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Apple Inc.

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Apple Inc. Reviews

  • Jul 29, 2022

BLUF: Apple is making me wait for a replacement IPAD when they are in stock locally, and has terrible customer service. Avoid apple.

Full version. I spilled coffee on my IPAD charge port, killing it - would not recharge anymore. I took it to my local Apple Store in Village Point Omaha last Saturday as it's under Apple Care. The tech determined it would not charge and tried to read the serial number, but he could not.

Had he been able to they would have given me a replacement IPAD right there. They had to send it to the repair facility to read the serial number, then would email me. I received an email the following Tuesday that it would be replaced and they would send another email.

I called yesterday, and the replacement was not at the store. I called today and got to the store tech the manager, and they said I could not pick one up today as the replacement IPAD had not arrived. I pointed out there is no reason to wait - they had the serial number now so I should just be able to stop in. He said they had to wait for the one from the repair center to arrive then I could pick it up.

I countered with if they had the serial number last Saturday they would have given me one out of stock, he said that's not procedure... I told them I understood and told him I wanted to lodge a complaint - there is no reason for me to wait don't a restock to his store - to me the situation was totally the same as of last Saturday. I was reasonably polite but assertive.

I called up apple again asking how I could lodge a complaint, the tech said I could goto the website. I said that didn't work for me, and that I want to talk to a more senior person first. I got to Dee who listened, and then said he could help me get my IPAD today but had to call the depot. He put me on hold, then I got cut off. I called apple support back asking to talk to Dee.

They said they could not find him. I asked to be connected to the next level up. The person on the phone said the next level up did not want to talk to me and I should call the store back (total stonewalling and run around). I asked her to try again since they could not find Dee and they got random Senior advisors. She was not happy but tried again and I got through to Sahara.

Sahara was decently polite and repeated the same procedure I had to wait for the replacement from the repair facility to be shipped and received at the Village Pointe store in Omaha for them to give me a replacement. I again pressed they were going to give me one last Saturday, the repair place had told me on Tuesday (4 days ago) that they would replace it (enough time to ship), and the local store has these in stock.

She told me it was the procedure. I asked if I could talk to Dee. She said she was Dee's supervisor. I asked if she had looked into what Dee said. She said no. I asked for the next person up, she said she was the top of the line.

Throughout this I was trying to get her to understand my POV, I don't think she wanted to. I also said she or someone could just call up the Apple Store and authorize them to give me an IPAD today and wait for the restock to arrive - and IPAD is an IPAD. She said that was not the procedure.

So two major issues. First, there is no reason why I could not have gone from Tuesday to today, the following Saturday, to just get a replacement IPAD - I should not have to wait for the restock for something already in stock.

This is terrible customer service, and I will tell everyone I know to steer clear of apple. 2nd, I was assertive but I felt no one would listen, and when someone offered a solution I was cut off from him and then read the "company procedure" by Sahara, who made no attempt to see what Dee was up to and if he had a route to help me. this level of stonewalling and runaround is flatly unacceptable.

  • Jul 25, 2022

Today I recieved a charge of $129.81 on my main bank account. I did not recognize the charge but called the number and a apple representative informed me I signed up for a phone application called Marco Polo. I can not find any information about Marco Polo to post here.

The representative informed me if approved I might recive a refund in 30 days. The app was not very transparent about fees as we would never sign up for a pay messaging app. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told I was to not speak that way to the service rep. Then she hung up.

I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor. Adrian spent about twenty minutes how it takes 30 days if approved. I was told if I had not refuted a charge before it would have to be approve. Implying I was comitting fraud. Adrian then implied I had to sign up and agree to a paid subscription. That is not true. I explained this is unacceptable and will go through my bank to handle this.

Being our main bank account this may affect other pay services that use the card associated with apple pay. I have several apple products and will be switching over to android shortly. I can not have people taking money out of my bank account randomly. I would suggest not using or apple products unless you just dont care about your money. I did not authorize this charge. I did request a refund and was told maybe.

  • Jul 18, 2022

Flashd and owner Courtney Vucekovich are not only hard to deal with, rude, but also provide bad service. She threatened someone I know when she wasn’t happy with the service provided and wanted a refund. Ask anyone else about this business and it’s bully owner and you’ll probably find out pretty quickly that the communication is awful unless you ask for your money back then she won’t leave you alone.

Just another entitled pretty white girl that can’t stand when someone stands up to her and resorts to threats. I feel sorry for her stylists, friends, boyfriend or husband, and family members, since she probably treats them all like her customers.

  • Jun 25, 2022

On Friday, March 25, 2022, I ordered an iPhone 12 MagSafe case from the online store. Delivery windows were either “Next Day” or sometime in May. I did not want to wait until May, so I paid extra for next-day shipping. I live in a highrise apartment complex.

I got text-message notifications of the delivery status throughout the day, I didn’t pay close attention. My building has a concierge who can sign for packages; access to the residential floors is limited. I routinely pick up my deliveries from the concierge desk. I’m busy and I have NO reason to plan my day around a delivery to my door.

While I was at the gym on the upper floor of my complex, I got a phone call and then a text message notification from a delivery driver telling me he was at my door and needed someone to sign for the package. I can see why someone would need to sign for a $3,000 computer, which Apple routinely sells … but a $50 iPhone case?

I asked him to bring it to the gym upstairs, or to leave it with the concierge desk. He told me that “the app” doesn’t allow him to do that. Within minutes he informed me that he had marked the package as undeliverable and would be returning it to Apple, who would refund my money.

I became very angry at the inconvenience, demanding that he take reasonable action or get authorization from Apple, since he was at my building and at my door. The concierge could even sign for the package. He then informed me that he was actually an Uber Eats driver, and the app would not allow him to do it. I argued with him by text, but ultimately he left and I did not get my iPhone case.

I did get my refund, but here are my takeaways …

1. Apple, a nearly $3 trillion company, failed to deliver an iPhone case to a residential address, something that Amazon and a million other eCommerce companies do routinely every day. This is 2022.

2. Apple subcontracted delivery to Uber Eats, and as a result of a string of empowerment failures the Uber Eats delivery person (i) walked into my building with my phone case, (ii) walked up to my DOOR with my phone case, (iii) walked AWAY from my door with my phone case, (iv) walked OUT of my building with my phone case, and (v) returned my phone case to Apple, all while I was IN THE BUILDING and a concierge was on duty to take deliveries.

3. Already inconvenienced, I spent some time on chat support and phone support to see if Apple would resolve their incompetent handling of the situation. They had to do better than a refund. I was passed around to five people before I told the fifth person, who tried to pass me off again “No, I am not getting passed off again. I have been inconvenienced enough. I have talked to five people, which means your company had five chances to solve the problem, and because no one did, it’s going to be a PR problem for Apple and Uber Eats because I’m going to make as many consumer reports as I can about this.”

I have not reordered my phone case because I am livid at the incompetence. I demand satisfaction in the form of a phone case free-of-charge and an apology. It’s not about the money. It’s about owning the colossal mistake.

  • May 4, 2022

The following is the letter I sent to Apple Support: Hereby I'm presenting my request that you erase my still presumed present debt to Apple.

Apple representatives have made me waste enough of my time in order to simply accept the fact that the Apple administrative department has been swindling me throughout all of 2021 by overcharging me every month and directing most of my monthly payments to anything but towards the products I purchased which were:

Iphone: $1368.00 Ipad: $1298.00 Total 1: $2666.00 Plus the following monthly services: iCloud storage: $2.99 Netflix: $15.99 Microsoft Word $7.99 Plus about $100 in apps Total 2: $26.97 x 12 months = $324.00 + $100 = $424 Total 1 + Total 2 = $3090 And this is, approximately, and even by defect, what I have paid so far from February 2021 to February 2022 = $3650.00 Therefore, I request that Apple not only declares my debt to them to be paid off but also give me a refund for whatever amount they owe me so far!

  • Apr 20, 2022

On March 30, 2022 I went to the high-volume T-mobile store #9102 at 18154 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, Tx 78232, to upgrade my wife’s Galaxy 8 to an iphone 13. I worked with Alejandro P., known to be a great tech employee. Her phone is Android OS 9 in perfect working order. No known problems.

Alejandro setup both old and new phones on the store’s wifi isolated for upgrade use only. He ran Move to IOS and I was told this was the only solution that Apple offers to customers to move from android to iOS. In past years T-mobile had a mechanical device that moved everything over flawlessly. Over the next hour, five transfer attempts were made. All were failures.

Next a cable was connected between both phones and a successful transfer was made. I took the phone home only to find out that the only thing that transferred over were the contacts. I took the phone back to the store and was informed that if we tried again, the phone would be wiped clean by the move to iOS app. At this point, we were missing 7000 pictures and over 10,000 text messages many from a person who is now deceased.

I took the phone home and moved the photos myself by backing them up from her android to a personal computer, and then moving them through a iTunes transfer to the new iPhone 13. The next day I tried over 20 apps that are in three categories: first from the iOS Apple store, then I tried apps from Google play, and finally I tried desktop apps. In all I spent about 30 hours and no app out there could transfer the texts from android to iOS.

On 04/05/2022 11am I called Apple Support, and got Ankiea in Canada, in 40 minutes I was offered absolutely no solution whatsoever. At this point I went to Google play and found out that Move to iOS was possibly the worst app on the entire platform. I was then connected to a high-level tech at Apple named Ray in Indiana. My case number Is 101671416268.

I was on the phone for 45 minutes with Ray and he offered no solution except for the destruction of the data on our phone and Try yet a 7th or 8th or 9th or 10th try of using move to iOS. NO VIABLE SOLUTION WAS OFFERED. I used to have respect for Apple as a company, and now I have absolutely zero respect for them. They just don’t care.

