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Amplex Group Services, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Brea
Address 557 W. Vanguard Way
Phone 714 637 1777

Amplex Group Services, Inc. Reviews

  • Sep 18, 2022

1.0 ★★★★★ Former Contractor, more than 1 year AVOID! AVOID AVOID!! RUN-AWAY! Mar 2, 2020 - Installation Technician in Yorba Linda, CA Recommend CEO Approval Business Outlook


I'm Sorry I try to be fair but I cannot think of a Single one.


If I Listed them All this Would be longer than a Tolstoy Novel. Overworked Under-Paid Unlawful and Unsafe working Conditions, The List is long and Distinguished. CEO Ron Prosser is an Outright Criminal and Con-Artist.

The Company should be Investigated by California Dept. Of Labor As Well as US Dept. of Labor For Human Trafficking and Rights Violations. I cannot Say it Any Stronger avoid these people at all Costs they are not honest and on the level.

Nothing Good can come with being associated with this company I don't care what they may promise. I have Seen them Strand Technicians in the middle Of Nowhere not pay them for Work performed if they find some reason to be unhappy with the Job done.

Then when any Allegations of Misconduct or Mistreatment Come Up they falsely claim we don't know this person or they never worked for us. This is all a Stand Denial Technique and Clever Attempt by Mr. Prosser or his defenders to Avoid State & Federal Revenue and Labor authorities.

Everything Associated with this Company and their Business Practices is Geared Towards avoiding Tax Liability or Accountability to regulatory authorities, it's a Very Shady Group to put it simply. They Hire you out of Amplex Group Services and Require you To wear their Uniforms and I.D. Badge that Clearly State Amplex Group Services while on the Jobsite.

Then Claim Falsely that you don't work for them. You get your Paycheck from Some Shell Company under various different names that only Exists on Paper at a P.O. Box outside of Las Vegas NV. They Also Seem to Hide behind an Army of Lawyers To defend their Clearly unlawful business Practices.

This is the most Dishonest Outfit I have ever dealt with and they need to be shut down. Additionally if you check California State civil Court records they have been Sued By everybody in town both Customers as well as Former Employees. Don't WALK RUN away as fast as you can.

Advice to Management

Hire Good Lawyers as you Will need them someday when the Truth about what this company has been Doing for many years comes out I see Prison Terms In Peoples Future that are affiliated with this company.

  • Mar 11, 2020

Ron Prosser, the CEO, relies on hiring contractors because it favors the business. Here are the reasons why: Contractors are burdened by all of the liability, has no benefits, must still ahere to the company's hours, dress code, and corporation policies, minimal job security, have no guarantee of work/pay and are responsible for paying taxes since the company doesn't have to payroll tax.

The company makes sures to exploit all this to their advantage. For example, I have seen the company strand technicians in customer's work sites located in the middle of no where and not pay them because they were unhappy with the work done. If the customer or the employee retaliates by reporting them to labor regulators, Ron denies having any connection with the technicians.

This is despite the fact Amplex Group Services requires you to wear their uniform and identification badge on the client site. Technicians receive their paycheck from a shell company located in Las Vegas. This company has a highly skilled lawyer on retainer to defend their unlawful business practice. Multiple lawsuits have been filed against this company.

However, Ron has a deep pocket and knows that he can get away with doing this. This company recruits its technician by harping the advantages of being a contractor. Work flexibility, great pay, and etc. Rest assured this is all a facade. Ron has created a system where he makes his employees work for every penny while limiting liability to the company. The system is also designed to skirt both labor and tax regulatory agencies. I suspect there will be a lot changes going on at the company, of course to their favor, since California passed new rules regarding on classification of contractors.

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