail within 24 hours of processing the Full Refund, so I can follow it’s delivery.

I will also video record the entire pickup visit, to ensure the safety from your scams. This is to protect me, and show proof that you did pick up your furniture. This way you can’t lie or try to scam me and say, “We never picked up any furniture.” I will video record the truck, license plate, and DOT # along with each item being removed from each delivery location and your drivers placing it to your truck.

Ashley Homestore and Risk Assurance Partners LLC, you will only Contact Us by Email, Only! We do not recognize any Verbal Communication, Texting or Chats. Email only. This way everything is documented and thus keeping you honest and protecting my Consumer Rights.

Roslyn & Felicia Alterescu

[email protected]

Order #: 130168040

  • Mar 26, 2022

I spent over $1,800 on a mattress, box spring, and frame on 12/20/21 and got subpar merchandise that broke after only 3 days! In person, their technicians would tell me it was a manufacturer’s defect but customer service would tell me otherwise and say nothing could be done (no repairs/replacements). Their salespeople are pushy and dishonest. I was told I couldn’t just purchase one item (mattress), that all three HAD to be purchased as a package or it’d void the warranty...why then was the broken furniture not covered under the warranty after only 3 days of delivery??? For months, I called and all I got was "we’ll call you.” Luckily, I found Facebook group "AF Home Store Complaints Issues Advocacy And Resources LLC" and got help. Ashley is actually communicating with me now and a resolution is currently in the works. *fingers crossed* Maybe I should have been thankful I got all this at a bargain...almost half off per the salesperson...what a great deal for crappy furniture!!!

  • Jan 24, 2022

An uneducated mattress salesman sold me the wrong firmness of mattress. I have major back issues and I’m only 142 lbs. I was sold a mattress for someone with a starting weight of 180. I knew the first night of sleeping, it was the wrong one.

Went back to the salesman and he said the Tempur Pedic has a policy that you have to sleep on it for 30 days before exchange or returns. Once I waited the 30 days went back to the store and the manager informed me they don't do exchanges or returns. I've reached out to Tempur Pedic also and I didn't get any help with resolving this matter. Hopefully I can get some rebuy reaching out to you.

  • Nov 23, 2021

On 11/23/21, I had a sectional delivered from the Ashley Furniture store located at 10349 Fairway Dr Roseville, CA 95678. I requested multiple times that the pieces just be set side by side and not connected as the recliners don't work smoothly when the pieces are connected. They connected them anyway, so I asked them to unconnect them and reiterated that the recliners don't work properly when connected.

Instead of just doing what I asked, one of the men started reclining one of the recliners - I don't know if he didn't believe me or wanted to prove me wrong or what. When the chair started moving, I heard my cat meow from beneath the chair. I told the delivery man to stop because my cat was under the chair. Instead of stopping, he reversed the action and started putting the recliner down causing my cat to start yowling loudly. I yelled at him to stop because he was hurting my cat, and I raised the recliner to find my cat with his tail caught in the reclining mechanism. The cat was wildly trying to get away, and I was trying to release his tail, and both delivery men stood by laughing uproarously.

My cat pulled free, amputating about 2 inches of his tail. At that point, the delivery guy went back to trying to recline the chair. Of course, it didn't work at all at that point because there was a big chunk of my cat's tail stuck in it. So the delivery guy just shrugged, told me to call the store, and then left.

My cat had to have surgery to repair the damage because his nerves were exposed. I have over $1000 in vet bills so far. I called Ashley to report the incident and the customer care representative who called me back told me that this is the second time this has happened in the last 6 months and that Ashley is not liable because they contract out for delivery, but refused to tell me what delivery company it was. He also refused to provide information for or to connect me with anyone else in the company who might be able to provide recourse or resolution.

  • Sep 7, 2021




  • Jul 20, 2021

We made a purchase at this location, 10135 Indianapolis Blvd, Highland, IN 46322, on 09/09/19 in the amount of $1,572.52. We purchased a couch, love seat, and extended warranty. I was offered a warranty service for accidents that will protect my investments from all kinds of issues, including frame breakage. The frame broke. We paid for the warranty service GBS (now rebranded as ProtectALL), which DSG sold us at the time of purchase. We were insured that we would be covered for this problem of frame breakage and if they couldn't fix it or would be replaced.

We filed a claim, with GBS. Instead of GBS sending someone out to examine the damage, my claim was fraudulently denied. The reasoning was, I didn't have coverage for frame damage. I was in shock and upset, because I know what I was sold. I went to the store management and have had a number of conversations with them. After many conversations, I was told the warranty I was sold was not valid and could not be helped. I no longer want to do any sort of business with Ashley or DSG. I would like them to come pick up their crappy furniture and FULL REFUND of $1,572.52. I have supporting documentation that we are in the right.

  • May 20, 2021

As a survivor emerging from an abusive marriage, I went to Ashley Furniture just over 5 years ago to buy reasonalbly priced furniture. The table (floor model) I looked at had several scratches and the sales person urged me to buy the extended warranty as this would be honored no matter what.

My son entered the military and I have to keep his cat. I go to exercise the warranty and SURPRISE!! They don't honor it for even mild pet damage. I told them the above circumstances and then smooth talker Larry, stated a new policy that they don't honor your warranty if it expired more than 90 days after the 5 year mark. But he said if I come in and buy something else, he would see what he could do as far as a discount or store credit. Then, I went to the store and dealt with Kyree who said my warranty had not actually expired because it went into effect in May - not the prior December. Very relieved, I ordered a table that was the cost of the warranty and he placed the order. When no call for pick up came, I was told that my warranty was denied and they had actually given me a discount on the table I ordered and owed $236. Hmm - there was no price posted on the table on the floor and the same person I was with at the time of purchase was told the warranty credit covered it all!

Look at all the complaints on the web and I just saw they are not even BBB accredited. VERY BAD ORGANIZATION and store. Don't get sucked in especially if you are a single mom by these vampires.

  • Mar 14, 2021

It's very clear why they choose to be dishonest by not letting us know the dates before we ordered. We certainly would have taken our business somewhere else. This store is own by others in northern Kentucky. Apparently they like to back order as much as they can. You want to make customer happy? Let them know before they buy. But if you want to ruin good customers for life, just keep doing business as usual.

  • Jan 13, 2021

I sold my house my deceased husband built after living there for 65 years. This was a very emotional process.

On Sept.6, 2020 my daughter helped me shop for new furniture for my new apartment. I placed an order with Ashley Furniture in Lancaster,PA for a sofa and 2 kitchen bar stools and paid in full $1346.20 including delivery on my VISA card.

I was promised delivery by Nov.6, 2020 when I planned to move into my new apartment. My daughter called on Nov.6th, and was told delivery was delayed until Jan.19th for the stools; Feb.6, 2021 for the sofa, and they would keep updated every two weeks via email on status. No updates ever received and called numerous times to get updates.

Called on Jan.13, 2021 for update and told delivery date now March 20, 2021. Called the store today, Jan.14, 2021 and told I need to come into the store in person to cancel and process the refund. Given my age (88), health issues, and COVID situation I’m unwilling to do this. So I submitted a request for refund though the Ashley Furniture Customer Facebook Group and informed my Credit card company to dispute this charge.