On 04-13-22 I called Apple support again and they gave me a high level tech named Jason in FL. He was reading from a script that used the exact same words that the two previous support agents had used. The end result is no migration from android to iOS is plausible. In fact there are over 83,000 negative reviews on Google play for Apple’s horrible software called Move to iOS.

This app is a complete failure. I noticed that there are over 83,000 negative reviews for this app. More than 50% people cannot upgrade using move to IOS. This is a complete Apple Team Failure. Because Apple cares so little about about correctly upgrading from android to IOS, I completely recommend that you keep your android phone.


  • Apr 13, 2022

On March 30, 2022 I went to the high-volume T-mobile store #9102 at 18154 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, Tx 78232, to upgrade my wife’s Galaxy 8 to an iphone 13. I worked with Alejandro P., known to be a great tech employee. Her phone is Android OS 9 in perfect working order. No known problems.

Alejandro setup both old and new phones on the store’s wifi isolated for upgrade use only. He ran Move to IOS and I was told this was the only solution that Apple offers to customers to move from android to iOS. In past years T-mobile had a mechanical device that moved everything over flawlessly. Over the next hour, five transfer attempts were made. All were failures.

Next a cable was connected between both phones and a successful transfer was made. I took the phone home only to find out that the only thing that transferred over were the contacts. I took the phone back to the store and was informed that if we tried again, the phone would be wiped clean by the move to iOS app. At this point, we were missing 7000 pictures and over 10,000 text messages many from a person who is now deceased.

I took the phone home and moved the photos myself by backing them up from her android to a personal computer, and then moving them through a iTunes transfer to the new iPhone 13. The next day I tried over 20 apps that are in three categories: first from the iOS Apple store, then I tried apps from Google play, and finally I tried desktop apps. In all I spent about 30 hours and no app out there could transfer the texts from android to iOS.

On 04-13-22 I called Apple support again and they gave me a high level tech named Jason in FL. He was reading from a script that used the exact same words that the two previous support agents had used. The end result is no migration from android to iOS is plausible. In fact there are over 83,000 negative reviews on Google play for Apple’s horrible software called Move to iOS.

This app is a complete failure. I noticed that there are over 83,000 negative reviews for this app. More than 50% people cannot upgrade using move to IOS. This is a complete Apple Team Failure. Because Apple cares so little about about correctly upgrading from android to IOS, I completely recommend that you keep your android phone.


  • Sep 13, 2021





Do not buy from Apple or LG.

Neither will honor the warranty. They will waste your time sending you back-and-forth between themselves until you give up or the exchange time limit passes. Do not be patient or you will be $%[email protected]%. You probably are anyway.

Either you pony up $6K for a 5K apple monitor or go with the $2000 LG model and throw your money away because its the worst monitor I have ever seen, it literally disintegrated.

The frame came apart at the glued notches and the weight cracked the frame until it fell completely apart, literally within a couple of months you have rubble on your desktop.

LG refuses to acknowledge the problem with several support stalling tactics to try to get you to give up (they assumed I had bought product direct but when they finally sent my link 5 months later to submit proof of purchase - they couldn't close the case fast enough - DECLINED WARRANTY SUPPORT NOT A DIRECT LG PURCHASE-YOUR SERVICE CONTACT IS APPLE).

Apple again sent me back to LG refusing all responsibility, even though the monitor was created for apple computers.

The rep was so disinterested and not paying enough attention to understand that it took 5 months to get LGs attention, and instead asked if I wanted to be transfered to sales?

  • Sep 1, 2021

Upon restarting my IPhone, I was unable to enter password. After several days of trying to obtain help and innumerable chats and phone conversations, I am now unable to even contact them at, receive error message to try later. I give up, going back to Android.

  • Jun 26, 2021

I have had issues with my Macbook Pro M1 (1TB, 16GB) since the rst day I have received it around December 24th, 2020 after spending $2000 on this new machine.


1. One port does not function properly and keeps disconnecting from hard drives.

2. Battery gives me 3-4 hours. It fell from 99% battery health to 94% after the last factory around June 15th, 2021. (Now 91%)

This was a brand new Macbook Pro, therefore, I should not have had such issues. It has been 6-7 months, I have been on the phone with Apple over 14 times and have conducted 7-8 factory resets on this system.

Further, I have dropped this system off to the Apple store three times, once for 3 weeks, then 1 week, and then for about a day. I was told that I should not have this issue again, yet it re-occurs. I would like to have a call from Apple HQ to speak to an executive.

I should not have to be without my computer used for work for over 4 weeks, then again for 2 weeks for a repair that should have taken place and that too over 6 months I have had the computer. This is a defective unit as confirmed by the Apple Employee at Apple Mall of Georgia on June 26, 2021. I had requested a report copy from her in person and over the phone with another representative when I received a call from a company employee, both denied stating company policy does not allow me to have a copy of a diagnostic report for my own computer. I have spent 3 weeks of PTO waiting on the computer and am preparing for another 2 weeks of no computer, unpaid time off, unless I purchase another computer as a backup. Ridiculous


Replace the same machine with a new one instead of having me go in for service over and over again. The new machine should give me a 1 year warranty also.

  • Jun 16, 2021

They created a keyboard so problematic that there is a recall on it. I had mine replaced and was told that I could keep having it replaced. When I went to replace it again they said there was a time limit. $500 for poor engineering and no warranty on the repair.

  • Mar 15, 2021

I bought some audible book credits through Amazon. Audible agreed to give me a refund. They billed though Apple. Apple is refusing to give me a refund. It is now too late to file a dispute with my credit card.

Apple lost all my business. I will never give them a penny for any product in the future. In the past I've bought every conceivable Apple Product. Desktops, five laptops, four WiFi access points, two Apple watches. Apple is so greedy, they can't give me a refund for something I NEVER RECEIVED?

Additionally, I cancelled my Cloud storage and they have not cancelled it despite multiple requests they do so. I am no disputing this with my Credit Card Company.

I have also filed a Better Business Bureau dispute and am requesting arbitration.

Way to go APPLE. You turned a fan of your company, into someone that HATES YOU.

  • Nov 10, 2020


I got MacBookPro in 2017. In 2020 I got PINK LINES over sudden. I am a computer geek, so I quickly went online to see how I could trouble shooting and to my shock had learned that 1000 if not 10000s are having identical issues. Apple was informed according to many of forum posts, but Apple negligently playing studio saying: “Oh you must have dropped y our laptop” Yes, OK for 10000s of laptop buyers who purchased their MacBookProo in 2017 over sudden dropped their laptops at the same time! See only a few link below from the YouTube of many users having the same issue, each video has 100s of comments reporting that they had identical issues.

I have brought my computer to the Apple store, I have shown all the videos, asked to talk to and talked to the general manager Khalil, telling me that it is the manufacturer issue. Regardless, I was asked to pay over $700.00 per repair. Apple is making an extra $700.00 on a lot of the laptops that were sold in 2017. You can buy a new laptop of that year from any other brand that will be a way better quality. Apple I negligent and found a way of how to double their profit. Most people, like myself, work on line, so the laptop is the bread and butter…

  • Jul 27, 2020

My name is Larise Kia and I am the owner of Bindupoint, a meditation and yoga center in Encino, CA. Bindupoint was established in August 2018 and during the year and a half we were open, we were able to grow into a well-known community business. Though still new, we were gaining a lot of momentum moving into 2020. As you are aware, my business was then forced to close due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I had to do what was necessary to keep my business alive and therefore, I moved all the classes onto a virtual platform. It has been a great challenge, but this has allowed me to hold on to some of our clients while we cannot hold in-person classes.

Last week, I received an email stating that Apple is no longer allowing us to place our virtual classes on our App, unless we make them an “in-app purchase” and therefore allow Apple to take 15-30% of the payment received. As a small business who is struggling to keep my doors open during this pandemic, I simply cannot afford to pay Apple 15-30% of everything that is coming in, which is already much less due to the challenges of virtual classes. They are taking advantage of the situation and benefitting from our struggle.

I am reporting Apple for monopolizing during this pandemic and creating a challenge that small businesses will not be able to overcome. I am doing everything in my power to not completely shut down my business and large corporations should not be able to extort small businesses in this way. Please help to right this wrong and allow me to promote my online classes via app without allowing Apple to benefit from the current situation.

  • Jul 27, 2020

Applecare is worthless. On three seperate calls, the wait for a live person had been no less than 30 minutes and no less than another 20 minutes to be transfered to the correct department. I paid alot of money for my Apple and service, the service I am not getting. I would like my money back.

  • Jul 22, 2020

I called and asked for a supervisor and she took my information gave me a claim number as well as her direct phone number and said she will call me Sunday (today is Thursday 07/24/2020). Later I got a receipt for the purchase from Apple for 91.14 for which $74.99+tax (80.55) was the error purchase. Then a hour later I got a email from someone named a Jade saying he reviewed my problem and said I would not get a refund.

I even contacted Lily’s Garden support waiting on them to verify purchase and cancel it so my money can b3 put back in my account. Wow it’s not enough I spend thousands with Apple to be ripped off without a condom. The purchase showed up but I did not touch a coin, because I would never spent $74.99 for a game package. Apple said they are refusing my refund because I had too many in the past, years ago my grandchildren ran up a hell a bill and they had to refuse my money.

But to turn around and flat out say we are not giving you a dime of your money back, it was your mistake hitting the wrong price. This is highway robbery Apple style. And I am pissed. I wish I could post receipt, email and error purchase.

  • May 29, 2020

After three hours on the phone and internet I was still unable to speak with any person, just machines or text boxes. After answering ALL of the machine questions and filling in all of the text boxes all you end up with is, your back at your original starting point. Or even worse you sit on hold for a person who never comes on line or the chat person that doesn't chat.

As they say, thats a hell of a way to run a railroad.

I suppose if a company has problem hardware or software it would be best to NEVER respond to the consumer. For many years I have thought that Micro Soft was as bad as it coould get. Shame on me. They have nothing on Apple. If there were gold medals for such thing I think Apple would have tham all.

