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Arkansas Equipment Leasing

Country United States
State Arkansas
City Little Rock
Address 12024 I-30
Phone 501-455-2584

Arkansas Equipment Leasing Reviews

  • Feb 18, 2017

I've been with ael 12 years and the last truck i bought with ael had severe exhaust leaks and could not get them fixed. I was told by ael that they could not make the shops(calark,kenworth,international) fix these leaks, when i mentioned that they could because they owned the truck he said they will not spend any more money on repairs. Telling me i can continue to drive it or quit so i quit after last time i put it in the shop it still did not get fixed, the truck was unsafe from the carbon monoxide. So i was forced out by ael, and when i complained to central hauling safety/calark safety i was told by both departments that they have nothing to do with the safe opertions of ael trks(then why is there a safety department) if their only concerns is driver compliance but, not driver safety and health. I was over charged for repairs sometimes i would be charged 2 to 3 times for the same repair. if there is any x-ael driver with a law suite and need me to join let me know by commenting on this.

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