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American Van Lines

Country United States
State Florida
City Pompano Beach
Address 1351 NW 22nd St
Phone 954-318-1246

American Van Lines Reviews

  • Aug 3, 2022

On late may 2022, i call and ask american van lines for a quote. I spoke to kyle hernandez. Afte, r reviewing, i "signed off" on the estimate. They wanted 50% upfront, approx $2,400.00 which i gave him on my discover card. In july, because of circumstances, i needed to change my moving date forward at least a month.

It was originally for 9/16th. After leaving a message with melissa, i did not hear from him. I called again 2 days later, got melissa, was told kyle would call me back. I told her he hasn't and all i want to do is change my moving date forward. She replied that it would have to be approved. I said to forward my request to the approval dept., and "when would i hear from them?" silence.

It was then i thought to check "scamion" and sure enough, there were 2 incidents with different people. One of them said that bad reviews I guess on their website) were taken off because the company bribed the people. After reading that i didn't want to do any business with them.

I decided to call my credit card fraud dept and make a report. I explained my story and they said it would take approx 30 days to investigate this. Meantime, i was given a temporary credit on my card which i couldn't use until the investigation was closed.

After several days, i got emails, voicemails from kyle. I picked up the last call, and he was very cordial, said he couldn't reach me at the number i had given. I told him that i didn't like the lack of response on his part, and that i am cancelling my contract. He said he was very sorry to hear that.

Afterwards, i received 2 emails from him, one cancelling my contract, and second refunding my money via credit card. I had read the fine print on the contract Although i never did "accept" it by email, but it did stipulate that the deposit was non-refundable whether it was changed or cancelled. I hope no one else falls victim to this unscrupulous company. This gives other moving companies a bad name.

  • Feb 3, 2019

2nd WORSE MOVING EXPERIENCE EVER and I have moved across the country and to 6 different states, so I'm an experienced mover. I will report them to the BBB. I used American Van Lines to move me from Virginia to a storage unit in Maryland. Let's start with... once they collect your money for a deposit, they fall off the face of the earth never to be heard from again until the day before they show up at your home. (I wish I were lying.) They give no firm pick up or drop off date in advance. 2) I got rid of a lot of furniture, clothes, etc, basically my whole home. Once they picked up. They called me to tell me that my weight was actually heavier then estimated (THEY WERE A d**n LIE).

So they "offered" to meet me at the weigh in scale before and after pick up. I accepted their offer. It turned out that I was right. My weight was less than the estimate. I still had to pay them the extra money while they held my stuff ransom at the drop off location. I had to screen shot the receipts for the scales and email it to them and then they gave me my money back via a check. I'm still not convinced that my stuff weighed as much as it did. Oh AND the total that dispatch told me and the total that the movers told me at drop off were two different totals, but of course you have to pay the movers to give you your stuff.... DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!

I move frequently for my job, so I know the process. These people prey upon new movers, people who are being moved by their companies, and on the stress of moving. You cheat one person, I bet they cheat a lot more. STAY AWAY!!!!! YOU have been warned.

I REPEAT!!! DO. NOT. USE. THIS. COMPANY! They tried to "come to a resolution", they tried to pay me $250 to change my review (I paid them close to $3000 for the move). Not to try to get better but to change my review. The people who have given the company great reviews have been paid off to change their reviews. Read most of the reviews carefully, especially the highly rated ones. In order to receive said bribe money, they want you to remove all negative reviews that you have put up. They are still crooks... crooks that not only run a shady business but who also pay people for good reviews.

  • Jan 30, 2019

From the moment they took my deposit and I signed a contract with them they continued to push dates back, miss deadlines they told me they would get me info, and their communication and just plain ignoring me was one of the most unprofessional customer service experiences ever.

My things were packed and ready to go from a storage unit in LA coming to Michigan. They just had to pick it up, no packing, and somehow almost 3 weeks into this it’s only been moved by another company they hired to another storage facility where is has sat for 9 days and counting.

First, my sales person, Tim Tamkins. He was persistent but probably saying anything to make a sale. Within days of booking he missed my requested pick up date by almost a week (I wouldn’t have booked with him had I known this), as an afterthought decided I needed a smaller shuttle to get into the storage facility where my things were in LA, talking as if the actual tractor trailer that would bring my things across the country was going to just pull up, load and keep on driving.

So he then charged me more for a shuttle. He then told me the truck of theirs that was going to transport my things broke down and they would have to subcontract it to someone local. Really? So now Cal Van Lines is involved as a subcontractor. “They are our best out there,” he said. Well if you look up reviews on Cal Van Lines they seem to be lucky if they have one star reviews.

I was unable to be there for pick up because I had already moved. So I filled out a Power of Attorney for the person meeting movers in my place.

Now I have a dispatch contact at American Van Lines, Rebecca Joassaint. I have a three day pick up window and they are coming on the last day. Cal Van Lines and Rebecca call me with a pick up window and they are different. Also in my conversation with Cal Van Lines they know nothing about the Power of Attorney. So I ask American to be sure they receive it.

Pick up day. The driver calls me and is surprised to hear I am not there and knows nothing about the Power of Attorney. Once they go thru my things in storage my POA calls onsite and says they have a new estimate for me and in the background the movers are threatening to leave anything not on my inventory list if I don’t sign the new agreement.

