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American West Woodbridge

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 8556 Silver Coast St
Phone 702-853-4590

American West Woodbridge Reviews

  • Aug 7, 2017

As first time buyers of a new build, we paid a 7,500.00 deposit with a 7 day rescission period. We used the builders lender as the sales person said they recommend for their properties because the closing costs would be much less. We didn't hear from the lender during that week. Consequently, we called the sales person, Jim Gillenwater and informed him we had not yet heard from the lender. He called her himself and asked her to contact us. It is now a few days later that she finally called saying she'd been gone. We talked financing on the phone, as we lived in Washington State.

We sent paperwork she asked for and after a few more days, she said she could not finance us unless we paid off our cars. As we've purchased many homes in our life, we'd never been asked to pay off our cars. We told her we could not do that at the time, and she said ok, then we cannot finance you. It was then the lies began. When we called to cancel the transaction and told salesman Jim what she said, he called her. She lied to him and said, " I never said that". Jim Gillenwater called and told us what she had said, and we replied she's lying to you!

When we talked again, it was several days later and nothing had changed. At that time, we did not want to continue with the purchase as their failure to perform was obvious to us. We believe nobody can get qualified in 7 days, the recission period, with a lender unwilling to contact us in that time period. We also believe this is a way to move past that period of time. We have since read and heard the same type of stories with this builder, and will not stop until they send our deposit back to us!! DO NOT PURCHASE FROM AMERICAN WEST PROPERTIES!

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