As they said on night court, the tv show, with my medication and this very satisfying vent "I'm feeling much better now"

I really believe that chat or phone support from someone who is untrained, not very conversant in English, working for minimum wage or with a really bad attitude would be better than being ignored.

  • May 1, 2020

I purchased a new MacBook Pro from Apple February 2018 that proved to be a Lemon. When I purchased this device, I was also not informed about the known defects of the logic board, keyboard, top case and battery even though these defects had been fully documented and admitted by Apple.

In June, it needed the keyboard and top case repaired as well as a new battery: all of which should have been covered by my warranty. However, Apple forced me to pay $500 for these based on their claim, but no proof, of water damage. As well, the total cost for these repairs should have only been $250.

Within the 1st year of ownership, I had 58 telephone remote sessions to fix the many problems with this device. On one of these sessions, a senior technician insisted I delete hundreds of system files. Aftwards, the basic functions of my computer no longer worked. This was documented by three separate remote sessions that followed in which other technicians documented the issues caused by the other technician. When I complained about this to Apple, they refused to take any responsibility or action.

Soon afterwards, my defective logic board failed in April 2019. This computer was only 14 months old, yet Apple STILL refused to deem it a lemon and was going to force me to pay for a known defective part. Since logic boards only fail if defective, they had no right to insist this was my fault. An end used cannot break a logic board!

I fought hard to get justice and finally found someone who told me the repairs would be done at Apple's expense. When I picked my computer up from the Apple store, it was given to me at no charge. It then never worked again. Since Apple refused to replace it, I had to save up to buy a new one, which I did in November of 2019.

I had not been to the store for 9 months since retrieving the previously broken device. I now needed a genius bar appointment for my iMac after it was hacked. I scheduled this appointment for February 16, 2020. When I arrived for my appointment, a very nasty woman in the store told me I was "not allowed" to enter the store and handed me a No trespass Notice claiming I was banned from ALL Apple stores forever!! When I asked why, she told me I still owed $500 for the logic board replacement from 9 months prior. I was shocked.

The Notice itself was invalid. No authorizing party signed it or had jurisdiction over "all Apple stores". I was not given the required written notification and notice of my right to appeal within 10 days of the notice creation. The Notice did not state the reason I was being punished and was authored by a Mall security company who had gone out of business. It also gave no end date for the restriction.

I wrote a letter requesting the revocation of this notice on March 5th, 2020 and sent it to a Mr. Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer reporting to CEO Tim Cook. He oversees Apple’s entire worldwide operations, as well as customer service and support. On March 30, I was contacted by a Ms. Anne Vincent, from Apple's Retail Executive Relations, who claimed to want to help me resolve this matter.

She did not, however, address my request to revoke this. Instead, she did a one-sided “investigation" for which I was not allowed a defense. Apple intentionally denied me critical information I needed by suddenly removing all records of repairs and remote sessions for this computer from my online account.

After Ms. Vincent's clearly biased "investigation", she offered me the following settlement: I was required to pay the $500 for the defective part installed in my already non-functional laptop from a year ago. In return, I would not be given a written settlement or any guarantees of revocation of the No Trespass Notice! As well, I would not be given a single document in writing showing I owe this $500 and no receipt for paying it.

As if anyone would agree to such an unfair offer. I insisted that Ms. Vincent allow me to present a defense to prove how unfair Apple's actions had been. She agreed and I wrote her back citing 20 separate reasons documenting Apple's unfair behavior. She promised to present my arguments, then called me back 5 days later with the exact same unfair offer!! Not one of my facts presented had been considered.

Apple is violating so many of my rights it is unbelievable! They have now put me in a position where I cannot win and will never have any rights. Even if I pay them for this year-old repair, I am still unable to go to any store should I need to use my service contracts.

One last point I need to make is that I have been a long time, loyal customer of Apple products and recently spent $10K in equipment for my small business. What did I get in return for my loyalty? Betrayal, injustice, breached contracts, a refusal of accountability, cruel and unnecessary treatment, months of frustration and duress, and a serious abuse of power.

Even when I explained that the current Covid 19 pandemic caused me to lose 100% of my income and asked them to forgive the $500, they refused. Meanwhile, Apple posted its first quarter earnings of a record $58 billion in profits! They still insist that Apple deserves this $500 despite the hardship it will cause me.

No corporation could possibly be more abusive or unfair at a time when everyone else is focused on helping one another get through this unprecedented crisis and financial disaster.

I dare them to prove me wrong!

Per Apple's Lemon policy, I should have received a replacement computer.

  • Dec 15, 2019

There are 85 pages in the apple community forum where the new iPhone 11 does not connect car headsets echo devices. It keeps dropping the connection. I called multiple times and they keep blaming it on the Bluetooth devices and tell you to take your car to a dealer to update the firmware so it can work and the dealers look at you like you are on drugs.

Everything from Volvo, BMW Toyota it won't connect and this is a hands-free state you can't hold device and drive. Now after two failed iPhone 11's they are actually erasing my concern and threatening to remove me from Apple community. Example:

Apple Support Communities

Hi IT (Juventus011),

In the past, you submitted a number of posts to the Apple Support Communities site that were inappropriate. At that time, we contacted you to let you know about our submission guidelines and examples of appropriate and inappropriate postings.

This message is your last warning. If you send any more inappropriate posts, we may suspend your ability to use the Apple Communities site. We may also block the Internet Provider address(es) you post from and notify your Internet Service Provider.

If you create new Apple ID(s) and post inappropriate content, we’ll disable the ID(s) without warning.

You can read our submission guidelines here: Apple Support Communities Use Agreement

We’ve included a copy of your most recent post below.


Apple Support Communities Staff

It's insane Apple is doing this, they vene erased some of my complaints and threatened to remove me from Apple Discussion. I have issues with all my bluetooth devices and I went through two of them the 11's that is. My old Iphone 6S works fine with same software

his is a send-only account. Replies received at this address are automatically deleted.

  • Jun 18, 2019

I purchased an Apple iPhone 8 in September 2017 and experience no major issues until last night (June 18, 2019). I was using my phone when the screen suddenly went black and started to overheat. I do not mean it was getting warm...I mean it was getting extremely hot that it started to burn my fingers and I had to put the phone down on the table.

The unit kept getting increasingly hot, I was surprised the housing did not melt. I feared that the phone was going to explode or start a fire. I immediately called Apple Support but no one was available to take my call (after 10:00 PM) so I let the phone sit overnight to cool down. First thing in the morning, the phone has finally cooled but it would not power on. I tried a forced restart but it still would not power on so I made an appointment to take the phone to the Apple Store to be diagnosed.

The Apple tech performed an integrated current checker but was unable to power the phone up. When I asked what had caused the malfunction/failure, he stated that he could not diagnose the problem because it would be more costly to inspect the internal components, but thought is was either a port issue for a defect in the motherboard. Instead, he offered to sell me another phone (could be new, refurbished or a replacement..>throw of the dice<) at out-of-warranty costs ($349.00 plus tax). I would not have expected that a brand new phone would have a catastrophic failure after 1 1/2 years of normal use.

I noted several other similar complaints/issues raised by other Apple iPhone owners but no adequate remedies. Am considering taking legal action since obviously Apple is aware of some problem with their phones overheating. Why should a consumer be responsible for a substantial hardware failure or manufacturer's defect? I feel cheated.

  • Jun 17, 2019

Apple first of all bought Texture unlimited magazine app, then falsely promotes Apple News+ as the replacement.

Apple’s $9.99 fee to view magazines and news outlets offers nothing except what you could find on the internet for FREE. Then Apple is trying to get you to pay for subscriptions, which can be purchased directly and not pay $9.99 additional.

Apple is falsely promoting a service that has no value for the consumer.

  • Mar 23, 2019

Itunes GO said to rebuild the library on my new computer to just attach the ipod and follow the prompts - did that and instead of rebuilding the library, it erased everything - the customer support said that they couldn't help unless i had backed everything up - and i was following their directions to do that and lost thousands of songs - will never buy another apple product again !!!!They could not explain what had happened and no one could .

  • Feb 7, 2019

My IPhone Kept resetting

  • Jan 29, 2019

Well here I am in an APPLE Censored space. Guess I will go to Ripoff so people can see the facts.

Called Apple support about problems related to reading a flash drive.

1) Apple wanted to 'share a session' with me. The Apple Support person did NOT know how to start the session. Told me to install Mohave to fix. Which I started. Had to schedule a call back.

2) Callback on time, but person disconnected after a few minutes and NEVER called back. Guess they wanted to keep their performance stats up.

3) Called again. This person said that my iCloud connection was disconnected. Had me reconnect iCloud. This was on Jan 28.


********** TOTAL DISASTER ***********************

Why Would anyone design a system like this???????????

Apple Engineers say I AM SCREWED.

I went to my backup service CARBONITE and they had FAILED to back me up since Jan 3, 2019.

Gave many lame excuses.

Complete and total failure by Apple and Carbonite.

No explanation why Apple would ever have iCloud OVERWRITE a current file with a back level file.

  • Nov 27, 2018

Apple released an update which rendered my phone useless. After the update I can no longer hear anything on incoming and outgoing calls and the speaker button is greyed out. With little research I found that this is a very popular issue with Iphone 7's and Apple has even released articles regarding this issue.

I went to the genius bar and they said my options were to pay 319$ for a repair that may not work or trade in for a new phone. This is extortion, I payed 8004 for this phone and I did not drop it or get it wet and because of an update i am being forced to pay 300$ - 1200$ for a new phone. I spoke to a representative from Apple support and was basically told that maybe i could get a headset and that might help but Apple was washing their hands of this issue. Its a shame that hard working people are being treated like this just for the company to make a dollar at the expense of little guys like me who cannot afford to buy new items all the time.

