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APSCO Appliance Center

Country United States
State Florida
City Largo
Address 2905 E Bay Dr
Phone 727-535-5585

APSCO Appliance Center Reviews

  • Oct 18, 2016

I had Apsco come out to repair my vacation rental condo's washing machine. The shocks were broken and needed to be replaced. To replace one of the shocks you must remove the air dome tube. Apsco repair person forgot to reattach the air dome tube. The air dome tube is a pressure tube/hose. If the pressure hose (air dome tube) is disconnected it will not allow the washing machine to shut off and keep filling up with water.

After the repair person left our renter started the washer and went to the beach. I received a call from our neighbor and said my condo is flooding and the carpet in the hall is filled with water. I rushed down, turned off the water to the condo, and surveyed the situation.

I called Apsco but since it was after hours they took my information and said someone would call back within the hour. While I waited for the call back I had my wife rent a wet/dry vac machine and 2 large commercial carpet blower fans.

While she was gone I took towels and soaked up as much water as I could.

With the wet/dry vac we were able to clean up the mess in about 4 hours. Had to leave the fans run for two days to dry the carpet. That night I went on-line to watch a video on how to replace shocks on my washing machine. After seeing the video I was able to see the missed step. It took Apsco 2 days to respond from my call that the washing machine was flooding the condo.

Stuff happens and I understand that but this is where I struggle and why I am filling this report. I have emailed Apsco 3 times as well as calling 2 or 3 times. I was given the individual person name (Laura) who I was told would respond to my emails and return my phone calls. She has done neither. All I wanted Apsco to do was pay for the rental usage of the dry vac and the commercial fans. But I can’t get them to answer me.

I will not do business with them again and I would suggest the same for you.

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