  • Feb 13, 2020

Warning...don't ever go to Ashley Homestores in Columbia, MD. I spent over $3,000.00 in their store and my boyfriend spent around $5,000.00 as well all in the same day. I ordered a bedroom set. 8 weeks later my furniture came. One of the pieces was a dresser with a mirror. When they finished assembling everything, they realized that there were no brackets for the mirror.

The delivery people said they would have to order them from the distributor. Mind you, this was October 3, 2019. Here it is February 14, 2020 and I still have any brackets and a mirror that is warped because it hasn't been hung. I called and called, I kept getting the run around from the manager and I have tried to talk to the store manager, twice, and he will not return my calls.

I told the manager that I want a new mirror when they bring the brackets; if they ever get here. This store is the worst on the plant. Save your money and go to Value City Furniture. I will be reporting them to corporate and the Better Business Bureau. Horrible store and staff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jan 23, 2020

We have made (2) purchases with multiple items from Ashley and have had multiple issues with both back orders and damage to the items being delivered.

I’ve detailed the issues below:

Issue #1 – Ordered a table and 8 chairs and a sectional sofa. Paid and scheduled for Delivery. Upon delivery only the chairs and 4 out of 5 sections of the sofa were delivered. No table or the 5th piece of the sofa. Based on the missing items we could not use the furniture until the replacements came over a week later. We were told by the delivery drivers that the 2 missing pieces were on back order and would have to be delivered at a later date. No call prior to the delivery to notify us of the missing items or the back order.

Issue #2 – Upon inspection of the sectional couch, a back support on one of the pieces was damaged (cloth torn and wood under the cloth broken). We contacted Ashley to set up a replacement. No follow up to say when the replacement would arrive until we called the store ourselves. It was 3 weeks before the replacements arrived.

Issue #3 – The chairs received for the table were not even to the floor. They wobbled when anyone sat on them. We called Ashley again to have a repair person come out and fix the chairs

Issue #4 – We also ordered a bedroom set. (1) Chest, (1) Dresser, (2) nightstands and were told that the bed would be available the 2nd week of February. We were told that we could not purchase the bed until it came back into inventory. Initially we decided to leave the store since the bed would take over a month to receive.

The store sales person assured us that the bed frame would be available in February and offered to lend us a metal bed frame to hold out mattress until the other frame became available. We have since found out that the bed frame will not be available until 3/27, Not February as promised.

We made the purchase of the matching pieces based on understanding that the bed would be available in February. Had we not been assured of this we would not have placed the order for the matching dresser’s, etc.

Issue #5 – Upon delivery of the Dresser, chest and nightstands, the dresser was not delivered due to being on back order. Again no call ahead to notify us. The chest arrived broken at the foot and was refused. So for this delivery the nightstands were the only items delivered.

Issue #6 – Upon delivery of the dresser (which was now available) a 2nd chest was delivered – again damaged. This time the damage was much worse. The foot was broken in addition to a large scratch down the front as well as the dressers main frame being broken.

We are still pending our chest delivery and have not at this point been able to order our bed due to the lack of follow up from Ashley. We have spent hours of time on the phone with the sales person (angel), the store managers (Alicia, Aaron and Sally) as well as the corporate office. The follow through from Ashley does not exist.

I’ve asked for callbacks and they do not call back after promising that they will call back with updates or to follow up. We’ve had to callback on almost every issue. When trying to contact the store the phone lines either go unanswered or when someone does pick up, the call is disconnected.

I spoke to a female at what I was told is the corporate office and asked her to have her manager contact me back. She stated that she would and I never received a call. I put a review on yelp and a response was received from Ashley with a promise to contact me to discuss. That was 5 days ago and no call.

We’ve called back to the store and asked to speak to the manager who has refused to get on the phone himself. Instead has asks his manager to relay messages to us. At this point we are requesting to return the Dresser, Nightstands and Chest as we will not be purchasing the bed from Ashley based on our experience. We’ve made this requested through the store via manager Alicia and she refused to accept the items stating that they do not do that.

We are in a position in which we purchased these items in good faith based on the promise of receiving the matching bed in February. We were willing to wait until March but based on the lack of follow through from their leadership team, we have lost all confidence I their ability to deliver going forward.

We’ve also asked Ashley (corporate and the store directly) to compensate us for our time in having to be home and take off work for repeated deliveries and due to back orders and repairs. They offered a 100.00 refund which is an insult given that we spent thousands with them thus far. We have no choice this point but to file this complaint with the BBB.

  • Sep 23, 2019

Let's just say, I have been a Ashley Furniture customer for 10 years. If I could give Ashley Furniture 0 stars I would, after our recent experience. I would not recommend them to anyone. I have held off on writing this to see if things would be done as we were told. But it hasn't. In May we bought $11,000.00 worth of furniture and scheduled it to be delivered at the end of July.

On delivery day over half of our stuff was damaged, the wrong color, or the wrong item. Stuff was sent back and my husband asked them twice with a witness that was at our home if he needed to sign anything. The delivery man said no there's nothing for him to sign. We got a call the next day stating the stuff we rejected would be delivered the next week but some of the pieces to include part of a bed, a coffee table, and our kids' bed would be a few more weeks.

We were livid. So we decided to just cancel the order and return some of the items we kept, and go purchase furniture at a place that could deliver the right stuff next day without it being damaged. Ashley told us it was fine and we could get a refund and they would schedule for the furniture to be picked up, and cancel the items we rejected.

It has just been a mess. There is so much lying and details to our experience that would make anyone sick. They claimed my husband did sign on the first delivery it even though his in store signature looked nothing like the forged signature the delivery driver did.

When my husband called them out about the delivery man forging his signature; they said they were gonna do an investigation. They did and the results were that they asked the delivery mans helpers and they said my husband signed it. No one called our witness or even compared the signatures.

Finally it was determined after multiple daily calls, after 1.5 months we would get a refund and they would take 10% for restocking fee. At this point we did not care. Well here we are 2 months after our original delivery date and still no refund what so ever.

When we call their excuse is, oh we cant get a hold of accounting or oh it should have been deposited back into your account by now, and my absolute favorite is "someone will call you back". We still have not received a refund. We have been screwed so much by Ashley. I don't even think we will ever get this refund.

We have spoken with every "manager" and whomever we have been transferred to. They are so quick to take your money, but when you ask for a refund there's so many excuses. Oh so and so did not send your paperwork, oh we have to do an investigation, oh (insert name) is at training, or oh I cant get a hold of accounting.

Something needs to be done, I am at the point to where I am going to take it to the news and social media. I am absolutely disgusted with Ashley Furniture and the treatment/experience we have received. I will not allow anyone I know to purchase through them.

  • Sep 15, 2019

I've had such a crappy experience at Ashley Furniture on Harbison that I promised myself I'd leave a lousy review in as many places as I could, in the hopes that I could at least cause them to lose the same amount of business as their lousy products and service cost me. Background info: I've purchased many, many things from both this store as well as other locations in the past 10 years to the tune of many thousands of dollars.

They used to be my first choice, as I used to find they offered a good quality product at a reasonable price. I have been a good, polite customer, and I dont typically make a pain in the butt of myself. Fast Forward to 2018: My wife and I finished building our patio outside. We purchased a (what we thought at the time) very nice outdoor set for close to $2000 delivered. Long story short, with very little use over the course of the past year, the wicker on the furniture started to split (presumably due to the heat).