  • Nov 16, 2018

Purchased Macbook Pro 9/10/18. Would not power on 10/15. Taken to Apple Store 10/19. Pickep up after repair 10/22. Would not power on again 10/25. Taken to Apple certified repair center 10/26. Picked up 11/2 after same components were replaced. Would not power on again on 11/15. Was told after 2nd repair by Nathan Kozee, Apple Senior Advisor, that if 2nd repair did not fix the issue that I would get exchange for new unit but I have to ship my broken unit to Apple then they would ship me a replacement. I said that's not acceptable because there are 2 Apple stores I can pick up a new unit.

Other option was that my credit card would be charged the cost of a new Macbook Pro, they would ship me a new one, and once my broken unit was received the cost would be released. I can't do that because I don't have a credit card with enough available credit on it. Still no new unit, no working Macbook and I am having to make arrangements with work to travel another time when I have a computer. Clearly Apple knew of issues with the solid state drives installed in their 2017 Macbook Pros and this is not an isolated incident, yet they still wanted me to endure through 3 repairs before they gave me a new unit. Here is the link to one report of the issues: and another:

  • Nov 16, 2018

I bought an IPhone 7 through my ATT account and paid it off to cancel my phone in the States for 6 month employment overseas. I bought a SIM card from the local phone company where I’m staying to have access to phone here. I forgot my Apple ID and was asked to verify who I am with my credit card information, which I did. I was told that since I cancelled my US phone number, I’d need another to have my password reset instructions texted to that particular number. I used the number of the employee in the phone store and was told that he’d get a text message shortly with reset instructions. This was over three weeks ago and he has gotten no text. I went online and was told that I’d have instructions emailed to me. Still, nothing.

I tried to use my husband’s phone number to reset my Apple password and was told that I had to use the original number, I.e., that of the phone store employee. I entered my credit card number again, to verify that it was me, the same card the phone was purchased with, and still haven’t gotten any instructions on resetting my IPhone password. I’m now in a foreign country with an almost $800 iPhone that I’m not able to use because of password reset restrictions. I cannot use the SIM card on this phone and am therefore unable to call anyone. Needed to call authorities here last night and was unable to do so. Apple does not give out an email address, so I’m unable to email anyone.

Short of losing all of my information on this phone, which is legally mine, as I’ve paid for it, there is no way for me to reset my Apple password to begin using this SIM card that I’ve purchased. I’m having a hard time understanding Apple’s inability, or unwillingness, to accommodate me. I’ve provided sufficient information to confirm my identity. If this issue isn’t resolved this week, I will purchase a different phone brand and sue Apple for putting me in this situation.

  • Jul 29, 2018

Apple claims their iPhone X is supposedly IP67, when even the rain can get the water sensor tripped as it happened to me. They're misleading customers into believing their phones can withstand up to 1 meter under water and then declining warranty service once they get the customer claims a faulty phone saying it has water damage and expecting to collect $549 from customers, what a ripoff!

  • Jul 24, 2018

ME Greetings Mrs. Deirdre O’Brien, My name is D and I would care to set a time with you to discuss the position Dispatch Associate at your convenience. my email is beho Thank you for your time. Thu, 3:15 AM SCAM Good Morning D I believe you are ready for the job Briefing and Interview? Recruitment • Thu, 6:31 AM Good Morning D I believe you are ready for the job Briefing and Interview? Recruitment • Thu, 9:56 A ME ....Please what is that I need to do, and good afternoon I have an apointment at one but will be back at 2:30pm please instruct me in what it is I need to do. Thank you dearly...Dove SCAM....Just notify me once available by 2:30 pm as i will be here to brief you on how to proceed . ME....Wonderful thank you Mrs. O`Brien SCAM...You are welcome Recruitment • Thu, 12:39 PM ME....Mrs. O`Brien, thank you for your time. Please inform me of the briefing and thank you. Code code: APP-379 It appears you are away from you desk...therefore please give me a time that I will comfortablely meet with you. and I will make the time. SCAM...I am available now ME...wonderful! SCAM....let's get started..I want you to know that your quick response is highly appreciated OK The name of the company is Apple Inc.

Apple is shaped by its values. It is a company committed to succeeding in the long run and in putting customers' needs at the center of its business. This will not happen without a strong brand, one that clearly defines who they are and what they stand for.

Here is the company website; You may review the website while we proceed .... Okay? ME....great SCAM...THE POSITIONS AVAILABLE ARE : Data entry,office assist,admin clerk,Front desk,sales manager,sales rep,auditing,book keeping,customer care,health care,Marketing, insurance,Executive assist ,payroll clerk,medical biller, dispatcher,Security, vocational rehabilitation counselor, vocational case manager,medical case manager, case management supervisor, typist clerk,Program Manager,maintenance, Compliance/Risk Manager, Pension Manager, Project Development ,Receptionist Construction, CDL Driver and Front desk, Human Resources Manager, Typist Clerk , Recruiter and IT jobs.. positions,others etc

Which of the above position is your field of specialty? ME...It would be Front Desk; and Receptionist HER....Excellent ..I am Mrs. Deirdre O’Brien Apple’s vice president of Human Resources I joined Apple in 1988 and today runs a global organization dedicated to delivering the world’s best products to customers everywhere, and has been an invaluable asset to the company since. also part of the board of directors of (Apple Inc.). I received a bachelor’s degree in Operations Management from Michigan State University and an MBA from San Jose State University. .

Please introduce yourself indicating your full Names, Sex, and location? ME....Please to meet you Mrs. O`Brien my name is Do ia, I live in Waterloo IA and am female Would the position be out of my location of elsewhere? SCAM....The Company is undergoing an Expansion project in Waterloo IA which is why we are recruiting ..It's a pleasure communicating with you Dove DiGiovannia ..The name of the company is Apple Inc.

(Technology company) .Just follow the briefing and you can ask questions when i am through. Let me know when you have finished reading every line. You will be allowed to ask questions later.With each line just respond with an OK or YES...Okay? ME....Yes, SCAM.....Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. The company's hardware products include the iPhone smartphone, the iPad tablet computer, the Mac personal computer, the iPod portable media player, the Apple Watch smartwatch, the Apple TV digital media player, and the HomePod smart speaker. Apple's software includes the macOS and iOS operating systems, the iTunes media player, the Safari web browser, and the iLife and iWork creativity and productivity suites, as well as professional applications like Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, and Xcode. Its online services include the iTunes Store, the iOS App Store and Mac App Store, Apple Music, and iCloud.

Apple is the world's largest information technology company by revenue and the world's second-largest mobile phone manufacturer after Samsung. In February 2015, Apple became the first U.S. company to be valued at over US$700 billion. The company employs 123,000 full-time employees and maintains 499 retail stores in 22 countries as of December 2017. It operates the iTunes Store, which is the world's largest music retailer. As of January 2016, more than one billion Apple products are actively in use worldwide.Apple's worldwide annual revenue totaled $229 billion for the 2017 fiscal year. The company enjoys a high level of brand loyalty and has been repeatedly ranked as the world's most valuable brand. You can look me up on the Company website making use of this link ( )

Headquarters: Apple Park, 1 Apple Park Way, Cupertino, California, U.S.

Let me know once you are done reading... ME....finished SCAM....We are currently working on setting up more branches thats why we are employing online, but when the new office near you is ready you can be assign to one of them that is if you qualify after the interview...

The closest office location to you will be completed estimated three months from now. The position and job done for now will be done from home till the office is completed and: As soon as you are confirmed qualified, the company will provide you with complete office equipments to setup a mini office at home. You will be assigned to the nearest office as soon as its completed, but that is if you are confirm qualified and accepted for this position... Okay ? ME....this sounds great! SCAM....The skills and experience on your resume would be a valuable asset to our company. Under your region for now we have 47 Full time/Part time employees, 25 Flexible Contract workers and 9 Superior Officers. The Flexible Contract workers are known as the Younger Workers and there training will last for one month, due to they only have the necessary skills, but lack the needed experience. Your training will last for just one weeks due to you already have the required skills and experience

We have three working sections which are ( Morning, Evening and Full day ).. The Morning section begins from 8am-1pm, Evening section 2pm-7pm, Full day section cover's both Morning and Evening sections with one hour break between 1pm and 2pm, Monday to Friday. You are to choose a convenient section weekly...Okay? and an excellent opportunity as I was just checking out the posted site. Thank you Mrs. OBrien ME....Evening section please SCAM....This is an Office/ Online and work from home job the working hours are flexible and you can chose to work from anywhere of your choice

Our Goal is to help our clients achieve success. We do this because of our complete focus and commitment on quality You will be working online from home for now, the working hours are flexible and you can choose to work from anywhere of your choice, the pay is $45.0/hr per hour during full working hours and the training is $20.0/hr and will get payment weekly via check or direct deposit. Working 30 to 40 hours weekly, if you are considered for this position you will be working as a full employee and not an independent contractor..Okay? ME....Yes I understand! SCAM....RESPONSIBILITIES/DUTIES: Heavy Data entry/administrative tasks Updating client information in computer system Running and processing multiple documents utilizing Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access Inputting purchase orders Other various administrative tasks,Inputs information from a variety of sources into a computer database.

May take customer orders and enter them into a pre-established tracking system Assignments will be sent to you via e-mail or IM and you will report directly to your immediate supervisor...Can you handle these duties? ME....Yes, I have done a great deal of work in these areas before and confident that I can assume the position. SCAM....We offer a Total Rewards package that includes competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and excellent growth opportunities. We also offer a tuition-reimbursement program for team members interested in furthering their education. Benefits include:

Competitive salary

Retirement savings plan

Bonus plans

Health care coverage

Dental coverage

Vision coverage

Skill-based pay

Team member events

Wellness program

Prescription plans

Life insurance

Disability-income coverage

Paid holidays

Paid vacations

Tuition reimbursement...OKAY? ME....Yes, and thank you for the information SCAM....This section of the interview is called question and answer section. You are required to use your own words structure in answering all questions, also you're to end every answer with (DONE) ,Letting me know so i can proceed with my next question. Understood? ME....Understand SCAM....•Have you ever had any experience working from home or online before ?

