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Argosy University, Seattle

Country United States
State Washington
City Seattle
Address 2601 Elliott Avenue
Phone 206-283-4500

Argosy University, Seattle Reviews

  • Aug 11, 2017

I was accepted to the MA in Mental Health Counseling program at Argosy University Seattle in 2005 and after completing the entire program including all required course work with academic excellence as well as a full Practicum and Internahip, I was denied my degree. After a long 2 years process, investing over $130,00 dollars and 5 years of time, dedication and devotion to this program, a false complaint was submitted against me by a disgruntled ex-girlfriend and even though the allegations were completely fals, no documentation or evidence supporting the allegation were provided, Argosy took this information as true and stated that anyone can file a complaint against any Argosy student regardless if the complaint is true and will be subjected to disciplinary action. I fought the allegations for 5 years now and I have not been able to attain legal representation due to the financial burden created by Argosy to pursue this matter further. Argosy would not allow me to attain legal resprenaation while going through this process and dismissed me from the school after requesting that I provide them with medical documentation, contact information from all previous employers and medical records. Dr Roedel, Dr Clay, Dr Moore along with Sara Dewitt, and the administration staff all filed unethical complaints against me and requiring documentation that clearly violated my confidentiality in an effort to then deny me of attaining my degree that I clearly earned and dismissed me from the program.

During this process my aunt passed away and I attended her funeral back in Utah and they even requested that I provide them with a death certificate to prove that I attended this funeral even though it had nothing to do with the complaint. They request all medical documentation and a release of information for them to contact all the local hospitals as well as all former employers. When I stated that I had not for to any hospitals in the area since being a student at Argosy and this was a clear violation of me HIPPA rights they stated that I was not being cooperative. I also stated that my previous employment had nothing to do with me attendance in the program or my academic success in the program they stated that I violated ACA Codes of ethics but would not clearly state which codes I violated. I rebutted that any ACA ethical codes were violated as I was a student not a license professional working in the field so I could jot possible be held to ACA ethical codes as I was not a licensed professional. They again denied my opportunity for legal or student representation by an attorney or a civil rights representative from the school as they did not even have a civil right representative at the campus to represent student against unethical violations of civil liberties.

I desperately want my degree and I have tried diligently to obtain my degree at another school. However, due to the financial burden created by Argosy and the inability to transfer any graduate credits I wiuld have to compete an entire MA program all over again. Even after 3 years and reapplying to the MA program at Argosy in Utah, Argosy stated that I would have to do all the course work over again and would out transfer any credits even though the curriculum didn't change and I had clearly completed the entire program with outstanding academic success. I plead with anyone looking to attend any graduate program at Argosy to not do so and avoid the heart aches, financial burden and compete career ruining future that Argosy has created for me. Please, if there is any attorney willing to take on this case and represent the civil rights violations against me by Argosy please contact me immediately. If any organization is willing to join in on the fight with me please contact me immediately. If any other students or professional are willing to join me in the continued fight against civil liberty violations against Argosy please contact me immediately as well.

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