The Sofa is now continuing to unravel. I first called their customer service and was told that the item was only covered for 1 year due to defects, but since I have an extended warranty - that it should be covered by that. After getting the run-around from the warranty company for a few days, I was told that the warranty only covered accidental damage and not "normal wear and tear". Fair enough. Back to the store I go.

This time I call up and speak with a rep - I explain the situation to them. She says she will go to a manager and I will receive a call back in 24-48 hours. The call never comes, of course. I try again this morning. Same deal. Explain to the rep what was happening. Got the store / corporate policy repeated to me *again*. I explained that I understood the policy. I asked if that given how close it was to the warranty expiration, and given the amount of money I have spent with them over the years if an exception could be made.

She said no, and repeated store policy. I asked for a manager / supervisor, and was stonewalled once again. She (Nikia, I believe) simply repeated the policy of "We cant help you because it's out of warranty" and in not so many words, told me to bugger off. I promised that I'd never shop there again, and I'd go out of my way to make sure they lose as many sales as I can. So here I am.

If you feel the need to purchase furniture in the near future, please consider avoiding Ashley furniture on Harbison. They are hawking sub-par products and neither stand behind them nor do they really give a crap about their customers once they have your money. If you need cheap garbage that will fall apart and rude customer service, I'd suggest Walmart instead. At least you know what to expect there.

  • Aug 4, 2019

On July 1, 2019 my wife and I bought a bedroom set from Ashley Furniture Homestore located at 121 Towne Center Blvd., Sanford, FL 32771. We paid $3262.05 for the bedroom set. Ashley Furniture Homestore delivered the bedroom set on July 7, 2019.

As the delivery people were unpacking the pieces of furniture, they found out that the heavy door chest had a broken part where one of the four legs was to be installed. The leg could not be installed on the door chest. They also noticed that the furniture had many black smudges. It looked like the furniture was previously rejected by a previous customer.

The delivery man called Ashley Furniture Homestore from my bedroom to report the problem. The office assured me that they can fix it and I allowed them to leave the furniture on its side in my bedroom. On July 28 they sent a technician to repair the chest, but the technician said that he was sent there to touch up the paint only. He did not have the parts to repair it. At that point we told the technician that we wanted a new door chest. The technician lied by reporting that we refused the repair.

Now I just want a new Door Chest. I paid for a new door chest and a broken, smudged and defective Door Chest was delivered. It has been a month, going on two months and my Door Chest is still on its side in my bedroom.

  • Jul 25, 2019

I ordered a Tempu 19 luxe breeze firm queen mattress. $3,999 and a Ease 2.0 queen adjustable base $899. I also had to order their mattress cover $200 to warranty my mattress. We also ordered a headboard $238 and bracket mounting assembly $40. When the frame and mattress came the delivery people did not know how to get it in my house.

They had to go around the side of my house and use the back door. On the way in they dropped the base on the ground multiple times. It had grass and mud on the corners that had to be cleaned off the base as there was nothing protecting the base. Then one of the delivery guys decides he is not helping anymore so the other guy puts my 4000 mattress on his sweaty back and hauls it around the house. The plastic slipped and he dropped it on my deck.

He went to pull the plastic back up and left hand prints all over. He gets the mattress in the house and does not know how to install bed. He had no idea how it worked. Nothing was working on base. We had to tell him to go to his truck and get our mattress cover which he did. My husband had to load the old bed on their truck as they did not want to take it but we had paid for it to be picked up. The guy left the mattress standing in my hallway.

He went in his truck and left. He did not leave us a receipt or instructions. Called Ashley Furniture during the entire delivery to express how angry we were. We thought the bed did not work. We wiped down the frame and mattress and sprayed with lysol and put the bed together. My husband sat up for two hours watching you tube videos and figured out how to get this 5000 bed assembly working.

We were supposed to pick up our headboard on 7/23. We called and they are short a warehouse person so they told us to pick it up on 7/26. We double checked that we were ok to pick up. Guess what! It was not there. Now we have to go back again on 8/11 and hope it is there. They gave us 300 dollars off our order. I do not think that is satistfactory.

Some sweaty guy got his body on my brand new mattress. Both items were dropped and we had to figure out how to make it operate. The manager said we could refuse the order but it would be more complicated. This is a 5000 dollar bed and this is the service we got. I tried to call corporate, nothing. I have never spent 5000 dollars on a bed before but as I am in my mid 50's felt I deserved it. Scared me to spend this much and I really feel taken advantage of.

Ashley is the one that hires the delivery people and Ashley should be held accountable for their mistakes. 300.00 does not put a dent into the anger, frustration we experienced. My neighbors watched this delivery as I had bragged about my bed for two weeks. They watched how it being dropped, how it was brought into my house. Kind of hard to brag about it now.

We have tried to get Ashley to be a bit more sensitive to our order with a little more compensation but they think we should be lucky we got 300 dollars. Now I have to wait for the headboard so I can pick that up and hopefully I will not have anymore issues with them which at this point I seriously doubt. What awful service for such an expensive bed.

  • Jul 24, 2019

Ashley Furniture Went into Ashley looking or a sleeper sofa. The only one they had in stock was the most expensive one they had of course. I reluctantly ordered and I was promised the sofa would be delivered the day before my company was due to arrive and they would call both my cell and land line numbers to coordinate the delivery.

They never called my cell and when I got home from work there were 2 messages from them so I called them immediately. After being on hold for over an hour before finally talking to someone only to be told I wouldn't get my delivery until the following week after my guests are gone.

I drove into the store to get my money back so I could go and purchase another sleeper sofa for my guests and was told that they wouldn't refund the 1000.00 cash I paid them for the sofa for 3-4 weeks! Portland Oregon

  • Oct 23, 2018

My fiancé and I were furniture shopping a couple of weeks ago and stopped by Ashleys Furniture in Newington. The entire experience was horrible from the salesperson to the finance woman at the desk to the store manager. After we had chosen a couch, we were given two options, purchase the couch outright or finance. The salesman told us that if we paid the couch off in 3 months, there would be no interest on the loan. We chose to finance and the company that they use is Progressive.

Upon receiving the contract from Progressive, we had several questions regarding the wording of what we would be signing. The way we understood the contract, was that you can in fact pay off the loan in 3 months but it will cost you. Not only do you have to pay about $50 more than what you actually owe, in addition to the $50 application fee for a service that "everyone is qualified for" and a early payout fee of roughly $700. Totaling more than what financing it over the period of time would have cost, and more than double the actual cost of the furniture. We questioned the woman at the desk about this and she stared blankly at the paper and said "I'm not really sure what that means but I'm pretty sure you don't have to pay a buyout fee."

I asked for someone else who knew more about this finance company and loan and her response was "No one here knows anything about it." At this point my fiancé and I were enraged. We asked multiple times to speak with someone who could reassure us and answer our questions and she just kept saying things like "I would assume this would mean..." or "I'm not really sure but I think..."

After about 5 minutes of this, the manager walked over to the desk for something unrelated and one of the other members who overheard this moron talking to us asked the manager about the loan. He reassured us that we were in fact misunderstanding the contract and yes the 3 month buy out cost was $50 more than what we owed and yes it didn't include the bogus $50 application fee (because how else would Progressive make money, which I completely understood).