•Are you currently employed ?

•Will you be able to devote 5 hours of your time or more to Our company ?that is if you are given the chance to work with us ? ME....No previous experience working from home. However, I am excellent time management and am extremely proficient. Capable of devoting necessary time of 5 hours daily. DONE SCAM.....•What do you understand by privacy and code of conduct ?

•In your current or last position, what were your most significant accomplishments ? In your career so far ?

•How hard working and productive will you be for our company when you start working with us ? Code of conduct would be to adhere to all standards and policies of the company or firm. 2) attention to detail , proficient and excellent customer service with the ability to manage time wisely. 3) I will give 102% of devote time and my expertise to the company. 4) RE my last position I was able to build a website. Adabalability would be upon your request. • How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

•Can you work under pressure?

• Where do you see yourself five years from now?

• Do you have a printer, scanner and fax machine? ME....Retirement 2) yes 3) In a management position in which I may better assist the company I have always enjoyed Apple )product and their commitment to the industry. 4)I do not have a printer, scanner or fax machine However would be willing to purchase those items for the position. SCAM....• How would you like to be Paid ? Weekly Or Bi-Weekly •What means of Payment do you prefer ? Check OR Direct Deposit ?

•What is the name of your service provider and is it postpaid/prepaid ?

•What is the name of your Bank you Operate with to see if it tallies with the company's official salary payment account That is needed for documentation and NOTE that the company is not asking for your bank Information but the name of your bank. ME....Weekly and by means of direct deposit. Service provider? Veridian CU. SCAM....You have done well so far and you seem like a perfect fit for this position. ME....I need you to hold on online because i need to forward our conversation to the Head Dept to enable them see if you are committed and good for this job. I need you to standby your PC or Phone, i will get back to you with your interview result in a jiffy..... Understood.? SCAM....That is pleasing to hear I'm very ecstatic to be considered for the position. I will be back shortly, Kindly Hold Online . ME....Yes Thu, 3:30 PM SCAM....Hello I am back now and i have the result for the interview on my desk ME....Wonderful! SCAM....CONGRATULATION...... Your performance ensured you had a good score eligible for enrollment into our weekly routine training programme. You scored (91 percent out of 100 and above average) on the interview questions answered, This is to confirm that you have been approved to be a staff of Apple Inc.(Technology company).Having reached the requirements, passed the interview and recommended for the Job by the Board of Directors on employment.Also they will put you through our company's guidelines under US human Resources Laws and Regulations.

You will receive your duties online everyday and i will always be online to assist you with any difficulties Your Primary duties include: Preparation of Balance sheets (Mini), account balancing, invoicing recording,proper data analysis of sales records and recording pay slips into accounting database.

Secondary duties: Now, your secondary daily duties would be to report to your Supervisor, who would be attached to you online, He/She would assign logs of duty daily and you would be required to work according to instructions, using the Microsoft Office tools and the Accounting software.

Can you handle the Job duties if you are being trained towards it? ME.....Wow! that's great! What a JOY and YES I have had plenty of experience, however, do not take it for granted that this is a fantastic opportunity and one of the best because it is APPLE...So very please to be accommodating. Thank you, for taking the time out of your busy schedule, it has been a pleasure making your acquaintance. SCAM....You will be undergoing a week training and orientation which will commence as soon as you have all working materials and you are rest assured that you will be paid for it You will be mailed your Employment Offer Letter and a HR document which will be coming along with your working materials during your orientation and training,you are required to read, fill, sign and send back to us our copy Employment Offer Letter as soon as you are done...Okay? ME...YES AND THANK YOU! SCAM....You are welcome ..You are required to immediately provide the following information :

Full Name :

Mailing address : (PO Box not allowed please)

City, State,Zip-code.

Phone Number(s) :

E-Mail :

This is to enable my secretary enlist them into the Company's Register for proper documentation. [email protected] *NEW EMAIL SCAM....You will need some Data entry/Accounting software to commence your training and orientation and also you need the software to get started with work...this is an online work from home.

Here are the name's of the software's you will need to start working with are: Intuit QuickBooks Accounting Software,Sage Simply Accounting Accounting Software,Peachtree Complete Accounting Software,AccountEdge Accounting Software for Windows,AccountEdge Accounting Software for Mac,Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2013 (formerly Simply Accounting),Business 2Go software,Bookkeeper software,QuickBooks Pro 2012 software,The General Ledger,software,9.5,Bottom Line Accounting software,Balance Sheet Basics software...Affymetrix version MAS 5 (5.0, 5.1), GCOS (1.0, 1.1),dChip 1.3 GenePix version 3.0, 4.1, and 5.0 NimbleScan version 2.1.16 SpotReader version 1.0

Agilent version A.6.1.1, A.7.1.1 and A.7.1.2

Are you familiar with any of these software's ? ME....I believe some Intuit and QuickBooks, but none other, however, I am very studious and will learn what is necessary for the position! SCAM....No worries you will be trained ..The funds for the software/working materials which include (MacBook Pro laptop with a fast internet connection) will be provided for you by the company via check, make sure you use them as instructed for the software and i will refer you to the vendor you are to purchase them from Okay? ME....What a relief! ....Yes and thank you! SCAM....As soon as the check for your materials has been issued out to you i will notify you and provide you with the tracking number so you can keep track of it and know when it gets to you ..All we need from you is good work and trust, you will enjoy every moment working with us, a Contract form and your W4 Form will be coming along with the working materials you need to start working with.Okay ? ME....Yes and thank you will keep my eye open for the delivery. About how long does it take to arrive? SCAM....That's all for the interview, You are to report to me online tomorrow Morning 8 A.M your time for update on the check for your working materials and how to get started with your first duties, task, and assignment...Okay? ME....I'm am soooooo PLEASE TO HEAR THIS GREAT NEW FROM YOU! ....thank you again for your time. I will do my VERY BEST to show you have made a wise decision. SCAM....You are welcome ..Once again!! Congratulations on your new job Position. We are looking forward to your great commitment, Dedication and Trust. ME....Yes and THANK YOU 8 AM sharp! TELL TELL SIGN OF A SCAM.......BYE FOR NOW AND STAY BLESSED ! (((NO CORPORATE PERSONS ADDRESS SOMEONE IN THE BUSINESS WORLD LIKE THIS!!! )))) ME....My personal motto "A COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE" Amen! you too SCAM....Enjoy the rest of your day and talk to you in the morning. Recruitment • Thu, 4:09 PM SCAM.....Good Morning D, I hope you had a resful night ..I would like you to verify your details because a check for the purchase of your working equipments would be issued to the details we have in our database and would like you to verify it so there wont be any mistake in issuing...

[email protected]

CORRECT ? ME....Good morning Mrs. O Brien, yes information is correct. SCAM....Alright ..The check to use purchase your working materials will be mail out to you today and you will receive it by tomorrow morning, i will be here to provide you with the tracking number so you can keep track and know when it will get to you okay ? ME....Yes and thank you ...where do I purchase the materials from? SCAM.....I will be here to instruct you all the way ..I will be online to provide you with any information needed...You are required to be online 8 A.M tomorrow Morning for the tracking number to your package ..That will be all for today.. ME....Also what hours are the training I indicated the best time for me would be 2-7 p.m. SCAM....Yes of course that will be the time followed . Have a Wonderful Day Ahead ! ME....Good day! SCAM.....Stay Blessed ! ME...You as well 7:59 AM ME....Mrs. O Brien, I have a few questions if you could answer them I would be most appreciative as you indicated I would have time to ask question after the interview process. Could you please tell me how many individuals have been considered for this position and will it always be one that is operated from home?

Can you inform me of the Superior Officer over my location and how long have they been with the company?

How long is the probation period?

When would training began and will this position always be home based?

Have all the 47 employees been hired this year?

What do you believe would be the most challenging part about this position?

If my schedule permits in the future may I change to full-time service for the company?

Will this project expand to other States/Cities?

How long will it be before our next point of contact and how often?

Will there ever be any traveling involved once established for corporate meetings? SCAM...Alright ..What are your questions ? ....QUESTIONS AND RESPONSES What do you believe would be the most challenging part about this position? I don't believe there is any challenging moment here except there is a break in connection maybe due to weather ..