In the middle of this heated conversation Rebecca calls and I cannot pick up. I call her back 3x and leave a message to call me urgently as pick up is not going well. Several hours later she calls and begins to tell me what will happen at pick up, how they will reinventory my things and have a new estimate to sign. But this already happened! The delivery window is over, how about a call the day before?

She then tells me my stuff has to sit for 3 business days, be weighed then on Monday she will call me with the balance due and delivery date.

Monday comes around, Rebecca calls and says it has not been done and she will call me at the end of the week pushing things yet another week.

In any real life sales or customer service job anyone missing deadlines, forgetting details, especially ones that cost the client more money, ignoring phone calls and emails would be fired.

And yet here I am, in Week 3 with no stuff. Now my contact has been reassigned. And I have been informed it will be almost another 5 days before the next update.

Is this company even doing what I hired them to do? My confidence level that this will happen is low. In my eyes they have literally done nothing in weeks of talking to them, have not been proactive to resolve this and have not even tried to instill confidence in me of their ability to deliver services they have been hired for.

Moving is stressful enough. They could be doing a lot to instill confidence in their services. Use them at your own risk.

  • Jun 26, 2017

I set up a long-distance move with this company back in April, with a 3-day pick-up window, price estimate, and contract. I payed the deposit (half of the estimated moving cost) in May.

They assured me they would call 10 days in advance for the final pick-up date. Which they did not, and it became increasingly difficult to get hold of them. The pick-up window was supposed to be between Monday and Wednesday (June 26-28).

They called me Saturday night (June 24) to tell me they will not be able to move me, after all.

So, they cancelled a long-distance move two days in advance (including a Sunday), only saying that it is due to "unforeseen circumstances". They promised to give me a refund, but I am all packed, have to vacate my current place in a few days, and have no movers. A refund is not a solution in this case.

  • Dec 6, 2016

The delivery was about two weeks late and although the salesman promised to refund the extra fees for a "quick move" the credit never materialized. Further numerous items were damaged due to the mover's packing items such as a big screen television incorrectly and although we have paid for damage goods protection the claim has yet to be honored. We completed our move the beginning of September and it is now December. We are still chasing down damage claims even though the driver also took pictures of the damaged items and noted the cause on company documents. We have used professional movers before and I would like to emphasize the complete lack of professionalism. It is in stark contrast to the two other movers we employed and inexecusable.

  • Apr 21, 2016

We got several estimates from several moving companies when we were moving from Kansas City MO to Wichita KS, our company gave us a budget and American Van Lines came in right at that budget....buyer beware mistake number one...we questioned the weight greatly knowing the average household have 15,000 lbs and they estimated us to be 11,326 with a full gym of 2000 lbs of weight in our basement! The day the movers showed up, #1. they were Ukrainian and could not speak English! I flat out told them my house would not fit in their tiny little truck. We ensued a 2 hour delay contacting their company (yep we were contracted out to a po dunk company with a broken down truck to say the least, API was the company) and attempting to contact our agent at AVL to let them know this was a big joke! We were flat out told we had no options, no other vehicles available so we would have to make two trips! Mistake #2. Begrudgingly agreeing to this nonsense! The movers were grossly negligent. They damaged our home, which was at that point under contract to be sold to another person. We paid out of pocket to repair everything so we would not be delayed in closing. They did not wrap our things as we were told they were going to before they moved anything! Most of our furniture was damaged, some to the point we can no longer use it even though we followed instructions on taping drawers shut etc, my dresser was broken. Half the drawers cannot be used because they were completely busted even though they were taped properly and remained shut. The movers unwrapped our items before they got off the truck, they were dragging items into a brand new home where again our home which had just literally been completed by the builders was damaged to floors, walls, outside siding etc. They even hired some jail bird guys from a temp agency to come help move things into the home. One of those men was carrying our safe in and said "this is heavy, what do you keep in here?" (EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!) This was in the first two days...then we headed back to Kansas City for the second trip, again more damage to the old house by dragging items, damage to the items because of being dragged and thrown around and not wrapped at all. This is when I found out that the blankets being used were so nasty leaving a coat of residue ON EVERYTHING and making it all smell of smoke and nastiness. Just dirty, the driver of the API moving company had a dog who was sitting on said blankets and I literally watched this dog walk to the edge of the blanket and pee on it! It of course was then used! They smoked in the back of the truck with our things in it and we are highly sensitive to smoke! They fought the whole time in their language, complained about our stuff (mind you they didn't pack any boxes, we packed up our boxes ahead of time) and how much we had. When they weighed the truck empty the first day it was 9,000 lbs when they weighed it the second trip empty it somehow gained 5,000? The first trip was so bad and the second time around moving things out of the house was so bad and damaging we made them unload everything into our garage in the brand new home because we could not have any more damage done! We managed to move everything from the garage into the home with NO ISSUES at all. Upon turning in the damage claims we waited two months for any response, and I finally reached out to AVL who stated they had 120 days. This move was completed in September and we are now at 152 days for our claim, they wanted to slap us a little more by saying our settlement for damage is $1750 TOTAL! I'm going to be contacting DOT, BBB and a lawyer for this. We had to replace our refrigerator because when it got moved in it was not only really damaged on the outside with dents and scratches but it got hot to the point it was a fire hazard, our wood

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