At this point I was beyond frustrated and inquired as to why no one knew anything about this loan and couldn't confidently answer our questions and also told that there was NO ONE there that could help us. At that point, the manager gathered the employees and had a fake staff meeting to explain to them about wording of the loan which they all looked dazed and confused. At this point we had enough of this place and chose to cancel the entire order. We were then informed that it would take 10 days for the significant down payment we put down on the debit card would be refunded. My fiancé and I sat down for minute, called Progressive and ended up purchasing the couch, which we were told was in stock.

We scheduled a delivery date, I took vacation time and the day off from work for this only to find out that it in fact wasn't in stock and we had to reschedule for another day. Now to the furniture arrival. The men got the couches in the house, in packages, but couldn't get it down the stairs to the basement. They told me I could call the warehouse to see what my options were and before I even got off the phone with the warehouse, they have reloaded it onto the van. They made no attempt to remove it from its packaging to see if it would fit that way. Now I am told that if I want to try again that I would have to reschedule the delivery because it was already back on the van that I never agreed to in the first place. So now my fiancé and I go back to Ashleys in an attempt to find another couch, as now we are informed that we have to pay a $200 restocking fee for them to put the unpackaged couch back in the Warehouse or we could pick out another couch and pay $70 for shipping. So do we throw away $200 and have no couch or select another one that fits.

We really didn't have a choice at that time. So we selected another couch for the house and went to the finance table to set up payments. This time, we deal with another woman, as the clueless one before her, who was a new employee for about 2 weeks was promoted to some sort of management position. This woman was extremely helpful. While discussing the finance options again, she mentioned layaway. Which we were never offered in the first place. We asked why we weren't offered this, and the salesman who sold us the couch initially chimes in with "people don't like waiting for their furniture while doing layaway so we don't mention it. Mind you, we had already had furniture in the basement, we were just looking to upgrade and were not really in any rush to get new furniture in there. We would have gladly taken a layaway option and saved some money doing so. Also, while I was there dealing with this last furniture purchase, two other customers stormed out upset over issues with this place.

I work in customer service and as a manager myself, I would never allow a customer who has experienced this many issues with my company, walk away with nothing. We aren't looking for a handout or free furniture. We would've been happy to have the delivery of the new couch at no cost. But nothing. We were offered nothing but an insultingly fake apology. I would stay far away from this place unless you enjoy dealing with incompetent, rude people who have no idea what's going on but are more than happy to take all your money. I would never purchase from this place again and recommend you don't either.

  • Oct 19, 2018

I am writing a letter of complaint against the manager of your Outlet Store in Deptford, NJ, by the name of Duane Johnson. He is an embarrassment to the name of Ashley, and more importantly, the name of Crest. If I ran my own company, he would never work for me.

Why? He fired me on September 6, 2018. Was he justified? YES. Do I care? NO!! But you need more information.

When he fired me, he said to me “GET THE F*** OUT OR I’LL CALL THE COPS!!” Are you serious? This man represents your company!! As a manager? Vulgar language is a norm in his Sunday morning meetings and daily huddles.

He also rules by threats. Weekdays we wear gray shirts, weekends we wear white. One weekend, an associate, by the name of Ida T, wore the wrong color. Properly as should have been done, she was sent home to change. The result, Duane said that anyone else who wears the wrong colored shirt from now on will be fired.

One day, an associate named Tionna J, read her schedule wrong. Duane ordered that any associate who reads their schedule wrong from now on will be fired!!

And, over the radios we wear, he said a group of customers complained that their RCA was rude. Duane told them to go to BOB’S. ARE YOU SERIOUS??

This is not a person who should represent the Crest name and the Ashley brand. I am taking this to the Better Business Bureau of New Jersey as well. And I have hired a lawyer to discuss Duane’s threats.

The New Jersey Department of labor is also being informed of this.

  • Apr 24, 2018

Purchased sofa 9/28/16. I live alone but have company on occassions. I have noticed in this short amount of time the fabricc on the seats that are used more often is'pilling'. This makes the fabric in those areas look dirty. Each day it becomes more noticeable. I paid $199 for a five year Assurance Policy. I am getting the 'run around'. I am 75 yrs old, healthy and active BUT on limited income. Paying $1,035 for a sofa is a BIG expense. I expected IT and Me to not fall apart or look SHODDY for at least eight to ten more .

  • Apr 13, 2018

I bought furniture from Ashley with 5 years "Elite" protection plan. During the sale the sales woman used the best possible words to describe how great their protection plan was. But she never mentioned that the warrenty she is selling is not covered by Ashley's Furniture but instead by a third party,Gurdsaman Furniture company.

When I discovered that the furniture was defective out of the box, it was too late to do anything with the local store. So I called Gurdsman Furniture for the service I was initially promised by Ashley's servicing company. I have subbmitted 3 different claimes for their service and in every occurance they found a way to deny the claims. Then finally advised me that their warrenty is not yet effective since the furniture is still under the Ashley warrenty. To get the service from them, I need to wait for the Ashley warrenty to be terminated.

Recently, I submitted another claim to remove nail polish stain.

This time they said it was out of 30 days window and doesn't qualify since the claim doesn't meet ther terms of service. I have submitted the claim again. And yet again they said that this category doesn't fall under the coverage of the protection plan! Wow!

Finally, I reported them to BBB. In a reply Ashley advised me to call and cancel the service warrenty. So I called them. A very well mannered customer care representative advised me that since this warrenty is not with the Ashley company, I need to call the service company to cancel the contract. I called Guardsman Furniture. Guess what, they found a way to deny me again. They asked me to write a letter and explain why I want to cancel the warrenty!

One thing is for sure is that I am ready to live in an empty house but will still not consider buying furniture from Ashley's Furniture again. But I wanted to help other customers so that they can be aware what they are up against.

  • Mar 13, 2018

Ordered and paid for furniture 12/18/17 and told we would have it when we returned from Florida in Feb. Had our existing sofa removed while we were gone. .advised delivery pushed back to 2/16/18 .no delivery advised backordered and we would have it 2/26/18 between 2:30 and 7:30. Got call on that date saying sofa did not get on the truck from Memphis. We would have it 3/10/18. .no delivery on 3/10/18. Called and was told it would be delivered 3/16/18 bringing it to the 3 month mark. After avoiding calls i finally got the store manager and she was horrible on the phone. Refused to give me a number or address of her superior. Customer service can do nothing except read a computer screen. I spoke to a supervisor once and was told that no one in the organization can help and hung up on me. Called customer service a different day and was told I had spoke to a supervisor once and couldn't do it again Basically they have used my money all this Tim and delivered no goods. Customer service is nonexistent and they certainly hide upper management. I purchased a home faster and easier than this.

  • Feb 21, 2018

1.0 star rating 2/16/2018 I purchased a couch and recliner from the Ashley Furniture in Bel Air Md. on January 1, 2018. The store was having a 55 % sale on all furniture inventory clearance. The salesman Jamal was very courteous and friendly. He showed me several couches and took the time to explain the pros and cons of each couch. I picked out a reclining couch and reclining chair. I was charged $150 for delivery, given supposedly 55% of the retail price and given 12 months no interest. The furniture was delivered on January 12, 2018. The delivery company did an excellent job of delivering my furniture.