If my schedule permits in the future may I change to full-time service for the company? Yes of course you can

How long will it be before our next point of contact and how often? We will be in contact almost every time

Will there ever be any traveling involved once established for corporate meetings? Yes of course Final question what exactly will be my job title in this position? And you indicated that we will be in contact almost "every time"? For instance ever time per say SCAM....The position given to you was that of both a Receptionist and Data Entry ..We will be in contact once you have begun Training .. ME....Thank you kindly for this information... good day! SCAM....You are welcome Recruitment • 11:52 AM ME....MRS O BRIEN SOMETHING HAS GONE HORRIBLY Wrong I have to go to my bank and cancel all my bank cards and cc due to identity theft. I have even changed my email address will this be an issue? SCAM....I believe so kindly go and reactivate it ME....reactive what Mrs. O Brien? my email or bank cards SCAM...Your debit card So you would be able to make purchases ME...ok hold and I will do so right now! SCAM....Kindly do so ME....trying to do it right now please hold I really need this job PLEASE SCAM...Alright .. ME...WILL EVERYTHING BE OK????? Mrs. O Brien ....... OK, THAT WAS CLOSE ...When will I get my package so I can close my debit card SCAM...Yes of course You will receive package tomorrow Kindly report online 8 A.M tomorrow Morning for the Tracking Number to the package ME...What will be in it? SCAM....The Check for your working materials ME....If it is a check why do I need my cc SCAM...You will need your debit card to make purchase of your working once deposit is made ME...cant i just take it to the bank and get it cashed I really don't want my cc open right now. deposit made to where? SCAM....I understand but this will be your first payroll task to be carried out and you are required to make the deposit of the Check via ATM Deposit via your account ME...PLEASE HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND I DONT WANT TO LOSE THIS JOB!!!!!!!! SCAM....You won’t loose the job as I will be here to instruct tomorrow on how to make purchase of your working materials ME...But my husband has already purchased the software for me...I wish this was made clear! What do I do now SCAM...It was mailed clear as i briefed you yesterday . You have nothing to worry about kindly report online 8 A.M tomorrow Morning ME...he purchased Intuit and QuickBooks.... SCAM...Great but he was suppose to as that is the responsibility of the Company . The Check has been mailed out already and will deliver tomorrow Morning ME FIBBING TO SCAMMER..., Yes he wanted to surprise me ...I'll let him know its against the company policy due to it being a company write-off SCAM...It is not against the Company rule as your Husband has your best interest at heart and wanted to surprise which is a good thing so don't tell him that . Just be happy as you have a lovely husband , But don't worry once you receive the Check tomorrow i will instruct you on how to proceed . ME...OK ...Thank you and may God richly reward you for your service to the industry! You are welcome ..It's nothing ..Thanks good evening! SCAM WITH PHONY GOODBYE....Stay Blessed ! Recruitment • 3:58 PM Send a message

  • Apr 24, 2018

Unknown person and address in CHicago is stealing money, then directs you to a bogus account where he askes for more information to cancel the order - looks like an apple pages but the URLs don't work. he asked for SSN, cfredit card data, etc.

Find and harm this person.

  • Apr 16, 2018

iTunes and Apple steal money from your accounts, like me I have purchased a game booster to find it taken in triple and told after calling customer care it will be refunded in 1 to 10 days that you never see, so if your like me you call again and again to finally be told you played on boosters which I didn’t and of course they won’t provide proof you ask for, another few times I used iTunes cards, 4 to be exact to load them and money disappears within hours, yes I’ve reported them and yes I’ve showed proof of my purchases and non purchases, now I have video taped making a purchase and showing the amount tripled from account in minutes , so anyone else experience with this please contact me and join our group for filing suit against Apple and ITunes , 862.00 later!

  • Feb 23, 2018

Less than one ago (June 2017), I purchased an iPhone 7 Plus from the on-line Apple Store. To my knowledge I assume that the phone was similar to the purchase of a tv. You pick the brand and model you want and then you would be free to go to a carrier to set up your cell phone service somew like a cable provide. Unfortunately, this evening I found out that’s not quite the way it works.

At the time of my phone purchase I was with T-Mobile and I gave my old phone to my wife and she was able to use it with her Verizon plan no issues during that transfer. Today, I tried to transfer my iPhone 7 to join my wife’s plan at Verizon since my T-Mobile service has not been very good during our trips out of town during travel. I called Apple service and after two trips to the Apple store and over an hour on the phone with customer service representative I found out that my iPhone 7 is not compatible with any service besides T-Mobile!

I am extremely upset that unless I am willing to buy another phone I am locked into using T-Mobile for life with my current phone. This is extremely fustrating. Had I known this I would never had agreed to purchase this phone. I even have Apple care and they will not support my issue to grant me a new phone or a trade. This might be the last Apple product I will purchase in the future.

  • Feb 22, 2018

Purchased an iPhone x 2 months ago. dropped phone from 2-3 feet and glass cracked.

I have owned iPhones for many years and never experienced a cracked screen from a minor drop. Apple advertises that the X is, "The most durable glass ever in a smartphone, front and back". DON'T BELEIVE IT!!

Watch the video that shows how easy it cracks:…

Research on line indicates too many complaints about the ease X glass breaks. Considering the $1000 cost of this model, the consumer certainly expects better durability as there ads promote. Apple store quoted almost $300 to replace just the glass! What a rip off! Apple should be honest about how sensitive the glass is.

Spoke to the local Apple store and the tech confirmed that many consumers have complained about the same issue.

Buyer Beware!! THEY DON'T CARE!!

  • Feb 1, 2018

Only 70 days past the 1 year initial purchase warranty of this Apple late 2016 build MacBook Pro, the unit shut down for no apparent reason and thru no fault of me the owner, and not start back up. Took to local Apple store and they could not fix so they called me to tell me that their repair depot would fix it for $475 plus tax flat fee. I told them to fix it, what choice did I really have, and that I was extremely unhappy with a basically brand new laptop failing so soon after initial purchase and that I would be calling Apple customer support requesting refund for the money I had to pay to have the unit fixed. So after spending $2494 initially to buy the unit, I had to spend an additional $514. to have it repaired, so now I'm out of pocket for $3000+ and have an already catastrophically failed and repaired laptop, that I have no faith and trust in, that could break again and cost even more money at any unknown time.

I was only given a parts replacement report for the repair, I was not given an explanation of what caused the failure. Here are the items replaced by Apple with this repair:

1.Logic Board

2. Top Case w/ Battery

3. Fan, Right

4. I/O Board, they have this listed on the parts replaced report two times, same part number, not sure if this is a duplicate entry or if indeed there are two of these I/O boards and they actually replaced both of them.

That's what I call a catastrophic/extensive failure!

The Apple customer support rep offered me $100 Apple gift card on a purchase of $300 for my past and future troubles and then proceeded to provide multiple phony apologies. Neither were even remotely acceptable.

I view this laptop as poorly designed and fitted with weak components, and even a battery that is “glued” into the case and the entire unit is extremely hard to repair and extremely likely to have failures which is highly probable to cost the owner significant amounts of money in repairs over the life of the unit.

So as my unit failed drastically so soon out of warranty, and as the Apple customer care person offered so very little in any compensation support, and for the phony apologies, and for the fact that even buying the unit new from Apple, now having it repaired by Apple, Apple will not sell an extended warranty for this unit. So other than the pittance 90 repair warranty, Apple refuses to warranty even it’s own product!

For these reasons, I call the Apple late 2016 build laptop a huge Rip Off and I do not recommend the purchase of this unit to any of my friends and family. Save your money buy a $800 IBM laptop instead. I could have bought three of these for the $3000+ Apple I currently own which most likely to fail again and cost me even more money. I consider this unit to be a lemmon and should have been replaced free to me with a more reliable unit.

I could go on, but you get the idea…

Only to know, I have a 13 year old Dell XPS laptop that is still working perfectly and has all original components, never had a failure! And my $2400 Apple unit has catastrophic failure only 70 days out of the original 12 month initial purchase warranty?

  • Dec 27, 2017

First let me say that in the entirety of my life I have not posted a complaint on a complaint website but I am so disappointed and really betrayed, cheated and deeply disappointed in Apple. My business and home phone is my lPhone 6S+ I depend on it day in and day out. Overnight it became a very expensive piece of junk with one of the IOS 11 updates.

I am a hardworking single grandmother. I bought my 6S+ when the new version was coming out so I could save money. It is the most arrogant and abusive assumption that a single woman with payments on a house, car, utilities, cards, groceries and more could afford to run out and invest in each upgrade of the iPhone.

My phone was working perfectly and now it barely functions and I am not believing the ridiculous story that it was to help with my battery which was working with no issues. I cannot help but believe that Apple attacked their own customers to make their phone (huge investment for me) obsolete.

Not only does it not function but Siri doesn't work. This means no hands free calling while I'm driving so this literally puts me in danger if I need to call someone while I am driving.

i have had iPods, have two iPads and am on my second iPhone and I love the user friendly navigation but how can I possibly buy ever again any product from a company who intentionally sabotaged their own faithful customers in an effort to force them to upgrade. That is a dispicable, abusive, shocking, and malicious practice.

I love Apple products but will never buy one again.

  • Oct 28, 2017

Apple is a dis-organized company, that does not understnd customer service. They have no supervision. They are very confused, and have nobody there in charge, that can think out side the box.

They service is horrible, they waste hours of your time. The Manhattan Beach Apple Store, is a complete nightmere, in trying to buisness. I will never go back to Apple for anything again.

  • Oct 17, 2017

I purchased the brand new Apple iPhone 8 Plus. I had a screen protector on my phone as well. The phone fell from my pocket while seated, and not only did the screen protector crack but the entire screen as well. I contacted Apple and provided them with photos showing no damage to the phone with the exception of the screen. Apple has boasted about its new more durable screen, but this is by far the worst one yet.

To make matters worse, after speaking with Apple for 3 hours, providing photos, proof of purchase, etc., they stated that they cannot repair the item because it is physical damage. Physical Damage!!! I had the phone for 2 weeks and it fell 8 inches from the ground and they wouldn't stand by their product. I have been an Apple customer for over 10 years, but now I am done with them. They charge $800 for a phone and won't even stand by their product. The customer service was arrogant and condescending as well.

I warn anyone who is going to buy the new iPhone 8 to proceed with extreme caution as the phone does not hold up to what they claim.

Shame on you Apple. Shame.

  • Oct 14, 2017

I keep receiving phone calls on my landline from an Apple support scam. They keep calling after I told them don't call my landline and are very unprofessional. They appear to young Indian males with heavy accent on the line. What can I do to stop these unwanted scam calls and I want these criminals prosecuted. Their number is 888-234-4781.

  • Oct 10, 2017

the customer support for apple is the most f***** up piece of s*** website i have ever seen. i tried to change my i.d. and password, it sent me to email for a code, and then never took me back to enter the dumb code. i have literally spent four hours on this s***, just trying to find my iphone..... their internet support system is f***** up as a soup sandwich... you would think that if they could make these phones, they could figure out decent support system online for customers.... i am going back to a .

