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Country India
State Tamil Nadu
City Chennai
Address Level 5, Tamarai Tech Park, Thiru Vi Ka Industrial Estate, Inner Ring Road
Phone 91 97 91 101817

AppDupe Reviews

  • Sep 6, 2021

Beware this is a scam. They sell products that do not work, are full of bugs and do not have the features advertised. And they don't reply to any support mails, AFTER you've spend you hard earned dollars on their products. Their closed forum is filled with lots of angry customers that complaining requesting support for their products. Not one single response in the forum from Appdupe.

How can you expect client and potential clients to take there company serious when you are not responding to anyone? People are complaining on your own website forum also, not receiving the product they paid for, along with absolutely no follow up either. Not good.

  • Aug 14, 2021

They promised a product I never saw, they promised 3 weeks collected the money but seems to be buying time for 4 months and eventually saying we will refund u then asks for ur ID like really u defrauded me for my money now I want to steal with my ID? They are absolutely ruthless with no consideration that you would actually have business plan and u would be devastated at the end, they care about their pocket. When you curse them out out of frustration 4 months after their dateline they say oh our managers decided to refund u now u need to give us ur I’d so we can refund u trough PayPal are you kidding me lol fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on you! Let’s get these guys locked up! India embassy aware of it luckily I knew someone there.. these are the names Kameshwaran elangovan Ramkuam subranamian Arjun Companies Taxiappz Appdupe Appoets Tranxit technologies

  • May 25, 2021

My first advice to everyone do not work with appdupe, appdupe: on demand clone app development company, ready-made app clone scripts, tranxit, appoets, chennai, india company. They are big cheat.

First when i contacted them, they are talking nicely over phone, skype and doing very good presentation of their company. Then after seeing their company details what they shown me, i was asked to make my 100% payment in the bank. But, i refused initially and they told me to at least make 50% in bank or in paypal account.

I did my payment soon as i was in hurry to start my business same as onlyfans apps. Now, after payment they replied my email in 5 days about starting the project and mentioned that payment took time to come in their account. Initially i thought it as a valid reason, then after their email i started sending them details about the app what i want in the app.

They used to send me reply / comments in 2 days and showing me a little progress in my onlyfans application. After around 3 weeks i get any email from my manager about the administrative control panel and website home page only. I was little worried now, but did not expressed them.

My manager told me that they will give a good amount of update in next 1 week. But, after a week it was not a good enough progress. Now after a month i was not having a proper onlyfans app demo even. So, i got curious and worried now.

I then made some serious questions to the manager and company about the timeline. Then they started blaming me for not replying on time and asking many questions again and again. This was daily scenario now and after total 3 months still i was struggling about the app delivery. Then one day i sent them email that i want refund. This again went for more than 3 weeks.

They simply denied refund and then stopped answering my calls and emails. Now i felt i am scammed against my app purchase. They are big scam, big cheats. They do not give you any apps for your purchase or your order. Stay away from them. So, i did a little research which i should have done 5 months ago before doing purchase.


Lots of bad reviews about them, simply means this company is a fraud.


  • Feb 27, 2021

I have ordered postmates clone app with them but they ruined up my business by a backdoor in my app and stealing all my customer data.

They are big fraud.

All reviews shown on their website are fake and paid videos :

I got a new proper app and better service from : company. Do not go with Appdupe Tranxit Technology Solutions for any apps.

  • Feb 11, 2019

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE SCAMMERS. They will ask for your account info to send you a fake app demo then hack into your bank account and steal your money. They use a proxy to make believe you are dealing with them directly from Chicago. It's been a nightmare and hired a lawyer and contacted the police.

Our bank is also going after them for fraud and tampering with someones private information. This is the new scam now! BE VERY CAREFUL!!!!! If you do your research which we didn't, you'll find hundreds of bad reviews of these scammers. | - Will get what's coming to them! Note: They use Fake names to make you believe they are from the United States. They will steal your account and wire money from it without you knowing.

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