So a few weeks a see the flyer from Ashley furniture for a President's Day sale event 55% off and free delivery.This ad started February 11, 2018. On the front page of the ad, I see the same couch that i bought 43 days later advertised for $799.00 . Well that is a price reduction of $459. So I go into the store with the ad, show the ad to Sterling the store manager and he says that he will sent an e-mail to the district manager Douglas Genzn to see if i can do anything about the price difference and to call back the next day. He also said the sofa set was being discontinued. I said that my daughter was in the store a few days prior was she was told by the salesperson that this living room set was one of the top 3 sellers.

I call back the next day to speak to Sterling and I was told that he left the store to go to the bank and would call me when he returns. Well i did not receive a call back. On February 16th, I call the store and ask for Sterling. I was placed on hold for 10 minutes and a person answered the phone was said he was the district manager and his name was DJ. Dj told me flat out that there is a 14 day policy and he was not going to do anything to help me out other than I could purchase more furniture and he might be able to discount it...really how about a $458 refund and the $150 delivery fee refunded. I asked if there was someone above him I could speak to and he said no. Stay away from Ashley furniture rip off and lousy customer service.

  • Feb 20, 2018

Refueseing to repair unless I pay for the parts and labor. Recommendeing that if I don't want to pay labor I do it myself. Their statement on line is that a 1 yr limited warrenty for repair. Refuse to accept that this is normal wear and tear.

Additonaly, their form states on-line that the recliner mecinisam is cover with a 10% charge of 5 yrs. Didn't bother to mention with my current contact.

These people are crooks. As a Veteran military person in a military town I don't think they realize that I will do everything i my power to stop other military personnel from bying their cheap and defective furniture.

It appers thay you already have 442 complaints on them which means no restitution.

  • Jan 22, 2018

We Purchased all new furniture from Ashley Furniture for our newly purchased home. I was fairly pleased with the overall detail of the furniture however i work 2 jobs and actually rarely sleep overnight because my 2nd job is from 11pm to 7am. For the first two and a half weeks of receiving the furniture I worked every night and didnt get a chance to sleep thru the night and my day shift job is from 830 Am to 530 Pm unless I have overtime. My girlfriend started telling me she was having little bumps on her and she said they feel like bites. So on my off days I started to notice the same. One night around 3:30 am I feel a very hard pinch and wake up to being bit by a bug which I crushed and blood splattered from it me not knowing what it was dismissed it.

The next weekend I experienced the same thing it wasnt until about a week later I got waken up the same way but this time I saw other bugs and was able to take pictures of them to figure out what the hell they were.

BED BUGS i always thought that was just a night time saying but they are definately real and annoying. I saw them crawling behind the tufted headboard buttons. After calling an exterminator he explained the severity of bed bugs and that it was an Issue that needs to be addressed immediately and the cost was approx 2700-3200 dollars to kill them and make sure the dont infest your home.

I called Ashley Furniture Store and spoke with an hmccord that all I remember cause thats the name on the email I sent. She stated she would talk to corporate and get back to me. After getting no response or feedback I contacted AMEX to help me dispute the charge. It took them till today to say that they cant reverse the charges from the info they received from Ashley Furniture. I tried to not resort to this but from all the trouble and issues I am dealing with still trying to rid myself of these annoying, painful critters I felt I had to let this be known cause Im sure others are experiencing the same things and being the little guys no one fights for us. I will never purchase another Item from them again especially if nothing is done and my next venue will be Social Media

  • Oct 11, 2017

The furniture is garbage and so is the customer service. I bought a sectional from ashley furniture not even two years ago. Im still paying on them. I put my trust into Franson' hands to help me find a good quality couch. Three weeks after puchasing the sectional, it started to fall apart. The material was splitting and falling apart. I was told this was a factory defect and a replacement couch is on the way. Of course after fighting with customer service. A month or so goes by with the new couch. The material again starts to split and come apart. I conacted Ashley Furntiure customor service once again. All they could do for me at this point is send me cushion covers to replace the others. I had to deal with customer service 3 or 4 more times for the SAME problem. Each and everytime i had to just settle for cushion covers. Each and every time i had to go through customer sercvice, i had to send over pictures, and wait for a tech to call me to come inspect the couch.

I had to let some stranger come into my house FOUR seperate times. Everytime the same thing.

Myself and my fiance went into the store ourselves to speak with the salesman. We ended up buying an entire bedroom set. We were promised that if we tried the cushion covers one more time, and it started to fall apart, we would have a complete exchange. We never receieved any cushion covers. We were just written off. I finally contaced Franson about 3-4 weeks ago about the couches again. He never took care of us like he had said, once we purchased $4000 more on furniture. After emailing back and forth with Franson, his exact words were "we will do a warranty exchange for a different product, we will rectify this."

Since Franson has moved to another store location. I had to get back in touch with customer service, they had to send out another tech. This "tech" was very unprofessional and rude. He came into the house, took photos, told us "this is not under warranty and wil not be covered, this is normal wear and tear".The man walked away without saying another word and left. We recieved a phone call after the inspection. The woman then told us the couch was not warrantied and there is nothing they could do furthermore.

We have been very loyal customers to Ashley Furniture. We have spent a large amount of money with this company. We just keep getting written off and ignored. Nobody ever calls back or follows up like they say they are going to. I would not recomend this furniture to ANYBODY.

  • Jul 20, 2017

I purchased a set of recliners for my parents for 1365 dollars on July the 5th where funds were taken from my account. My account was charged a second time for the full again on the 11th then one more time in full for the same purchase on the 17th after the purchase was already paid for on the 5th!! When I called to get my money back the lady on the phone Barb was very rude and told me that the banks records and myself were wrong and that they hadn't charged my account. After speaking and getting to know the district manager at the bank I finally wound up getting my money back in full. However what makes it worse if that is not enough is that they even messed up our order and had only ordered one chair from the warehouse instead of two which changed my deliver date to a week late!! I am demanding my chairs with a discount or I will refuse delivery and purchase of the chairs. Do not buy from them I had to fight for my money back to feed my children as 1365.00 is a bit of money to me and to have it taken from my account three different times when I need gas in my car and food for my kids is unheard of especially when it is your own money that you work hard for and to be told that they didn't do it was the worst!! Please beware of this company totally fraudulent!

  • May 12, 2017

Store Location: Ashley in Alpharetta

Got a couch from these. Happy about it. But horrible shopping experience. 1) the sales person was handling two sales at the same time. We had a 16 month old with whom we had to wait while the sales person would disappear after every 10 minutes. We didn't feel important. 2) he started the conversation about the protection package for $239.00. We said we had it on our old sofas but never used. So don't want it. Then once we finalize our sectional, he pitches the protection package again. We decline. Then the manager comes over to finalize the sale. He pitches the protection package. I decline again. Finally sale is made. Guess what? It has the protection package for $239.00 on it. My 16 month old is now in car with his mom as I am trying to get this charge removed. After 15 minutes. They say it's removed. And that my bill won't have it. Last night I login to pay my bill. Guess what? It has $239.00 on it. I notice things like this on billing. I wonder how many people don't notice and just pay for it.