  • Sep 4, 2017

I purchased a MarketSmith Annual subscription purchased through the MarketSmith App thru Apple App Store and paid $999.99 + tax of $47.12 for a total of $1,047.11. However, the App does not work as my access is denied and still says my subscription has expired. When I saw the app being featured in iTunes with verbiage that the app had been updated, spruced up and even noting in the app a new login page, system enhancements, etc., I was excited that it would work fine. Since I saw it being highlighted and having been reworked, I figured trouble I had before would have been fixed. I therefore assumed it will work, or maybe Because it wasn't working I contacted Investors Business Daily to make sure it had been set up in my account with (IBD / MarketSmith) and the app needs to be programmed on their end. I'm very disappointed that MarketSmith (Investor's Business Daily) app doesn't work, and continues to say that I have zero days left on my subscription, and that they are not willing to correct the situation.

Even though Apple sends the App developer the money paid for subscriptions (less a processing fee), the App Developer and Service Provider has a responsibility to maintain system and if not working refund subscription fees. I requested either to have my access corrected or refund of $999.99 + tax of $47.12 for a total of $1,047.11.

  • Aug 21, 2017

Bought this item in March 2017 it failed in july 2017. Received replacement aft 2 hours on phone with customer support. Less than 2 days after receiving it it failed. I was told that Apple always sends refurbished units for replacements. That they were like new. Wrong, it isnt like new. The screen fades to nothing, it fades to white and i must do a hard restart to get it working. Photos fade to black and needs same restart. Now i cannot get it to xxome on at all in demanding a new Ipad or like for like, i bought it less than 6 mos ago and am not willing to take a refurbished one or i would have bought eefurbished to begin with. Im told it must go to approval people who r not available for 3 days, if they approve it will take a wk to receive. And i have APPLE CARE. Never will i buy APPLE CARE AGAIN. SUARE TRADE IS THE WAY TO GO.

  • Jul 18, 2017

On january 26 I made an online purchase at

The order was of a MacBook Pro 15" with Touch Bar - 2.6GHz, 256GB - Space Gray (2016) and USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter

On February 1st I received a box and a padded envelope

As soon as I got the box I felt it was light but since it was not damaged I accept it

The envelope contained the adapter however, the box only contained protective bubble wrapper

I contact apple right away and they open a shipment investigation

After a couple of days Apple sent me an e-mail stating that they completed the investigation with the carrier and no further action would be take since I signed the package as received

I was very desperate and decides to post what ocurried on the forum at

One day after the post named EMPTY BOX, an apple representative called Crystal contact me saying that apple would provide me a replacement (I have the e-mail in record) and maintain the same order number

The computer was delivered, however, apple did charge me again ($2611)

Since I was expecting for a replacement, not a re-order, I return the computer

As of today, I still did not receive the refund for the money I spent

I tried to dispute charges but because of the timing the bank is not able to do it

I have e-mail, called, and contact apple at every possible way I can and the only thing they tell me to do is to contact law enforcement

Please, I just need help in getting what I paid for

  • May 24, 2017

I am writing this for two (2) reasons: (1) It is the only way to regain a heart-breaking and mind-blowing loss of confidence that I have suffered as a direct result of relationship abandonment post-miscarriage, and (2) If any other woman has experienced something similar, and suffered enormously, at the hands of someone who enjoys a reputation for being, at least superficially, good, kind and ethical in his public life, reinforcing your private doubts about the conduct that caused you such grief.

I have enjoyed a few wonderful, long-tem, committed relationships in my life, which for various reasons, at some point felt like a poor choice with the perspective of a life-long relationship. It was never right or right enough to go all the way, despite tremendous effort, particularly by me, to reverse the negative aspects. I am the type to forgive quickly, remember the positive, which has allowed me to remain a friend (but a real friend) to those few who at one point felt like the center of my universe.

Today, I woke up realizing that I had been abandoned. After having suffering a miscarriage some days ago, realizing the father, my ex-fiance Enzo Biagini (as of right now), to whom I was engaged, had abandoned me in cowardly fashion, without having had the most remote amount of courage to independently raise fears/concerns, but rather, preferred to slip out the back-door; revoking interest in engagement or planning a life together, without ever saying a word.

When I told him how badly he was making me feel about myself, and that I needed to take time to regain my self-confidence, he seemed pleased and relieved. The same man that convinced me to keep his despite its unplanned nature and lack of preparation, and physical risk it posed to its mother (myself) turned into a heartless stranger overnight.

This behaviour mirrors that which he has displayed in his personal life again and again without ever having the emotional aptitude to comprehend that his own recreant conduct has been the cause of deep and repeated torturous hurt to those he owed a duty of responsibility.

Moral turpitude, or crimes that have an inherent quality of baseness, vileness, and depravity with respect to a person's duty to another (or to society) are extremely serious; unfortunately the victim cannot or does not seek retribution because the emotional damage is too embarassing and severe to imagine a third party understanding that she has been treated so poorly. It only reinforces her feelings of weakness, poor self-esteem, and tremendous depression.

Enzo is a wolf in sheeps clothing without the capacity for true or deep emotions. He will destroy you; please do not let him.

  • May 20, 2017

My wifes father passed last year and was given his IPAD. Unfortunately his password was not known at the time and we have been working for over a year to get access to the IPAD. Even after finding the password Apple has refused to help. They have at times said everything was in order and that access would be granted several months down the road only to later change the rules and add more requirements. Even after providing death certificates and trust documents, Apple would not assist. Apple instead added more requirement that would end up requiring legal assistance and cost more than the equipment is worth. Clear the end game for apple is to get the survivor to just by another. After seeing how they treat greiving family members we will never buy another one of their products. See the latest email below outlining the last request from apple.

From: Jennifer Eldridge

To: "[email protected]

Sent: Tue May 09 2017 14:38:43 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time)

Subject: Your Apple Case Number 100048000880

Hello Rachel,

Per our conversation today, this is the information I agreed to send.

We need a notarized Certificate of Trust (in the form of an acknowledged declaration signed by all currently acting trustees of the trust—at least one of which needs to be the requestor) that contains all of the following information:

(a) The existence of the trust and date of execution of the trust instrument;

(b) The identity of the settlor or settlors and the currently acting trustee or trustees of the trust;

(c) The powers of the trustee as it pertains to the deletion of the Apple ID;

(d) The revocability or irrevocability of the trust and the identity of any person holding any power to revoke the trust;

(e) When there are multiple trustees, the signature authority of the trustees, indicating whether all, or less than all, of the currently acting trustees are required to sign in order to exercise various powers of the trustee;

(f) The trust identification number, whether a social security number or an employer identification number; and

(g) An affirmation that the trust is currently in full force and effect and has not been revoked, modified, or amended in any manner that would cause the representations contained in the Certificate of Trust to be incorrect.

I can be reached at 1-877-388-0879 Ext. 1100134. I am available 07:30AM-04:30PM CST Mon-Fri.

Thank You,

  • Apr 24, 2017

I was instructed to go purchase 6 iTunes cards and provide them with the numbers from the cards . I thought they were from the IRS

  • Apr 11, 2017

Apple Customer Care has been deteriorating since 2009. When I purchase any computer, including this last IMAC, I purchase it with the 3-year service warranty. Within FOUR DAYS of buying this computer, it malfunctioned losing 40,000 photos and videos I had had transferred at an Apple Store from my previous computer. I had 11 episodes of video/photos failures. This particular iMAC was a lemon from the beginning. I requested a replacement unit well within the warranty timeframe, after about the sixth time the photos library failed. Finally, 21 days after the warranty expired, the tech at the Apple store told me that the video card was defective and that there would be no time limit to replacing them because this was a known issue with these computers! But that is not the horror story that I am most upset about here.

I continued using this iMAC now having problems with email. Working for several days with a Senior Tech Support person, I deleted thousands of emails so he could re-install my email account (which he assured me even more advanced tech support people had indicated was the problem from a screen shot). When I pointed out that all of these problems came about on the very same day that I upgraded my system to Sierra, he did not want to hear this. He kept telling me my internet provider was to blame. The internet provider kept saying Mac Mail was to blame. Here is who WASN'T to blame: ME!

Prior to my contact with this particular tech support person, I bought a new router at the Apple Store. In addition, I downloaded the latest patch to my iPhone before traveling to Vietnam for five weeks on Sept. 19, 2016. To date (April 6, 2017) my iPhone does not sync up with my computer. I called several times to Apple Customer Service, providing my identification for two-point verification. I had to buy a cell phone in Vietnam because my American phone did not work BEFORE I left New Jersey! Apple kept sending my two-point verification code to a phone that was in a bureau in Vietnam. Apple insisted I selected this method of verification. I did not! All the instructions on that phone were in Vietnamese. I don't speak that language! Despite weeks of reporting this to Apple Care Support, nothing was cleared up until January 2017! I was still left with the issue of my cell phone not syncing up with my email accounts. All of the conveniences supposedly created by linking iPhone to Computer are still rough. This Apple patch upgrade took out nearly all of Britain in September 2016. I was not the only one.

So, after deleting emails on my iMac computer, the Senior Tech support rep told me all he had to do was re-install my email account and I would be able to handle the rest of it--i.e. the internet account, the cell phone email account and my computer email account would only need a message deleted in one of them to delete it in all of them. There was a test account created by him and a huge file of deleted emails that appears on both the icloud account and the computer. I asked him to check all this with me so I did not delete anything important. I told him this was not the only problem. He hung up leaving me hanging with these complications. Yesterday, I got subject line emails with no content. Today those same emails came in with both subject lines and content. I am no longer listed under my email account. The name that appears is now the name of my computer. Worse, my printer no longer recognized my computer email after this tech had me change the password on the account. The new password did not populate. My iPHONE did not recognize the account with the new password either. Nowo my printer wouldn't scan or fax because it didn't recognize my computer email account.

