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Aquarius Motels

Country United States
State South Carolina
City Myrtle Beach
Address 204 Mr. Joe White Ave
Phone 843-448-7596

Aquarius Motels Reviews

  • Apr 4, 2016

I saw this ad for the Aquarius Motel weekly rental on Craig's list. First they reeled me in with the 125wkly 1bdrm that SURPRISE they didn't even have when i got there. but I was desperate for a place to stay so I settled for the 150 2bdrm. Then they surprised me again add on $18 tax. Seems like alot of tax to me but ok. After 3 months of on time payments I made one late after two days had to pay a $25 late fee. Understandable. But this time was different... I go to pay the now $193(because the rent goes up $25 till it gets 100 which then I would be paying $268wkly for this miserable place and weak services) and surprise again it's $196. A $3 tax to the raise in rent on top of the 18 tax already on the rent! I told her I didn't plan my budget around 196 I planned it around 193. They didn't say anything about and extra $12 a month. I didn't sign any paperwork stating a raise in rent or random tax additions. I get home after work with the extra $3 and there is a lock cover mechanism on my door knob. That wasn't there the last and only other time I didn't have the rent on time. My rent will go from 672 to 1084 a month for 1. a bed im not using, 2 . shotty wifi, 3. blown bulbs that haven't been changed almost a month now (so much for inspections), 4. so called house keeping that never happens. Nothing get cleaned and I can tell because I have purchased items to clean my room myself. Just tissue, a trash bag, and sheets that are still dirty get left for me to use. The 3 times I was actually in my room when house keeping began they would enter clean the filter from the air-conditioning walk around conversate wipe down stuff I already did. And leave but the floor needed to be vaccumed 2 of those times and I HAD TO ASK if some could please vacuum. Don't notice I already cleaned yet don't notice I havent cleaned the floor. They constantly update their Craigslist ad it still says the same info but when I ask if a 125 1bdrm has opened up they say no but will let me know. Lies and dishonest people. There are always drug bs going on every night after work. Loud arguements in the halls. They put on everyone's door that they were spraying for bugs yet I still caught Bed bugs afterwards. Same day the note said if they had to empty the drawers for them to spray that it would be $25 per drawer. Really! It's 4 drawers and you can barely got anything in them I don't have any closest space I keep all my stuff on the bags and cases I moved in the room with. I had to get a second job to try and keep up. I'm a military veteran after 8years of service I'm struggling and I didn't need this bs. Now I'm stuck with and can't even make enough to move!

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