  • May 10, 2017

I purchased several pieces of furniture for my new home from the Ashley Furniture store located in Madison, TN. My sales clerk at that time explained that Ashley Furniture was offering a great deal on a warranty for my furniture purchase, that simply went, if it were never used then at the end of said warranty term, Ashley Furniture would mail me my money back. I said okay I'd purchase the warranty, how could I go wrong with it

Fast forward 5 years later, the end of my warranty term and I contact the store about my refund. the store tells me they no longer utilize that warranty company, they now have a new one and I need to contact the old one directly. I contact the warranty company and they state, no, I need to contact the store. And, to simply give them my invoice number and the store can call to get verification that the warranty had never been used. I stop into the store and give the office worker my information and she's totally confused but states that my refund will be in the form of in store credit and after 30 minutes plus states she will need to contact the warranty company to get written verification from them which will take at least 2 days for them to receive it and once they get it, someone will call me.

A week goes by with no response from the store, so I call them. The office worker sounded like she was floundering around and seemed confused by it all. After approximately 10 minutes she finally becomes coherent and asks if I've already picked something out, in which I reply, yes. She thens tells me to come down to the store,so I do. I find the new sales clerk who helped me, show her again the item I would like and she goes to check on my refund status. She comes back and states that the office worker not only has told her that I now have to spend and additional $150.00 to get my refund back, but the item I picked out is not valid since it's been marked down. I walk over ot the office area and ask for a manager and am told there is not one available, the worker then gives me a pamphlet with an address and phone number on it.

I call the number and informed after explaining my issue that this is the new warranty company and am put on hold. Next thing I know is someone is saying " Hello" to me, I tell them I don't know how I got to her and she states the warranty rep transferred me and I've reached the store. I explain that I'd like to speak to a manager and am told the store manager is not there, surprise, surprise, but she herself is some type of manager. I tell her my situation and she repeats what the office worker had said. I tell her about the original sales clerks statements and how I never received any paperwoark in regards to my warranty. She replies that he was misinformed and that there is no paperwork.

I guess I'm not surprised by that, because that means they can change the rules any time they want without their customers knowing it. I ask her for the general manager's or the owner's name and number and she transfers my call. I speak to a gentleman about the problem and he states that he works for the warranty company and doesn't have any corporate or management information for Ashley Furniture, only the store's phone number. Can you believe it?? This whole experience has spoke volumes to me about the scam they are trying to pull. Beware, they won't honor the warranty refund and will try to put all kinds of stipulations on it if they do.

  • Mar 15, 2017

Purchased 3 pieces of furniture, large holes, no stuffing. furniture arms shorter than the other extremely poor quality Company does not stand behind it. They make it and refuse to be a respectable company in my opinion. Buyer Beware Stay Away You will be sorry!!!!

  • Mar 7, 2017

This company customer service and integrity is ineffective and a total disregard to the customer. When we call the call center 866 number, we receive the same BS answer, " we understan, there is no available manager" the same BS

I want my chair I want restitution!

if they had any spec of integrity they would return part or all of my money for my 4 month time trouble. I have the holidays and events where I had no chair to use with the rest of the dining set because of the lack of customer service.

I will never buy any furniture from ASHLEY again, nor will I allow any of my family members to go through the HELL of a service they provide. They suck.

Ashley Furniture Home Store I purchased a dining set and chairs, bed matresses, bed sets for a 2 story home, a couch and decorative furniture in November 2016 cash. First of all who has a delivery service that asks to confirm via text but then says you did not confirm, so they cancel your deliveries. Second one of the delivery staff left my second story carpet as black as chocoalte, even though it was brand new beige color. Second they went ahead and delivered a faulty broken chair, that when I called to have replaced they had me send a picture and file a claim, rather than replace.

Then when they approved the replacement on Dec 26,2016, we have been back and forth as they continously attempt to deliver the wrong chair or don't deliver at all. I called the store, who then said to drop off the chair so they would know what to deliver, then when I did they said I did not deliver the exchanged chair so they cancelled my set delivery, Upon calling MArk the sales manager promised the chair would be delivered on Sat March 4, on his Marine Honor. Here we are Monday March 6 no chair no money, no restitution since it has been since November 2016 I have been waiting for A CASH PAID chair, on a Marine's Honor HA!

  • Feb 15, 2017

Honest thieves! To "celebrate" President's Day 2017, Ashley's online "brainiacs" have RAISED prices on numerous products as much as 33 percent. In other words, special pricing at a "discounted" rate is really a HIGHER price than prices normally are, even with the so-called holiday discounts. To make matters worse, the pass-the-buck types answering the phones take offense at being outed, not at those in charge of deceiving the consumer. Pathetic. Buyer beware!!!

  • Feb 6, 2017

Approximately 1 1/2 years ago we purchased the Knox sofa and loveseat from Ashley furniture.These 2 pieces of furniture are the worst quality furniture that I have ever purchased.

Approximately 6 months into owning these sofas they became extremely uncomfortable to sit on and every time that my husband or myself sat on the sofa they creaked. Eventually we decided to open up the sofa to look inside to see what was going on because we were so unhappy sitting on these as there is a zipper on the bottom fabric that you can get inside to take a closer look. When we looked inside we saw that every beam was missed by the thin nails that the company uses to hold the sofas together with the particle board it was so bad the the seat was starting to separate from the frame. I have not had the problem that others had with the Durablend peeling yet as I condition the sofas monthly with a product that is formulated to clean vinyl, leather and rubber, which is important so you do not dry out the polyurethane that is used to bond together the very little leather that is used in the sofa.

However, the "Bonded Leather" is such a low grade and thin that if you bump into the corners with something such as a vacuum cleaner it will cause damage to the corners of the sofa. Be warned that these sofas are so light and the sofa comes up very high that if not positioned against a wall it is very easy to topple over the sofa if a child was to lean against the back. Ashley Customer service is another issue. I called to complain to their corporate customer service as it is still being sold on their corporate website.

They are not interested in the obvious manufacturing defects and instead referred me back to the Ashley Furniture where I purchased the piece. I have worked with 2 people at the local Ashley Furniture and they have failed to follow up each time. Their remedy when they finally did follow up was to send out a repair person to fix the broken parts that you could see. I pointed out to them these are only the parts you can see what about the rest of the frame.Are they going to take apart and rebuild the entire sofa?

  • Feb 4, 2017

I went to Ashley furniture and in the show room I tried sitting on a power love seat and a sofa they are both power when I asked the sales person he 's name is Aaron he told me the price and I said yes ok let's finish the paper work .like so many people I haven't read the papers that were given to me ,and on the day of delivery they delivered manual reclining sofa and love seat. I was shocked since that is not what I paid for and I also got warranty cause I thought the motor would have some problems in the long run,I called Aaron and I told him that is not what I wanted I wanted the power ones , he said no this is what you ordered and is you want the power ones you have to pay extra $400. He was like I was clear with you and I haven't deceived you?! Well then I had to go to the manager and he said the same thing . I said I want to return them ,he was like you can't this is our policy and you already signed on it. Well if there is so many papers you have to sign on you don't read them all. But at least the manager was suppose to work with me which he didn't . So please don't sign on anything. Until you read it. I learned my lesson.

  • Jan 27, 2017

I bought furniture from ashley furniture company and it fell apart right at first, had two people out to my house to replace material it is still falling apart, ashley has agreed to replace furniture and they said they would delivery and take old furniture away, now they say there will be a delivery charge, it is not my fault there furniture fell apart.

