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Aquasana, Inc.

Country United States
State Texas
City Austin
Address 1609 Shoal Creek Blvd, Suite 200
Phone 866-662-6885

Aquasana, Inc. Reviews

  • Dec 25, 2017

I decided to purchase a AQ-5200 under counter water filtration system from Aquasana. When I placed my order over the phone, the salesperson offered me a discount and a free shower filter if I signed up for "Water For Life". I really didn't want the shower filter, but the salesperson insisted it was absolutely free and encouraged me to try it. I told the salesperson I didn't want that added to my "Water For Life" account.

A few weeks later, the parts came in the mail. There was nothing included that suggested the shower filter was anything but free as an inducement to use it and get that onto the replacement filter plan.

Aquasana put this onto my "Water For Life" account anyway, and has charged my credit card for a replacement filter. I called and told them I don't want it and want the charge removed from my credit card. This was refused under the claim that I had been told more than once that if I didn't send them the shower filter back within the initial 90 days that I was commited to buying the filters.

This is clearly credit card fraud.

  • Aug 8, 2017

Spent $1800 on whole home water filter and salt less water softner system from aquasana. Afterwards I noticed my faucets being ruined from hard water within a few months. I tested the water before and after the filters and found the exact same results. Nothing at all is being filtered. I was sold fake filtration canisters which do nothing at all. This company made another website reviewing whole home filters acting like it was a neutral third party review but just part of their scam which I'm sad to say I fell for.

  • Feb 14, 2017

I have a waterforlife contract for Aquasana home filter. They are suppose to charge my credit card and ship the filters twice a year. However I notice that they charged my credit account on 2/1/2017 for the filters. However I never received an email or any knid of notice of the charge. I called them and they said the filters will be shipped on 1/23/2017. That is a wooping 23 days after they had received my money. They never even sent an email to inform me of the credit card charge. This is very troubling to me. Since I did not receive any notification what would have happen if I was planning to move? What would happen if their shipping department makes a mistake and doesn't ship the filters? I beleive that all online credit charges should be followed with the sending of an email notification, followed by a shipped notification. I also beleive no company should charge a credit account without shipping the item or sending a tracking valid tracking number. SO BUYER BEWARE!! POSSIBLE SCAM!!! AQUASANA WATERFORLIFE program is a BIG question mark????

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