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Ann Parks

Country United States
State Texas
City Plano
Address 3904 Sunflower Lane
Phone 972 618 0418

Ann Parks Reviews

  • Sep 8, 2021

I am writing this report so you reader don't make the mistake I made by renting my home to this woman. Ann Parks has an excellent credit report and pays her bills on time.

However is demanding and when things don't go her way she turns against you with false accusations and threats. Knowing that her behavior is unacceptable her second defense is to hire an attorney to represent her. She does this as an intimidation tactic so she does not have to face consequences to her bad behavior.

For example,

Ann computer got hacked and she called the home manager and accused him and me that we 'entered the home and stole her computer passwords from her address book.'

I explained to her that anyone could hack her computer from anywhere in the world and the hacker did not need to enter her home or even touch her computer. She decided to change the home locks, and hire a law group Benoit Law to represent her. My home manager was so afraid of Ann that he quit. Soon after Ann came with a list of demands accusing me to have mold in the home.

'I sent several serviceman to the home in response to her and her lawyers demands which had a due date and every time she will confront them and use intimidation tactics to make them leave the home as: telling them she will call the police. Off course Ann always have an excuse for her overreactions. Her reason is that the serviceman did not make an appointment or called her too much.

One hot afternoon I sent my landscaper to cut the dead brush because is a fire hazard and she reacted the same way. She threaten him to call the police. I tried to explain to her that I was concern about a fire. She did not allowed the landscaper to do his job.

'after all the accusations and poor treatment from Ann and in good faith i sent her a list of expenses to be deducted from the deposit. The home was dirty, the deck was filthy, she never did anything in the yard and she left big tire marks in the driveway. Instead of negotiating with each other she sent me to her lawyer.

'I decided not to hire a lawyer because I have done everything right on my side. Before Ann moved in I painted the walls, the deck, put window treatments and got a new dishwasher. Ann is the worst tenant I had so far. My advise is to keep your distance.

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