  • Jan 18, 2017

Dresser that I did not order was delivered and my son dresser was delivered broken.

I was under the impression I was ordering a dresser from the Zelen Collection but because they did not have it on the floor the sales person showed me the Juaro Collection and told me it was the same color. He sent me the Juaro dresser even though I requested the Zelen dresser. When I went to the store to tell them about the mix up the sales person and another manager told me that there was no difference and that they was the same. The sales person stated that when he asked someone in the back they stated Zelen and Juaro was the same color. The manager stated that what happens is production makes a alot of a dresser and then later they make the same dress just a inch difference in color and they name it different. I was sold a dresser from the Juaro collection that I did not order and they will not change it for the Zelen dresser that I thought I was ordering and paid for. The reason why I wanted the Zelen dresser is because it was a lighter brown color then the Juaro from the Ashley Furniture website when I did my research. The store is telling me they are the same color and that there is no reason to exchange because they are the same color, which is not what I see online. On top of that I also order a bedroom set for my son and it was delivered with the bottom draw broken. The unprofessional and crazy thing is that upon buying the items and taking my money I now have to wait on the store to mail off the items that will be needed to fix the broken dresser they sent me after getting my money (this was not a cheap dresser). I called customer service and was told they have to send me the items to fix my dresser then I have to call the store and request a service person to come to my house to fix the dresser. I was told they would take 24 to 48 hours to call me back to set up a time to come and fix the dresser, then I will have to wait that time for them to come out. I have already had the broken dresser for a week which I paid over $500 for and I will have to wait probably 2 more weeks till it is fix. They take your money and don't show any concern to get the broken items they sent me fix. I will not be buying anything else for Ashley Furniture Homestore because they don't care or put any urgency to fixing the broken its they have sent me after they get my money.

I do not accept the response of the business due to the fact of me purchasing a dresser from Ashley Furniture in the amount of $500+ and calling within the 24 hour time line to let them know that the dresser was broken. Ashley Furniture is correct just looking at the dresser you would think nothing is wrong with it which is why I accepted it. But why does Ashley Furniture give the customer 24 hours to call with any issues with the items, because we are human and sometimes we can miss things even after looking over them. If all Ashley Furniture is going to do under "their discretion" is send me the parts to try and fix the dresser that was sent to me defective of course they are going to choose this option it saves them time, money, and labor and of course all of this after they have taken my money. I now see why Ashley Furniture commercials and their phone recordings say that they're able to make good quality items at low cost is because they make defective products and send them to their clients. Since they now do have my money they said they was going to send out parts for the defective items they sold me and they will try to fix it at a minimum cost under their discretion of course. After waiting almost 3 weeks I received a call and was told the customer service agents never put the request in for the parts to be sent to me. So I had to go through all of the headache once again to explain my whole story on what happened for them to once again tell me they were going to put the request in for the parts to be sent to my house and then have to wait 24 to 48 hours for somebody to come out here and try to fix the defective item rather than sending me a brand new item with no defects that I bought for $500. And once again this is all done under the discretion of the company which their discretion falls under them saving money not about what the client has to deal with or what the client originally paid for. So now the step that I am on is I came home and received the parts laying at my front door I called Ashley Furniture customer service again and was told that I'm going to have to wait 24 to 48 hours to receive a call from a third party company that's going to call me and set up a time when they can come to my house and try to fix their defective furniture they sent me, they're not even sending me an associate from Ashley Furniture they're sending me someone from a third-party person that "knows their Furniture so well that they can fix it to make it showroom quality". On top of that I purchased this dresser on December 18th it was delivered on December 27th it is now January 12th and I still do not have a dresser for my son that I am able to use that I purchased for $500 also the dresser that I ordered for my bedroom was the wrong dresser that I'm still waiting to be exchanged for the proper dresser that I ordered. To add more horror to the story receive the text message yesterday stating that they were sending out the wrong dresser again to me had to call Ashley Furniture to cancel that one and once again explain to them what I order to then be told that the dresser I originally ordered on December 18th will be delivered on January 21st. All in all this has been a horrible experience and I will never purchase anything from Ashley Furniture or ever have anything good to say about this company. From this experience I see that Ashley Furniture is a type of company that will take a customer's money and then at their discretion, low cost and labor try to fix their mistakes and defective products thank you so much for being America's number one Furniture Company.

I received my packaged items sent to me by Ashley Furniture to try and fix the broken defective dresser that was sent to me on January 12th 2017. When I called Ashley Furniture I was told I would have to wait 24 to 48 hours to receive a call to set up a time and have a 3rd party company come to my house and try and fix the broken defective dresser Ashley Furniture sent me. It is now January 16th and I still have not received a call from anyone about when I will get this broken defective dresser that was sent to me by Ashley Furniture fixed. Once again since they have gotten my money there is not rush to fix a broken defective product they sent me they don't care. I still want to say I purchase these items on December 18th and it is now January 16th and I still can't use the dresser I brought for my son nor do I have the correct dresser I bought for myself. Now I am to the point I just want Ashley Furniture to take back their broken defective dresser and incorrect dresser they sent to me and give me my money back. This is a horrible company and bad business practices.

I call Ashley Furniture today on 01/17/2017 and spoke with Amanda. She stated that she saw I call on Thursday January 12th and that the request was put in on Friday January 13th. First if I call on the 12th my request should have been put in on the 12th not the 13th. Showing the company Ashley Furniture does not care about the customer once they have their money because that is more time I now have to wait. Put another note onto my complaint with BBB because it was now Monday January 16th and I did not receive a call from the 3rd party to set up a time (time I am still waiting). Called Ashley Furniture on Tuesday January 17th to see what was going on and Amanda said that the company was closed due to the holiday, but no one called the customer me to let me know. Then she proceeds to tell me she will have to put in another request and I will have to wait 24 to 48 more hours for this 3rd party company to call me and set up a time to fix the broken and defective dresser Ashley Furniture sent me. Once again showing there is no urgency and Ashley Furniture does not care because they have my money. Just a recap I bought all of my items on December 18th and it is not January 17th and I still can't use them, 1 day short of a month.

  • Jan 2, 2017

Purchased a complete Ashley furniture group that lasted less than a year. We have a seasonal home and my wife and I are the only ones the majority of the time. He set is peeling off in sheets. Looks terrible and attempted to have Ashley help. No go. Robert

  • Dec 16, 2016

Ashley Home Furniture Store sold us furniture that they didn't have. They gave us a delivery date a month away. In the meantime the bill came and I was expected to pay it though I don't have the furniture. They tell me I can't cancel the order that never arrived, because I signed a contract stating I couldn't cancel any order. They have changed delivery dates numerous times and now state they don't know when I'll recieve it. They have been untruthful, and made false promises to make this sale! I will go to the news next.

  • Dec 5, 2016

I spent over $3000 with Ashley Furniture on a leather couch. One of the reclining sides were sit has sunk down wihen I contacted Ashelys they sent some one out and has the foam sent to my home. When the tech arrived he install a portion of the foam and told me if i would need the rest put in that I should do it or call him back. Well I called Ashleys back and they told me that was a courtesy call. I asked the lady define courtesy vs warranty she gave me a hard time. I told her I would never purchase furniture from Ashleys ever again she could care less. Very terrible customer service. Phoenix AZ

  • Nov 7, 2016

DO NOT buy furniture from this compny. Not only is the furniture not worth what ever money they are charging because it is so cheaply made, they do not offer any type of customer service what so ever. We bought a sofa that was covered by warrenty. It ripped with three weeks and Ashley not only refused to fix it properly but they stole my sofa. They picked it up for repair and won't returned it. Our recliners are only a year old and they are worn to the point of needing replacement. Again, DO NOT but Ashley Furniture uness yiu want nothing but problems with it and NO support from their DO NOTHING customer service.

