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Anthony L Thompson

Country United States
State Washington
City Vancouver
Address 15223 SE 5th St
Phone 503-970-4230

Anthony L Thompson Reviews

  • Aug 3, 2022

Anthony L Thompson is a Craigslist Scammer posing as a mechanic who doesn't know the first thing about how to fix cars.

He says he's a certified mechanic but he's not; he has no license and he's not bonded. He says his business is "Everything automotive LLC" but it's inactive. So if you're going to sue him, sue Anthony L Thompson at the address listed below.

This is his current address, I think it's a rental. it's just one of about 20 addresses he's had:

vancouver, WA

And file a complaint with the Attorney General in Washington state. They are already conducting an investigation on him.

He doesn't know anything about cars but pretends to. If you're stupid enough to give you him your car to work on, he'll make excuses for why it's not working, blame you, up the price, then start charging you 125 a day for "storage" threatening that he will OWN the car by filing a mechanics lien on it. This is how he makes a living, by stealing people's cars. He's a professional car thief.

He works out of his garage and there's cars parked all over the driveway and the street. So unfortunately some people have fallen for his scams. He also rents cars out on Turo claiming to get $1000 a day. BS!

I'm a consumer activist. I reported several businesses like his & helped shut them down and his is next on the list. Thankfully, there are new laws protecting consumers in Oregon that won't allow him to do this quite so easily in our state. But the guy is mentally disturbed and carries a gun so I would not get anywhere near him with a 10 foot pole unless you're armed.

If you make the mistake of contacting him and hiring him to work on your car, he will not only destroy your car but he'll up the price on you and threaten to file a mechanics lien if you don't pay it. And it's always in cash.

Yes I should've seen it coming. But if you're a trustworthy person you're not really expecting other people to be scammers. He finally admitted it to me when he said "I'm not a repair shop - I'm just some guy you found on craigslist."

Said he would change out the timing chain but he destroyed my car and it wasn't even drivable when he ordered me to "pick it up NOW or start paying 125 a day in storage." Plus he told me he needed an extra $1k for more parts. I called the dealer he said he's never and 30 years heard of a camshaft and a camshaft phaser braking before.

But Anthony swore up and down that they were both broken and that was where the noise was. I have a sneaking suspicion he never bought those parts or put them on the car. And if he did any timing chain work he did not install it correctly.

Total amount lost: $2150, And he wanted another $1200 + 125 "storage" or he wasnt going to give me my car back. Gave me one day notice that he couldn't fix it and he didn't want to do any more work on it and he was going to start charging me storage. That's $3375. OH! And I needed a tow truck to move it since he destroyed my engine!

So I took the car while he was busy texting me a bunch of expetives and calling me nasty names telling me he would "own my car by the end of it." I told him "look outside a*****e! (I already got my car, lol!) I had called the police and they said it's a civil matter but if you can take the car go ahead and do it and call 911 if he starts threatening you.

I'll have to sue him to get that money back. It might take a while but I will do it just to teach him a lesson. You can pull up Clark county courthouse records because it'll be in there as soon as I file it.

He has a violent criminal history including hit-and-run, two burglaries, and some other things that don't have the crimes listed. (yes I should've looked him up before I let him work on my car!) He has a nasty disposition and seems to be mad at the world and wants to take it out on you.

Run don't walk the other way, the guys a loose cannon!

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