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Arizona Department of Economic Security

Country United States
State Arizona
City Glendale
Address 4425 W Olive Ave
Phone 602-252-4045

Arizona Department of Economic Security Reviews

  • May 8, 2020

I worked a majority of my life and I'm violently ill with diabetes and covid-19 and I applied for some help with food stamps and economic help and they spent 2 hours on the phone with the Arizona Department of Economic Security and they did not give it to me any Help... Now they're sending me 6 hours worth of running around in town to make photocopies to supply them with information I gave them over the phone?

They're trying to kill me. (Now if I said) No comprende? I would have received a food stamp card and my rent paid for..... but they don't like giving American citizens any help for the tax money that they've paid, they only want Americans to work and pay astronomical taxes to give to all of the illegal immigrants that get free handouts.

  • Jun 15, 2019

There was money taken out of my checking account and it was for the number 8556910909 and says it is for DHB Support out of Arizona. There was no other information and I have not authorized any purchases for anything online.

I dont even know what that is supposed to be. I'm very frustrated and I have a feeling I will now have to have my bank reset everything. I want to know what company this is and HOW they got my banking information!

  • Jun 5, 2017

The Division of Child Support Agency in Arizona will not apply my payments to the balance of my arrears. This has been a problem since 2007. They did not monitor custodial parent spending on the child support. During a hearing about visitation in 2008, the custodial parent admitted using drugs. The child is a adult now and is suffering with SMI. The SMI was by the custodial parent use of drugs and neglecting her child. She also violated the child support order by claiming the child on her taxes every year when she was to claim her every other year.

  • Feb 15, 2017

Arizona Department of Economic Security n/a Arizona State employees, sent out people of the public to watch me. In, 2013 the non-custodial parent State Taxes were intercepted and the State of Arizona payeed me LaToya H $2600.00 in DCSE Child Support. The child in question was removed from the home by Child Welfare Agency. I ,LaToya, did not know at that time, that my son was a VICTIM of a SEXUAL ASSAULT. I know now ! So, by the child receiving DCSE Child Support payments, from April 29, 2011 to present, those payments were supposed to be sent to me LaToya. And a record to the Social Security Administration (GOVERNMENT) and that the payment that the absent parent paid to me Social Security Administration, was supposed to deduct that payment from this said child whom has still not been returned back to my custody. His payee representative has mismanaged his Social Security Benefits, they never reported the income. So, the arrears that the absent parent has payeed to me, now the State of Arizona is recouping those said benefits. These unidentified perpetrators, are committing a crime of fraud, money laundering, and failure to report all assests that they have embezzled. Might i add that aiding and abetting while utilizing Hispanic and or Latino people, to promote and perputrate this criminal act is a crime. I will be contacting Consumer Affairs to Maricopa County : Attorney General Mark Brnovich, and ask respectfully that he submit charges to County Attorney (William) Bill Montgomery, and I do wish to " PRESS CHARGES" of "FRAUD". And to Sandra Day O'Connor , she'll love to hear how these so called professional people locked a mild retardation kid who grew up in the Arizona State's Division of Development Disability Services.

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