  • Nov 5, 2016

To whom it may concern. I bought a living room set from you 2 years ago. I paid for a 5 year plan and it is cracking and spliting.

  • Nov 2, 2016

My husband and I purchased a bedroom suite from Ashley Furniture in July 2016. We had to pay the full price upfront, even though delivery was expected to take 6-12 weeks.

We were thrilled when delivery was scheduled for mid-August, ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, half of the pieces were defective. The latch on the dresser did not work and the backboards on one night table and one drawer chest were bashed in. The nightstand was taken back to the factory and we were told that a furniture repair person would fix the other two items.

The weeks rolled by and we never heard back from our salesperson, Megan, nor from the manager, James, who was just a "good 'ol boy."

I called on a weekly basis, was told that they would call me back and let me know the schedule, but never, ever, ever did call back. I kept calling for weeks and heard excuse after excuse for why they didn't call back.

No one should be lied to in this manner. It was blatant! They're quick to take your money, but do not treat you like a human being once the deal is closed. I will never buy furniture from them again.

I finally contacted the main office, spoke to Lyric (who was sympathetic and extremely helpful) and we coordinated a delivery time for the nightstand and scheduled the repair person from Dad's Furniture (an extremely professional and competent company).

By mid-October, our furniture suite was complete, no thanks to Megan, James, or anyone else at the furniture store in Spokane.

Forewarned is forearmed. It's very sad that customer service rarely exists. On the other hand, we've had wonderful experiences with Koerner and Runge furniture stores.

Needless to say, to this date, we've not heard back from Megan or James. Never received an apology or valid explanation.

  • Oct 26, 2016

I purchased a bunch of stuff at May 14th, including a sofa, a table set and a rug, from Ashley Furniture Homestore ( 4500 San Felipe St, Houston, TX). It's been nearly half a year I still haven't got my rug!

All things I bought had different delivery method and date. I should have been warned and stopped my business with them when their sales people even couldn't settle right deliver method for the sofa.

I called to try to figure out where my rug is for the first time around 7/4, and was told that the order was shipped on 6/20 and would take four to five weeks to arrive. The customer services person verified the delivery method and address: directly ship to my apartment.

Then I called again at the beginning of Aug as it was not delivered. They repeatedly told me the ship date and said they did not have any tracking information. That was unbelievable to me, how could they not have tracking info? That time the customer services assured me the rug would be deliver to my apartment soon. I was told to wait.

After long long wait I called another five or six times. No one knew where the order was and they insisted that it was delivered. They started lie to me saying it was delivered but they didn't have tracking info. Once the customer service directly hung up on me without letting me finish my sentence. I verified delivery method and address with them each time and everything was correct.

The last call was made on 9/15. Finally, they figured out the rug was delivered to the store instead of my address.

I called them so many times they kept telling me it would ship to my address but then they said they made mistakes so many times, it was already at their store!

I asked for re-shipping to my address and was refused with the reason "do not have the responsibility to ship third-vendor products". Their services are just so rude.

I file a complaint and they just deceived again telling me they already delivered it to me and if I didn't get it, it was the Express Company's responsibility. They want me file a claim with the Express Company. I cannot believe they played cheap trick to get off from their responsibility.

  • Sep 17, 2016

I bought couch from Ashley Furniture had never heard of dura blend was assured it was great leather. Also bought warranty. In no time it started cracking looks horrible. Called Ashley about warranty....of course this is not covered...not caused by a certain incident.. will not do anything wasted..expected couch to last me years...even tried to buy replacement cushions to help the looks...they are each over 100.00 and not guaranteed to match. Never intend to purchase from Ashley again and will let every one I know about their way of doing business.

  • Sep 15, 2016




  • Apr 5, 2016

Furniture is architecturally unstable. Structural plywood is OSB and is "sewn" together with staples. Also missing in one place. PLUS support for the back of the piece has the squared corner mating with a piece that runs diagonally. Support should be mitered to sit flush on the surface of the wood it mates to. Nails or staples spanning the huge gap to hold it together. And not faring well at all. Rep assured me my piece was constructed to the proper design. I asked for design and engineering prints to corroborate her assertion. I was told they didn't have them. HOGWASH! Ashley manufactures their own furniture. I filed a complaint with BBB. Ms Harris responded by deferring to the warranty THAT I PAID EXTRA for. I had repairs to my pieces 3 times within a 6-8 month period (if memory serves correctly) with an additional 3 calls where the repair tech was unprepared and did absolutely nothing. In one instance they didn't show up at the appointed time and then filed a report that he/she had shown up and no one was at home. Again COMPLETE HOGWASH!!!! We were home the entire day. I want them to take this crap back and issue a full refund.

  • Mar 5, 2016

I purchased my sofa and love seat just under 4 years ago and when I did, I also purchased the 5 yr warranty plan they offer for $169.00.

A couple of months ago, a cover for the love seat cushion ripped and we were unable to zip the cover back up. I called the warranty company, they processed the claim and told me it would be 4-6 weeks before I received my cover. 3 weeks later, I received an email from the warranty company to call them. When I did, I was told that Ashley Furniture is refusing to ship my product as I have moved out of the region. (I moved to Washington DC a month after I purchased the furniture). At this point they offered to refund the full amount of the warranty, but I declined.

I called Ashley in Pineville and they exaplined that they would have no problem shipping me cover, but the line of furniture I have has been discontinued and they do not have any extra parts. They sent me to customer care, who also stated that there was nothing they could do and they woudl refund the whoe amount of the warranty and I again declined.

The next day, I wrote a report to the local BBB. Customer Care contacted me again and tried to work out a solution to the issue. I requested that either thet replace they item that is damaged or provide me a full refund of the product. They again refused and this time told me, because I was out of their region, the warranty was null and void. When I explained that I have already fixed the cover by taking it to a local upholster, they at first refused to reimburse me for anything, but finally agreed to the cost of the repair, millage and a small additional amount for my time.

The other day, I came across all of my paperwork from the purchase of the sofa and loveseat. I started reading the contract and noticed that it does not say anything about the contract being void should the purchaser move out of the region. It does state that is damage occurs outside of the US, including District of Columbia, the warranty would be void. It also states, if the warranty company is unable to fix the item, that the full purchase price will be refunded or a substitue item will be granted.

I again called the warranty company and after a long conversation, they agreed to refund the full amount for the loveseat. I then called Customer Care and informed them that I did not appreciate being lied to. The agent told me that the warranty is void if the furniture is moved from the address that it was delivered to. (Complete opposite as to what I was told before) I explained, that the furniture was NOT delivered and that I picked it up from their warehouse. After the 5 seconds of silence, she just continued to say that because I moved, the warranty is void.

I have read the contract 3 times now and nothing states this. Should you have a problem, do not allow them to lie to you. They should not be selling this warranty product if they know they will not be able to fulfill a request should something happen.


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