I called the printer manufacturer because I was stlil under warranty. He said I had to fix my computer problems first and connected me with a computer repair service that charged me $319 for a 1-year service contract six days ago that did not fix the problem which is what APPLE SHOULD HAVE DONE. I still need Apple Tech Support for the problems upgrading to their defective upgrades and patches this has caused. I have been a loyal customer for years buying several computers, iPads and iPHONES. The quality of their products has gone down along with their customer service. These problems should have been completely dealt with by Apple not left hanging as they are now.

What do you do when Apple Care DOESN'T care?!

  • Dec 23, 2016

As I write this, I’m on day 13 of being locked out of my iPhone. Apple has my phone hostage, and I feel like Apple is treating me like a criminal — simply due to being put in Account Recovery mode because I needed a password for my Apple ID account. Without the Apple ID, a customer’s device is completely unusable.

Apple’s website says, “Account recovery is designed to get you back into your account as quickly as possible while denying access to anyone who might be pretending to be you. It might take a few days—or longer—depending on the account information you can provide to verify your identity.”

Apple is a globally recognized leader in technology with billions of people using iPhones, iPads, etc. Their products are user friendly and very popular. However, there is a dark side for users who are locked out of their Apple ID account. Just because the Apple Corporation is a popular and successful company, they should not be allowed to hold people’s devices hostage and treat customers like manipulative fraudsters or criminals when their Apple ID account is inaccessible.

Most other places you can click a “forgot password” link and get an email or text with a link to change your password, answer some security questions and you are good to go. Not so easy with Apple. I went to get a password reset and the found out that getting back into my phone with my Apple ID would be very challenging.

The Apple Corporation has made security a priority to help its customers, but in the process, they have left customers with a huge problem in the event they are locked out of their account. If a customer forgets their password, an honest mistake that a lot of us make, it creates a big issue. The system designed to protect customers has a flaw that leaves customers frustrated.

My problem started 13 days ago, when I woke up and attempted to check the messages on my phone. My phone had restarted itself and greeted me with the message, “iPhone requires your passcode after restarting.” I typed in my four-digit code to be met with an Activation Lock screen that required my Apple ID and password.

I typed in my password: or at least what I thought I remembered was my password. It didn’t like the password that I typed. I tried again because on a little iPhone screen, with my chubby fingers, it is easy to fumble letters. Still not being let in, I had to turn to my laptop.

After attempting on my laptop, it became obvious that I would need to click the “forgot password” link. That would prove to be no simple task.

First, Apple wanted to text a code to my phone, which I am locked out of.

Then I discovered that Apple’s definition of a “trusted device” is another Apple product. Well, I trust my laptop and android tablet, too.

Apple has two email addresses for me, which are tied to that ID. However, apparently, they can’t just send me a link to click on to authorize a new password.

Well, here I sit 13 days with no cell phone. I am still paying T-Mobile for service that I’m not getting.

My calendar is locked up – hope I don’t miss something. Luckily, my kid’s doctor and dentist offices call to confirm appointments. Hope my work isn’t texting me – I’ve probably lost opportunities to come in for overtime. I could really use the money from working extra, since it’s Christmas time. In addition, I just got a $400 medical bill for my son. I just had to go buy a cheap prepaid cell phone to tie me over, until I can use my iPhone again.

My complaint – my $600 iPhone is useless – I cannot use the simplest features like the flashlight. I sit here with my original paperwork, receipt, and picture ID. I can’t prove that I own this phone. Yet, Apple will not let me use it. T-Mobile says they can’t unlock it. I would gladly make a new Apple ID; if only I could get the phone unlocked.

The support that Apple offers is of no use. I’ve had three phone sessions and one online chat session. Customer service associates can’t help. They simply don’t have the training or apparently access to see my account and tell me what the status is.

No one knows what is actually going on. They go through the beginning of their scripted response each time, trying to get me to do the same things that I have already done. My account is already in recovery mode; please do not send me to again. I have already been through that process. Tell me where I am at in the process. How much longer, realistically, will it take? Why am I still sitting here two weeks later with no access to my phone?

Apple’s website says, “Go to and check the status of your request. If you can provide additional account information such as credit card details, you might be able to shorten the account recovery period, or even regain access immediately.” Not so much. There is not much information about status.

Why does it take so long? If it is an automated process, why should it take weeks or months? I have been stuck here in limbo for 13 days. I’ve read complaints online from people who have been like this for 21 days, four weeks, and eight weeks. Why? This takes me back to my last point about communicating with people about the process.

Apparently, at the root of this is the find my iPhone function. I thought it was neat… at first. You can click and Apple shows you on a map, where your phone is. Did I leave it at work? In the car? Let’s see, oh it is somewhere in my house! Well, the function forever links this phone to the Apple ID that I do not have access to, and no one will allow me to get into my phone at all.

Two-factor authentication – I have no idea what this means. It was promoted to me as something the keep my account secure. Described by Apple – “Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security for your Apple ID designed to ensure that you're the only person who can access your account, even if someone knows your password.”

A good thing, right? Nothing ever stated that getting a password reset would be a pain in the behind and take an absurd amount of time, while locking me out of using my device in any manner. If it had been clearly communicated what this was I would have made sure not to have this function activated. I still do not know what this entails, all I know this seems to prolong getting my account back.

Now it’s just an expensive piece of junk sitting here. I have the original receipt with the serial number, my phone with the serial number, picture id – why can’t someone in an Apple store verify that I’m legit and unlock the phone?

I am being treated like a criminal. A forgetful person? Maybe. However, from what I’m reading online, I’m no different from many other people. With the billions of people using Apple devices, there are many people in my position. So why does getting a password to my account have to be so painful.

Why can’t Apple communicate the process a little better? Why won’t anyone tell me what’s going on with my account? When will I have access? What is the issue with establishing ownership of my phone?

Thanks apple! After this, I don’t want any apple products. I’ve learned the hard way that apple has too much control. As in, they shouldn’t have the ability to lock people completely out of their device.

  • Nov 4, 2016

My iPhone 6 was in left pocket and bent from mixture of the iphone overheating and the weak structure design of the overall phone. Apple support is unresponsive in helping making comments that it will affect the bottom line delt with T-mobile they blamed it on the bad iphone design.

Called Apple:

Apple won't replace iPhone due to it not being an issue, however you may take not of the "BendGate" situation surrounding the device. A man that only goes by the name "Tony" a supposedly senior representitive of Apple was unresponsive in resolving this issue.

Have insurance on phone with T-Mobile but I refuse to pay deductable due to defective product that bends so easily look at this:

Apple blames T-mobile, T-mobile blames Apple and no resolution thus far and they continue to not resolve customers issue.

Many references exist to issue:

Shows the iPhone 6 bending easily without much effort.

Get bent: The shocking history of bent smartphones

Will it bend? iPhone 6 takes a turn for the worse

The crisis of the bending iPhone 6: Solving the problem

Some iPhone 6 Plus Owners Accidentally Bending Their iPhones in Pockets

  • Oct 7, 2016


Round 1

Almost a year ago, I decided to buy an iPhone 6 plus, the large one.

After a couple of days I discovered that everytime I would search for a contact it would freeze for a couple of minutes until it would again get going at which point all the keys I had pressed would appear at once.

This became very annoying for obvious reasons.

I took the phone to the Apple Store, where they wasted 3 hours of my time and ended up replacing the phone and the new phone acting the exact same way. But the gig there informed me that the Apple engineers would receive all my information and I would receive news from Apple soon.

A month ago, it dawned on me that nobody had done nothing yet, so I called apple. I spoke with a lady: Yolanda Richard, who after an hour on the phone gave me a case number and promised she would get the issue fixed, she even said she would send me a coupon for $100 because of the inconvenience.

Today, after a few calls to Yolanda and emails, I spoke with a new guy: Carlos Cruz who identified himself as a Manager, empowered to bring a solution to my problem.... After 2 hours!!! Carlos said that there was nothing that could be done, except send some logs from my phone to the technicians at Apple to see if they would come up with a solution. I told him this was unacceptable, my phone now is old and they have a new model so most likely NOBODY at apple will be looking for solutions to a phone that they don't even sell anymore.

I asked if I could get an older or cheaper model phone, which I know don't have this problem, and he said no, that is NOT an option, the ONLY option is for me to cooperate with him to waste my time get those logs and all the stupid routine he wanted done so we can send those reports to Apple, and if Apple cannot or will not fix it, he cannot do anything else....

Isn't this like dealing with a crook? and not a regular crook, a cynic crook who laughs at you while telling you he is going to screw you.

If someone knows about any ongoing CLASS ACTION SUIT against Apple because of this or any other lemon law issue, please let me know I would like to be a part of it.

Or if nothing is being done and you have one of these pieces of crap, let me know, let's sue this company, At least have them spend a little more that what would cost to replace our phones for a decent device.

  • Sep 12, 2016

In May 2015 I purchased an IPhone 6 Plus from an Apple Store in the DC metro area and Apple admitted to the press that the device had major problems but would not accept it for full reimbursement when I attempted to return it. Because of the problems stated by a number of publishers such as Forbes I then added the two-year warranty to it. I only used the iPhone with a carrier for one day then began using it to for wifi and keeping records of meetings. 13 months after the purchase it locked up and would not unlock. I then did not use it all. Three months after that I took it to an Apple Store but employees had misspelled my email address and more.

They told me that I did not have the extended warranty, then said that a new iPhone had been provided, and said that I should come back in 24 hours. I did this and after a lot o stress about this i$1,000 item they gave me another one of these defective products but have a carrier entered. I had repeatedly informed them that there was no carrier, but it was still there as was other incorrect data. A new iOS had been installed but it was a system that Apple publicly admitted had problems. It's obvious that the corporation will do almost anything for money. The best fix, if a reimbursement is not provided, is to walk to the closest trash can, raise the lid, drop the piece of junk in it and then walk away.


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